Some reflections

27th August 2010… the END and the START.

In two days there are two months since the moving madness came into virtual life of 9dragons players. There are so many things to say, but I will confine myself to a few ideas :

1. Some players left, some have remained.

2. Some made new characters, some still waits the old ones.

3. The players have moved to new servers with old habits or made new ones.

4.Some have returned to what they did before in game, some have changed the optical ‘flame’.

5. Some whites made blacks characters and some blacks made whites characters and are under the mask again.

6. Some players reach the levels that had before, others are in the middle and some to nowhere…

7. The old goldfarmers are back in action, day by day the prices go wild again. Players still buys from them.

8. Old bugs, old gliches, old hackers, old macros, all are still there.

9. G1 took a mixed team on board,  but so far no difference.

10. Some of mall prices are higher than in Acclaim version, some are smaller.

In the end,after 4 years, the game is still in beta…


18 responses to “Some reflections

  1. Templates are just so outdated right now. By the time we will see 1 template all players that play active now will reach DB again.

  2. What I hate the most right now are the spammers and the hackers. G1 should do something about them, they spread like crazy.

  3. I said it and I will keep saying it.
    This is how chinese MMO Item Mall games are supposed to be.
    Minimum effort for maximum income, then dump it or sell it to someone else.

  4. All I can say is that I made CS1 and now I am kinda bored with griding, I will take a break for one week or so, log on event, talk with friends and dream on my DB.

  5. We will never know what happened behind closed door with Acclaim and G1 trade. We will moved on… give again money, grind again, cry again and enjoy again the game! I am happy with the game for now.

  6. I am hoping if we will ever get to another publisher Indy21 to save the damm character base. I hope now they learn something.

  7. Ex Bardo, now Phoenix is full of noobs again. I am adding to that new viets hackers, all in is a wonder of game !!!!!! I hope next year Hyperion will come with some majors improvements to the game.

  8. IDk why but i love 9D, but i only got frustation all time

    they fix 1 bug and the 20 new bugs appears

    the game is no fair with hacker, gold seller,

    really suc, but this game is adictive i cant leave

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