Disney Fail

How can you expect GamersFirst to get the 9Dragons database from Disney (aka Playdom (aka Acclaim))…

…if they fail so hard?

Thanks to failblog for this picture.

Contributed by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


12 responses to “Disney Fail

  1. G1 fail. If what i heard is really true, that Hyp said they need money from players to combat the hackers and to offer a good service, then they are even worse than Acclame. First of all you need to offer quality service and AFTERWARDS except money!

    • After seen G1 a bit from inside… I can tell you 9Dragons is just another game for them.

      That G1 needs 9Dragons to survive and combat the hackers is a conspiracy. The worst I’ve ever heard.

      G1 is much bigger than Acclaim was, by the way.

      • Actually m8 i was reffering to this topic: http://forums.gamersfirst.com/index.php?showtopic=93199&st=0&start=0

        and this statement from Peachy in particular:

        “Hiya Vic xD Yeh true happening everywhere not only on Yin. And unfortunately… quote from Hyperion “..should not expect too much from us on hacking/spamming (aside from GM patrols) until we.. start making money” And they live up to their statement cos players diligently inform them with all info + ss evidence of exploiters etc but no response thereafter.

        Hope they manage to convince many players to invest much money with hackers and exploiters around us ”

        I only visit the forums a few times per week and i’m not active anymore there so i don’t know if and when Hyp acctually said that. But, if he did, i stick to my previous statement. Anyway, i think i won’t play again EVEN IF our old chars are miraculously restored (will never happen anyway). Simply this game is more expensive than it’s worth, most likely starting over is a bummer and G1 seems more overwelmed by the current problems than even Acclame was…

        I experience quite the fun playing Starcraft 2 at the moment, and considering the longevity of the first one, i’ll be getting at least 10 year worth of play for the money i would otherwise spend here JUST on a premium and a deco… At least for the moment my mmo days are over, cause as i said this game is simply not worth it anymore in my view and i don’t have the power to go through all of it again for the moment in a new one.

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