Little pricks

There are certain things that a gamer picks up through years of playing which have become so ingrained into our minds that they’re pretty much taken for granted.One particular thing is slightly more subtle, but it’s one that we all recognize the moment it kicks in — if someone cheats and is not punished, you get ready to become very annoyed. G1 promised that they will be different and they will apply the punishment for cheating. It is a game  truth that the ‘bigger the mouth is’, the bigger a prick it is as well.

Today I will share the episode call ‘Kalziona & co pricks’. Do you know what you need in a game where you can barely aim and can’t move to balance ? Tiny, fasty-moving, cheating players, that’s what!  These guys are more worthy of a mention than the 9d bears for the simple fact that they’re significantly smaller and much more difficult to deal after they swoop down.

If you play on Phoenix ex Bardo you heard of Kalziona, a ‘lil’ character shared by some uneducated kids that propagate vulgar language and xenofobism forms of speech.

Acordin to G1 rules :

How to avoid being banned!

There seems to be a misconception that the only thing that can lead to a ban is the account in question being caught using hacks, this thread is to clear up any confusion and to make the community more aware of the various issues that can lead to a ban.

-This should go with out saying but some seem to not know this; if you hack on one account ALL of your accounts can be banned. This also means that any activity associated with your ip can jeopardize all accounts that have been played there, even if it was your “little brother” who actually did the hacking.

-The biggest risky behavior that many engage in is account sharing. When you do so you are assuming responsibility for whatever is done on that account and, just as importantly, whatever the person does on other accounts. If you share with a “friend” who hacks on nub accounts and is caught an admin will investigate and will ban every account that has been played from that IP, including the shared account. This also extends to playing other peoples accounts on your computer.

Let’s take a look :

What G1 GMs did ? Banned Kalziona for 1day ? So, you can share the account as much as you want … and get 1 day ban!Sound tempting. Should all of us try ? What is one day ban when you are free to bully again after 24 h ? No additional punishment like levels rolls back?

Next :

I think you are not in the right mind if you think that language is a normal one. It is evidence of poor growth, the lack of education and vulgarity. If you pay attention to forum and game, Kalziona team is the one responsible for injury to the romanians, they invented and spread the word ‘rotard’ out of inferiority. The prick is that, in fact Kalziona team is ‘ro’, but posing as a ‘foreign’ one…

Okay, only a untrained person could actually not make fun out of this ‘fool team’, but that doesn’t stop them from being some of the most intense pricks on Phoenix.They are simply masters of bastardry.

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