Ban hammer for the abusers of the reset attributes quest, on real money…

History : old bug from Acclaim time, was reported to VGM system and stood like that for along time and now so call ‘smart’ people are abusing it resetting the stats when they want, without to pay for it!
Manifestation of this bug :
Go to Hefei, take the quest, pay 10.000 gold and before you press ‘CONFIRM’ press ‘RESET PC’. When you relog in, you have your attributes reseted and you can take the quest again.
The reality :

Now RELOG and don’t press CONFIRM !


Well I wait justice to be made by Hyperion ! Let him bring the ban hammer ! He can start by checking the accounts that have reset the stats very often ( in Phoenix – when they enter BP and than switch from build to build, than off again). The next link is a classical eg. of ‘eternal abuser of this bug’ :

Credits goes to an unknown hero :

PS : As for Shanny, Kalziona team & co, you guys are pitiful, don’t you ever show your face in front of me as a wannabe warrior ! You don’t know to play a warrior only to abuse bugs!

I appreciate coolmanx2 PM on forum that he moved the post for the official staff only ( you can do it, guys & girls, is not so hard to notify the player of what happened to his post).


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