Servers down, international drama…

Is true… people of 9dragons, the servers are down…

Let’s talk a bit about roles in real life and virtual life.A role is a set of appearances and behaviours characteristic of one or a group of persons in a context. In many cases the appearance defines the role. A role is also a set of actions or performance that characterise the person or the group of persons observed. It is important to ignore those characteristics of a person that do not define a role. There are three role genres: social roles,(e.g. the middle class married couple), contextual roles (e.g. the patient in a hospital),and functional roles/roles associated with tasks, (e.g. the postman delivering mail).

What about virtual life roles ? Well, simply Commedia dell’Arte (CdA)…

‘CdA comes from middle 16th century’s Italy it is at the origin of modern mimetheatre. CdA is essentially improvised theatre, where a play is loosely outlined and theactors perform continuously renewed and changed acts from their our initiative andreacting to the audience. Improvisational theatre relies on creating interesting andfruitful scenarios to facilitate the actors’ improvisations. In CdA there are many characters reflecting the society as a whole in terms of personality, desires, and relationship. Typical characters would be the old miser(Pantalone) , the alcoholic (Il Dottore), the vulgar (Arlecchino), the owner of premise(Brighella), and so on. Each character is well defined in terms of their name, costumeand visual appearance, stance, gestures, relationships to others, status, mask, walk,movements, and functions.’

If you want to see the true live CdA of avatars, take a look in here. Almost 500 reply with cultural consistency wink.gif

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woow,,more than 12 hours game was down and only 21 pages thread bout that!!seems u lost ur population!!!



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PELOS : Nope, today is the biggest travel day of the year in the US. A majority of posters are travelling with their parents smile.gif


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