Version 120 – Patch Tomorrow + Events, Server Maintenance Times and Patch Notes

From Hyperion :

Tomorrow we will be patching to version 120. This version includes the Item Mall, quest updates, back-end changes, and bug fixes (detailed below). The servers will be taken down tomorrow, 10/14/2010 at 11:00am (PST), 6:00pm (GMT) for this maintenance. Maintenance should only take 1-2 hours, but might go longer if we encounter issues.

With patch 120 comes the Item Mall. We have done extensive QA on the Item Mall, but no matter how much testing we do, some players will invariably have problems. I am also expecting that some people may not have the payment providers they are used to, please refer to this topic for a list of the countries we service and for the payment methods that are available to you.

Paying money in a free2play game is completely optional, or to enhance your gaming experience/make up for not having enough time to play competitively. To me, the revenue earned for our games has always been more of an indicator of “support” than anything else. We have had a rocky road filled with bugs and major issues up to this point, so I do not expect to be breaking any records tomorrow or for the near future. But that being said, I do want to point out that the service will improve dramatically over time, and the amount of issues/bugs you see in the future will be lower across the board.

Seeing as we couldn’t patch today, the Nirvana server will maintain its experience buff until we take down the servers tomorrow, 11:00am (PST), 6:00pm (GMT). After that the focus will be on stability and fixing any new issues that pop up. I will likely start the weekend XP events tomorrow too, which will give you an extra long time for juicy exp.

Game Events

The 120 patch comes with the Lucky Level Up event which will do the following:

  • Give you one Lucky Gold Coin per hour you play
  • Give you EXP cards, Panacea, Blood Essence’s, Couriers Passes and more for each MAJOR level you achieve*
  • This event will last until 11/21/10

*Note: The items scale up for every major level you achieve, for instance the reward to get to Gathering Chi = 1 XP card, whereas the reward to get to Floral Crown = Exp card (x5), Blood Essence (x5), Courier Pass (x5), and Portable Cavity Press (x5).

Additionally, we will do a double XP event for the weekend (triple XP for Nirvana) that will start tomorrow (if all goes well) and end early monday morning at 10am (PST), 5pm (GMT).

Full Patch Notes:

1. GamersFirst Marketplace – Enabled
2. Lucky Level Up event – until 11/21/2010
3. Monster bug in North Sea fixed
4. Quest Reward changed and players cannot repeat quests. (details below)

Quest Name—————————————> Reward Item
Bandits at Baoyang Village (Last) —————> Korean Ginseng 1
Bandits of Xinnan Village (Last)——————> Ethereal Mushroom 1
Ghost Returns to Heaven (IV)——————–> Korean Ginseng 2
Ghost Returns to Heaven (IV)——————–> Korean Ginseng 2

Quest Name—————————————-> Reward Item
Bandits at Baoyang Village (Last)—————-> Ginseng Powder 5
Bandits of Xinnan Village (Last)——————> Mushroom Powder 5
Ghost Returns to Heaven (IV)——————–> Ginseng Powder 10
Ghost Returns to Heaven (IV)——————–> Ginseng Powder 10

^^this is why we cant have nice things!^

Go here for guides on Playspan, Click&Buy, Shattered Crystal, and Pay by Cash

Here is the full list of countries we currently accept payments from and the providers to use:


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