Happy Thanksgiving!, Price reduction on Tears/Scales/Premiums


Hey All,

I just wanted to take a moment and say Happy Thanksgiving to the US 9D community from GamersFirst! We hope you all have a fun and happy holiday weekend!

That being said, I should also announce that we reduced prices on the following items:

  • 7 Day Premiums – 50% off
  • 30 Day Premiums – 50% off
  • 90 Day Premiums – 50% off
  • Dragon Scales – 20% off
  • Dragon Tears- 20% off

Basically, this is one of the few things I have control of at the moment, I have hesitated to make sales/promotions over the last few weeks because I feel that the top priorities for 9Dragons are not related to revenue. However, there is logic in doing something that would be visible to the community after you have all been coping with a myriad of issues and seen what appears to be little effort on our end to fix the issues. Not that this fixes any of the issues, far from it, but some people still are choosing to make purchases in the Item Mall and I have been planning on reducing the price on Scales and Tears for a while now. To be clear, the 20% off on Scales and Tears will likely become a permanent drop, I will officially announce if the drop is permanent in a few weeks once we have been able to study the data. Currently, I do not think the data is very accurate, as most of you are holding off purchases until the environment improves (very justified), so the official announcement will come after the major issues we are facing are behind us. Also, the discount on premium IS NOT permanent, but I do plan to keep it at 50% off until at least the second week of December…so as things improve, it would be prudent to get a 90 day premium before the sale ends tongue.gif

I must say, that we are doing everything possible to fix our tools for supporting the game as quickly as possible. The scale of what we are doing is immense, and once we are through the woods and these issues are behind us I will clarify what we have been doing these last few weeks. We are deeply regretful that things have been so tough on you guys under our direction, we had planned on being stable and moving the game forward significantly by this point. We do want your online game experience to be the best it possibly can be and we are all disappointed and frustrated at the current state of the game.

As tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we have no XP events or new in-game events…there is a lot to complain about. I know I am going to get a lot of hate in this thread, from people that didn’t take the time to read this post, or are just pessimistic about the future. However, you should know that this is not the way we normally operate. We love doing fun events and making promotions you get excited about, it is one of the better parts of the job to see the community happy and thankful. I do not expect you to do this, but here is a list of things I am personally thankful for.

Things I am Thankful for:

I am thankful for the support we do get from the community, even when things are bad.
I am thankful for the community members that challenge me and the company to do better
I am thankful to Indy21 for being a great partner and supporting us during these times
I am thankful to the mods who keep the forums running
I am thankful to the people that send me PMs highlighting issues, support, and ideas for improvement
I am thankful that 9Dragons is a fun game that I enjoy playing, nothing is worse than disliking the game you work on
I am thankful to my GM staff for their knowledge and dedication to the game, see you all soon!
I am thankful for my developers and IT staff who put up with my harassment all day, every day. (at least for the last few weeks)
And finally
I am thankful for my wonderful family, I am a very very very lucky man.

During my trip, Aleenia and the mods will be watching over the community, please take it easy on her, she is a delicate flower tongue.gif. I will continue to be active during my trip, but won’t be able to post until mid-week next week (due to travel time).

Take care all, be safe and have a great weekend.


When we can do events, I will make a post about it like “OMG EVENTS ARE BACK” until then…do not expect events.


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