A cry for help : G1 make something !

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here at 0.09 seconds into the video, Kalziona player is using a relic stack bug which used to be permabannable offense. (its the 2nd role relic for extra 100 def – can be used by LoB only).

He already abuse cc4 quest, account sharing, nuker spot, sz pking, now this sad.gif((

Please put this on blog if no action taken!

This is one of the many PMs I got on forum about hacking, using bugs, sharing characters. Is a cry for help for measures to be taken by G1 against this kind of behavior. Every day players are wondering why nobody is doing anything against this kind of players. Is well known that Kalziona ( 5/6 group of players ) has did all the things that are banned in game and the character is still there. Why ?Players have developed some assumptions :

1. They are hand in hand with the GMs, they keep in touch with the old Acclaim GMs that came in G1.

2. They gamble a lot of money on Kalziona character so they pay for their way out.

3. GM tool is not working.

4.They have GM tool and can unbann their character ( since there was a viet site where some of ex  GM from viet 9dragons sold the GM tool to players for 20 $).

5. G1 don’t care.

I don’t know if any of the above assumptions is true, but for sure players had enough of this behavior.

PS : If the author of this message wants to let open the comments for this post, pm me.


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