Back in Action!, Updates + Questions thread

Hey All!!

I’m back in the office after the long trip and meeting schedule. It’s good to be back in the office again, although I still haven’t fully unpacked or had enough time to readjust my internal schedule to PST. But anyway, here are some updates with nonspecific deadlines tongue.gif

Template Characters are coming very SOON! I will likely post up the full announcement tomorrow with all the details you will need to get the template characters applied to your accounts smile.gif. We had several options with how to do the process, and we opted with the easiest option for the players that gives you the most ability to change/customize things on your end. I assume ill get a lot of questions about this, but don’t be surprised if I defer to tomorrow’s update. I need to get some files off my laptop, there are some funny things that people put into the character submission sheet that I wanted to share with you all. smile.gif

Gameguard will be leaving us shortly. We will not be giving you details on what is replacing GG. This is for a few reasons, the most important being, that giving out details on hack mitigation gives the cheaters more information on how to find ways around it, and I would like several weeks/months of no hacking first before we start giving out details. On your end, it will not appear that there is any anti-hack program at all. This new suite of protections is designed to not affect your gameplay at all (unless you run cheats/hacks).

I am catching up on a lot of little stuff too, the network updates are going along at a decent speed, although there hasn’t been enough progress on my 9D stuff that I would like. For instance, I am still waiting on tool access to begin events again from my end, but this should be coming either tomorrow/friday or early next week.

Ask questions, ill answer stuff in this thread throughout the day. HYPERION

Questions in… HERE


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