Brief Update, Patch Incoming Tomorrow

Hey all,

Sorry I’ve been AWOL recently. I caught a nasty case of the Flu and have been out sick most of this week (although I have been coming into the office, only to be sent home by the boss) including today.

We have been testing the 125 patch, which should get us on track for this year update wise. We plan to release the Patch tomorrow around 2pm (PST)/10pm (GMT).

We have also received the year plan from Indy (I might have mentioned this already), and that means we have a tentative schedule now that includes 2 patches per month (one content update, one bug fix patch). This is very encouraging, and while we get track QA wise we should be seeing these patches be less and less filled with bugs and issues.

On Friday, I will begin the process of Manually looking through people’s Template characters they are missing. (Ill post a thread asking for information and what to do)

Thanks all (HYPERION)


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