Hackers ‘problem’ is out of control

“The pieces of gold”  or items (weapons, pieces of equipment, artifacts) of players acquired over tens of hours of online gaming platforms around the world constitute a real and rapid enrichment for hackers, who realized very quickly that such a niche business can turn into a source of profit.

Where begins?
“It is crucial to have top items on you when you duel … but we must be careful to buy clothes suitable for the type of weapon you are using in a duel …” That advice is from a ‘pro’ gamer wrote on a novice forum. Some of these beginners players, however, have no patience to go through all the tests which may accumulate items or ranks for the characters. Counting on their desire to advance in the game true hackers, have opened virtual shopping malls, which sell for real money, all they managed to steal from other players.

To estimate the value of trade items on playable characters and accounts, KasperskyLab experts monitored the transactions made by users on eBay, the most used channel for such transactions. Experts have searched for key words like “World of Warcraft account, stating with only displaying transactions already completed. However, they made an overview of the market: between July 27 and August 11, 2010 there were 900 deals, at an average price of 126.8 euros. The lowest price found was 1 euro and the high – 999 euros.

Online game industry in recent years surpassed all imagination, sometimes even the founders ones. There are tens of millions of online players worldwide. But such success attracted the attention of cyber criminals and thus, while fanatical gamers spend time building strategies and characters in the virtual world, hackers are watching them making money in the real world  by stealing their ‘fruits’.It seems that, this problem has moved in 9Dragons too. In Bloody Plain, at least in Phoenix, at every 10 seconds there is at least one comment about speed hack,damage hack and so on. All the pvp and seems that pve too became a real nightmare.

9Dragons forum is not so far behind on hacking topics either. Daily are open at least 10 posts on this issue : Hackers1, Hackers2, Hackers3, Hackers4, Hackers5,Hackers6 & so on… The players are quiting the game one by one. The band masters are making desperate efforts to keep their members.

If G1 will not make an effort to implement patch125 faster, they will lose all the players that came back due templates restoration and even more.

I will leave you with the words of SR LM, wrote today on SR forum :

As the topic says, I’m once again close to quitting 9D, there is just far too many hackers in this version, far more than there ever was in Acclaim version, and G1 either don’t give a shit or have no idea how bad it really is or don’t know how to stop them.

Last few days I’ve been trying to have some fun in BP, but there just isn’t anything fun about it atm. Nonstop PS/DB template chars who think they are strong and powerful because I cant hit them due to this stupid 12 level cap for CK skills.

In the last 2 days I’ve seen at least 3 speed hackers, 2 nukers using no cooldown and double damage hacks and a warrior more than 10 levels lower than me who was able to break my C12 shield in 1 hit then reduce me to 20% hp in less than 3 moves, which is impossible, on the last war I faced a high hermit warrior and he did about a 3rd of the damage that this noob hacker did.

So until G1 pull their fingers out of their assholes and actually replace Gameguard and remove the seriously high number of hackers, I will only be logging for short periods, Im not playing a game that seems to allow more and more players to hack without repurcussions. ( Orisi)

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