Update to 125 Postponed, Back to Base XP, Sale is still going to 1/10/11


Unfortunately we are not going to be able to update the game to 125 today as we had hoped. During testing the TripleX core crash came up too often and we do not want to subject more players to this problem if you haven’t been getting that error previously. We hope to patch next week with an update to game content, events, and anti-hack mitigation. I am bringing the XP/Skill rates back down to the normal base rate until we patch, and we will keep the sale going until 1/10/11 (a very binary day) as well.

While this is unfortunate, it should be noted that because of enhanced testing efforts, you will be seeing fewer moderate to large scale issues in 2011. Also, we have received a content plan for 2011 and are planning around that now so we can ensure a steady stream of bug fix patches and content for the new year (we are scheduled for monthly Content update patches and bug-fix patches). So that is all good.

When we get back into the office next week, we will outline the processes for template issues (such as the “no template character available issue”) in tandem with releasing the new 125 patch.

Thanks all,

Happy New Year!




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