Thanks to Hyperion

All authors of ProjectAI got their characters back, safe and sane so we would like to say a big thanks to Hyperion. I will not develop too much this story on this post, but there are few things I would like to say to the players who got their characters back :

1. Be civilized and do not give a show.

2. Don’t ‘pk in a nabish way’ the others low players due the lack of karma. There are new players to this game so don’t make them leave, the game should progress by gathering as many players as possible.

3.Keep personal frustration for you, do not throw them on those who for various reasons, have not received back theirs characters or have low levels ones.

4.If you know the procedure how you can regain your character back(via templates) tell the rest, guide them.Shows the steps. Explain to them in their language (if you’re from the same nation).

5. Be happy for what you got and help the rest of players as much as you can, because once you were low level too…


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