News from 9Dragons Korea

1.  Events:

While we realize the transfer to G1, Korea added 2 new events for 9dragons players :

a) Thanksgiving event

b) New knights errant event

2. 9Dragons Development Journal was added and 3 polls for players to see in what direction to go with the new content ( Master & Disciple, Quests, PvP).

The journal is speaking about new war system and new quests endind with Icy dungeon start. They said they want to start a war system call ‘War machines’. This system will introduce a new pvp system (more balanced). There will be a new NPC and the pvp element of game will extend on all maps ( to non pk servers too). As a leader of an alliance you can declear war to an ostile alliance on all maps ( so now, whites will war vs whites and blacks will war vs blacks too or make alliance). After a period of grace they can accept or pay for not been attack (players wanted this option to be added). The war will last 7 days and the alliance who killed the most players will win and get rewards. Yes, will be a massacre on all maps ( pen. system will be apply, as a DB you will not be able to kill a GB player (from the other alliance) for e.g and if you do it, you will be punished ( more drasticaly that you are now).

As for the new dungeon seems that the story is related to the Icy Princess quest. The new look of North Sea Ice Palace has some russian influences.New weapons will be added and we will get new clothes call ‘bear mount’. We will have 8 monsters to fight till we get to the final boss. I think they want to make it like a PQ, but we will have to wait and see …


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