Patch 125!, Delayed until Next Week

Hey all,

Unfortunately we will not be patching today (and as we never patch on Friday’s unless we have to) it will likely be pushed to next week.

Sorry to disappoint you all, we’ve all been looking forward to making progress on this patch ASAP so its getting frustrating on my end to keep having to delay it.

What caused the delay this time is that in the New map some extraneous mobs were placed that should not be there. While this isn’t a monstrousness bug (lol, see what I did there?!?), it is significant enough that if we were going to launch this patch we would have to launch a hot-fix patch shortly after to fix the issue. As the amount of patches climbs, we see new bugs introduced, and launching several patches as opposed to one patch will dramatically increase the bugs if we do not have sufficient QA time on it.

I suppose the delays with this patch are the direct result of increased QA. The good news is that this is changing fundamental problems within the game (ie…introducing bugs with patches, getting more stable clients in the future), the bad news is that we have to hold back more patches. ( HYPERION )


QUOTE (LonelyWolf22 @ Jan 6 2011, 12:39 PM) *

soo will there be an event this weekend of some sort?

Sure smile.gif


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