The lie

‘The lie’ as I like to call it is not the title of any new novel, but the soap opera that is happening now in 9Dragons. After the templates have come, have been a few days of joy, quests to complete, people to return and grind to make.In a few days, things have calmed down and people are starting to react to normal. A first reaction to the appearance of templates was that many of the players that were asked to fill the templates form lied about their characters level and clan. So we found ourselves with many players who had CS or GL level and now have DB level. On Yin and perhaps on other servers is an invasion of characters of the highest levels that did not exist before in Acclaim time. And many new nukers…

Now, after restoration, if G1 would require evidence about the character level denounced to support as a fake one, which of those have it? It’s a big vicious circle. G1’s mistake was for not asking enough evidence to convince that the claimed characters really existed.A real check can’t be made since there is no database so things will remain as is.

What can be done about those who lied? I really do not know. Probably if you have screens,videos of the day or days preceding the closing of the Acclaim servers with some who you think  lied, sent to G1 support.



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