Halloween Madness!

Attention Dragons! 

Today we are patching to version 122 which effectively begins the HALLOWEEN MADNESS EVENT! Here is a list of the specific details of all the events that are going to take place as a result of the madness:

Weekend Item Mall Sale:

Also this weekend we will be discounting the following items:
90 Day Premium: 10% off
30 Day Premium : 20% off
30 Day Decos: 30% off
Dungeon Passes: 30% off
Tonics, Trigrams, Jades, Panacea, and Mastery Pills: 50% off

Additionally, any purchase of any single item 400 G1 Credits ($5 USD – AFTER Discount only) or more will get you ONE free Qilin’s Mirror!

This Sale will begin when the game comes back up from maintenance on 10/28/10 (28/10/10 for the EU) and will last until Monday, November 1st!

50% EXP/Skill Event 

For this weekend, we will raise EXP and Skill exp by 50% for the whole weekend! That means 3x EXP and 9x Skill!

Game Event 1: Participation event

Starting tomorrow, 10/29/2010 through 11/11/2010 (29/10/10 – 11/11/10 for the EU) players will receive a free reward EVERY day for logging in (per account). I do not want to spoil the surprise by telling you all the prizes now, but you can expect some of the more useful items such as Qilin’s Mirror, Food/Tonics, Roars, and EXP cards to be included in the giveaway!

Game Event 2: Chinese Zombie Attack!

The “Awkward Zombies” will be spawning in Hefei and are out of control! The infection must be stopped or all The Land will be covered by this swarm. Zombie Slayers may find themselves rewarded with the Slaying Epithet as a reward for helping to control these parasites!

Game Event 3: Trick or Treat!

Pumpkins and Candles will drop from all monsters in The Land! Luckily, Jiang Daxi needs these pumpkins and candles and is willing to trade them for the Prized Ox Hat and some delicious food, which all give some great stat buffs for your adventures!

Game Event 4: Carnival of Souls!

The spirits have blessed The Land in these desperate times with their ultimate power, the Carnival of Souls Buff! During the weekends of 10/29/10 – 10/31/10 and 11/05/10 – 11/07/10 the Carnival of Souls buff will be applied to your character upon login (29/10/10 – 31/10/10 and 05/11/10 – 07/11/10 for the EU).

Weekend GM Event:

Just to cause more problems, Shen Mo and the Dream Faced Budda have risen to capture the Bloody Plains! It is even rumored that the True General Wei is the one behind all of this and will appear this weekend to destroy all the Kung Fu masters of The Land! This is unacceptable and all the Clans will have to gather together in the Bloody Plains to fight this menace!

Boss Spawn times Per server:

Saturday and Sunday (10/30-10/31) ———— (30/10/10 – 31/10/10 for the EU)

Phoenix: Announcement @ 2:30pm (GMT) – Event Start @ 3:30pm (GMT) – Event End @ 4:30 (GMT)
Nirvana: Announcement @ 5:30pm (PST) – Event Start @ 6:30pm (PST) – Event End @ 7:30 (PST)
Yin: Announcement @ 5:30pm (PST) – Event Start @ 6:30pm (PST) – Event End @ 7:30 (PST)

Level up event still going!

And finally, just as a reminder, the Level Up event is still going until November 11th! Each time you level up you will be rewarded with EXP items and more! 

Have a Safe and Fun Halloween all!

Halloween on Korean server :

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