Weekend Event, Started already – 10/25/10 (25/10/10 for EU)

Hey all,

So I do want to maintain weekend events, and frankly this weekends event is going to be a little lack-luster. sad.gif

We are going to double up on the XP and Skill XP for the weekend. That’s all unfortunately. But we are starting it now, and ending it on Monday at 10:00am PST (5:00pm GMT).

That being said, I wanted to do a sick event/promotion this weekend, but alas, we have to focus on the more important issues that are plaguing the game and the GM’s need to focus on banning hackers/glitchers/cheaters, and answering your tickets. I mostly wanted to do something special because I felt the forum community has become a lot more positive this week and I really wanted to reward that, but we will reward you extra good next weekend. (even better if you maintain that attitude) smile.gif

Next week, we will launch the Halloween Event, as well as pair it up with weekend GM events, probably some extra XP, and a big promotion/sale.

So there will be a lot going on next weekend, and we need to get “real” revenue numbers from you all this weekend because the IM launch was exceptionally high revenue that we do not expect on a regular bases, plus many of you have premiums now anyway tongue.gif. (yes, I am kind of suggesting you save your monies until next weekend tongue.gif)

Take care all and have a great weekend in The Land!



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