Patch 124 and Character Restoration!, Servers going down for Maintenance

Hey All,

Today, within the next 10-20 minutes, the servers will be going down for maintenance for template character distribution and patch 124.

The patch notes are pretty much nonexistent. Basically this patch is to make some necessary backend changes for the template characters.

I was hoping to get some client bug fixes here, but alas, it looks like we will need to wait for the Xmas event patch (early next week) for that sad.gif.

Closed and Pinned. Ill update this with the major information dump once servers go down smile.gif.HYPERION


One thing that should be clear, is that there is NO REASON TO RUSH!

Once I put up the infos, you will have all the time in the world to get your template…not only during maintenance but forever afterwards to.

So, take your time, breath and ask questions here calmly. Either the community members, mods, or G1 staff will answer your questions. Hyperion


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