Hyperion answer to this weekend issues 12/14.11.2010

Lets do this.

Look, I get that you all don’t understand the complexity of the issues we have been seeing for the last 2 weeks. As a result, your dissatisfaction is justified and expected. If I were in your situation I would be upset too, although I probably wouldn’t post about it on the forums because overt negativity doesn’t solve anything IMO. But I digress…

The whole insult of being “like acclaim” is BORING to me now. It doesn’t affect us like you think it does, its a boring, uncreative, easy insult that is spawned by weakness and ignorance. Acclaim was a publisher, and while I do not think they did a lot of things right, they were professionals and ran a successful business for many years, so they had more experience than the average player at game publishing. While you all think you “know better” in how to run an online game, you are wrong. You have no idea of the complexity of publishing online games, especially from Developers half a world away. But thats not the point either…

The point is that things are bad, and from your perspective we are not doing anything to fix the badness. I get where your coming from, because you are not as informed as we are about the situation. My team has been working 24/7 shifts for the last 2 weeks to isolate and fix the issues, you wouldn’t know that because you are not here seeing what is going on. We have brought in additional and very expensive tech resources to expedite the fixes, we have teams all over the world (turkey, brazil, india, korea) and even some very serious Americans working to fix what is happening. So I am not upset/angry about this negativity, it is a natural and expected response from you guys given the situation from your perspective.

All we can say is what is in the announcements above, but the issues we have are much bigger than you know…ALL our games are having these issues, it is not just 9D…so take every issue you know about and multiply it by 5 (War Rock, KOL, Sword 2, General G1, 9D…etc…) and you can begin to see the scope of what we are dealing with.

What is good about all this, is that once we are “through the woods” we will be a MUCH better/faster/stronger company as a result. But you, as players, probably do not care about this, you want your fun NOW…because NOW is what concerns you. Well, the future concerns me more than NOW, and if what we are doing NOW makes the future better for the company then, from my perspective, we are doing the right thing. What we are doing we have to do, we did not ask for these issues, but we do have to react to them. 9Dragons is going to be with GamersFirst for a long time, a couple of weeks of crap is minute in the lifetime of the game, but only if the good weeks > bad weeks in the long run. So the objective is to accept the reality of the situation now, and make good decisions now that will set us up for big wins in the future.

That being said, I have no ETA for when we can get the maps back up, and events this weekend are probably not going to happen. Do I expect logins/revenue to be low this weekend? Yes, of course I do. I expect low revenue and logins until all this stuff is fixed in general. We will get everything working ASAP. Unfortunately ASAP is probably not fast enough for many of you. Will I attempt to make things better and make cool events when I am able to do so? Yes, of course I will. But you know that too…I think I have been pretty clear in my style…I like weekend events, I like making you all happy…it makes me happy to see positivity in the community.

Also, when maps are down in general they are usually back up in 5 minutes or less, what is happening now is unique, and once we get everything back up and moving again we will not have these problems. But until then, we have to power through the tough times to get to a place where we can start making progress again.



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