Hate or non-professionals moderators

‘ Old wounds die hard’...the hate towards the authors of this blog will never die as we all know it… In the heart of G1,some of the mods still thinks that one day will be again ‘in the top’.

As I guess it, some still watch all I write on forum (every topic I open – you think I give a dam? /NO), searching each pretext to give me a ban, probably crying all day to Hyperion about x and y things I write… and probably as I know Hyperion, he is ignoring the childish virtual ‘tears’.


Off -topic comment :

He was referring to the username “Dirrty”.
I think this is the 2nd time this topic has gone into a flame-fest. Therefore
Until further notice.

Instead of closing the topic, a real moderator would :

1. Clean it !

2. Propose to ban those who use racial comments.

PhoeniK, the lead of mods of 9dragons show them what to do step by step, but seems they don’t even know how to read it : http://forums.gamersfirst.com/index.php?showtopic=83034

This section falls under the same rules and guidelines as all other forums.
Let me remind you that this is not an area for you to flame, troll, or discuss/fight about in-game drama. This will not be tolerated, not in the slightest. Stay out of a thread you have no business being in.

strongly urge everyone to use the report button if this occurs in your Leagues/Band’s thread. Fueling the fire only makes matters worse, so report and let a moderator handle it.

But, after all we speak about some of the ‘evil mods’ from Acclaim. Well,  if you guys & girls can’t take it, quit it and save us of your presence, let your places to better moderators. Since we are not in Acclaim anymore, I will report this behavior. In the end something will be done against such ‘non-professionals moderators’.

In contradiction with these moderators, Hyperion was the man ! He saved their face ! Thanks !He took very quick the action against what I reported.

Comments off !


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