Happy birthday to all Romanians, wherever they are!


‘Blood will never be water’ for those who want to forget they’re Romanians! No adoptive country can replace the one in which you are born. Our freedom is not the essence, so that the attributes that make us are, somehow are given before to us with ‘the data’ and being hung from a beyond that we have access not only “by guessing’. Man can not choose where he/she will be born, the language he/she learns, the culture to which belongs, but the man in a sense can’t be free because he is only a “lock that opens,” as Noica liked to say.

Since is 1st December, the national day of Romania, I will say a few words for those who call in game and forum the romanians : ‘ROtards’ ( that bunch of individuals who are in the period of puberty, playing ‘she-males’ characters – because manhood is too much for them – with no achievement, only trying to bully the rest – but failing always-) :

I am proud to be romanian. My pride is tied to the history of this country, its beautiful nature, beautiful places, the physical and spiritual beauty of the people living in it, for their expertise and skill .I am proud of our intellectuals, our genius, art and culture and our traditions. I am proud that in game romanians are kicking hard your ‘a…’ and the only thing you can do is call them ‘names’.

Happy birthday to all Romanians, wherever they are!


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