This my 2nd investigation about what happen in the game >.<Its should be GM jobs but I’m care about this game so im doing this just for want to know.First I wondered how people can achieve high level with a very short time, and more people being proud to carry a +11 weapon in hefei and BP.For leveling, First We say that people from abusing some quests, but today my prejudices melt to it. when my friend says that one “gold seller” sells a leveling service with very cheap price, its price is only $ 2 for one level. and the maximum can be up to 200 levels with 1 day delivery! Now revealed how some FC level in a week can reach the LM level.MAYDAAAAY

Lol!… !
When i make it my quests and finish Xu’ s Treasure WT RTD Quest i get game crashed… ;/ and my game was closed… when i back to the game i get this!All Quest are completed…:WITEK

FlameThrower is scammer. Never make a trade with him! 0QURDE

Look this site:
Not all Vietnamese player is hacker, some hacker is US, orther… I only remind this game has so many bug.BABYFACEKILLER

Hello g1 crew
how can it be the long weeks needed to repair bugs, WHILE the people of the German 9d only need a few hours to fix bugs, but there can not agree what. and I know that the gm tool has been hacked and their degree since in india. but anyway I know you do work hard for anything in hand for getting to and I respect that too, but I hope only that took everything as fast as possible for getting ASIANUNIQUE
your chris

These are some of the messages posted on the forum every day.Issues under discussion refers to hacking, spammers, shared accounts, abusers, bugs & errors. Considering that these questions are repeated day by day, I conclude that there are unresolved issues.Closing threads as I see they want to do it some of the moderators, is not the right way. Players wants explanations and actions. When G1 will be able to do give those answers ? I don’t know…

Because there is no fire without smoke…

16 responses to “Answers

  1. I do understand your point, vennus. But moderators are not part of the “G1 Staff”, how they told me (don’t ask me why, I don’t understand it either), so we have a limited amount of knowledge about the situation with these issues. Furthermore, we moderators have to keep the forum clean to prevent it from becoming a spammer paradise and scaring new players from all those hackers and scammers.

    GamersFirst is aware of the issues. But how some mods already told on the forum, the GM tools don’t work. That’s because Indy21 disabled them, because the GMs from the previous vietnamese 9D version sold the GM tools. That’s why so many item sellers appeared after Acclaim was gone.

    We moderators do not have any clue what’s going on at GamersFirst. We can’t give you answers, even if some of us wish to, because we just don’t know it. So we try to make the best out of it and keep the forums clean, so that, how I said already, the new players won’t be scared of all this.

    However, the video is awesome. This will, hopefully, open some eyes.

    I do understand your point, and I let you know that I do not agree with many things from GamersFirst. Furthermore, without Hyperion around, some people think they can do whatever they want. As soon he’s back, this will hopefully change.

    I’m not sure how long I will stay at GamersFirst, though.

  2. I agree with vennus. G1 must answer the questions put on forum, not to close them or send to support. Some of moderators said they will trash them. Hyperion is gone for too long.

  3. It is time for Hyperion to come back in force with answers. The maps are starting to be emty. I still believe in G1 and I hope Hyperion will stop all of this.

  4. I think moderators answers should be more diplomatic than closing those posts. As vennus say it there are many problems and players will spamm even more on forum if they see that there are no answers. What moderators should say ? Well, squeeze your brain and put it to work.

  5. GM tool is not working and all are free to hack and make illegal activity. I am hoping before the end of this year this situation will be over and we can enjoy the game again.

  6. Well game now for me sucks lot , i logged last night just to say “hi” and grind bit in Jinan and was empty(Phoenix server).
    So yeah 9dragons for me is fail.
    Aion is sucking too-_-
    My hope now is TeraOnline can play with xbox controller*.* is first action game, need aim and can evade in real time will be nice.

    Yeah video, i made that just for show people what was going on acclaim server with contest of dark hermit, but on that video im using on Vitnam server, i loved that server to try hacks and get high lvl’s just for fun wich take months with XP cards on acclaim(now G1) so till now and forever i do not hack on acclaim or G1.

  7. -.- people do you use hacks in G1 version too. I am hoping that Indy21 will give the GMs the tools back as fast as possible.

  8. Legend who decided to close those posts with a proper explanation ? The first link posted by vennus. Was those moderators decision or Hyperion one?

  9. What people do for money……
    Sell all, even GM tools. After this who can trust this game will be back to normal? I bet they sold even more than those GM tools.

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