Legend – A word in a personal matter

Before rumors will start to go around the land, I’ve decided to post one more article in this blog, to prevent missunderstandings:

I left the Project AI Blog and wanted to move to the german 9Dragons as soon it will get published as open beta in december this year, because I did not agree with the options left for the database issue.

But after I made this decision, I get a PM from Hyperion. It seems like I can start as Moderator in GamersFirst’s 9Dragons forum. I accepted it, and I will give it a try. After criticizing Acclaim’s old 9Dragons forum moderators and their behaviour, I got now the chance to make it better than they did, and to change something by myself.

So I joined GamersFirst’s 9Dragons Moderators staff.

For those who want to start now with “ass-licker” and stuff like that, I want to quote some lines from my mod application to Hyperion:

I say what I think and tell my opinion directly and honestly. If you have an issue with this fact – do NOT take me.


I fighted against Acclaim because I had a problem with how they treated their players and customers. And I am not affraid to do the same again (I hope you will not take that as a threat like Acclaim´s 9Dragons game-directors always did…) or just move to another 9Dragons version (a german version of 9Dragons will start end of this year)

The game-directors of the previous publisher always took something like this as “threat”, how Fugen it always called. But Hyperion did not. It rather seems, he understood what I meant.

Yes, I will be gone on this blog as author. So I can also use more of my free time for my job as 9D moderator. But I will not stop to read it. And of course, I will keep contact with my fellow blog authors.

I do not want this Blog to stop criticize the way 9Dragons is being led, if there is indeed something to criticize.

I give you my word, that I will give my best to bring back the glory of the year 2006/2007. I might fail or I might win, but your help would be very appreciated.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


Yes I know, on the second quote it should be “fought” and not “fighted”…

Just to show once more the difference between Acclaim and GamersFirst:
Quote by Hyperion from one of his PMs (I hope he will not take it bad):

For what its worth, i have liked the project AI blog people so far, and the content on that site has proven helpful so I have no concerns with AI (just goals for us to work together).


36 responses to “Legend – A word in a personal matter

  1. go go Legend! 🙂 Good luck! Would have been nice to have you like GM instead of Mod, but that’s good too 🙂

    Next is Sed (i hope) 🙂

  2. Good luck legend, although we dont always agree i like the fact that there is someone in the G1 ranks that dare to speak up.

    Wish u luck m8.

  3. Good luck Legend, I was sure you will make it, keep the hard work in there too, the community still needs people to fight for it. Fun time will start soon so be ready!

  4. I want to see Fugen, hermit and drakenfyre face ! Maybe draken will be with you in same team. LOL, LOL, LOL.

  5. drakenfyre is there, I knew from a friend. I think she almost choke to death when she sow it. Go Legend, go man ! Keep the fight for the veterans and I know you can do great things with G1 team.

  6. wu tang man you said it , funny like hell. I laugh now.
    Keep the good work in there Legend, good luck in all you do.

  7. Hyperion put in balance players opinion too. I am glad Legend is there.
    Good luck with the rest of noobs from ex Acclaim team.

  8. A new job means the beginning of a journey with newer opportunities and scopes! Good luck in what you will do for now on. Make us proud.

  9. So, you sold out for a shiny new title. That’s…entertaining. After spitting on G1 you leave AI to join them, way to go….

      • Exactly. I assume Hyperion told you that you can’t be a mod if you are a co-author on a blog that spit all over G1 and you bent over. Either that or you have no backbone and twist like a worm after whatever offers you more power…

      • In fact, he didn’t. I do that by myself. You don’t believe me? Go ask him or anyone else you want (and knows).

        I just think it’s pretty ignorant to be a mod on the new publisher and being at the same time an active author on the biggest criticism-blog of Acclaim’s 9Dragons and the most hated people from Acclaim, the previous publisher.

        If I want to change something, I will have to prove myself as worth first. Later, when the trust is there, I can look how I can do both things together (but I have to admit, because i don’t have to write new articles on this blog, I have more time to moderate the forum)

      • I’m just waiting for the day when sedbona, with tears in her eyes, will post “Legend – The new pet of G1”

  10. Well for me its starting to look like “Moneyfirst” rather than “Gamersfirst”.

    Ohw and nice comment about my english from a GM, GMBeret to be specific:

    “so its k f i tlk lyk dis 2 u? You have a good grasp of English, better than some of the ESL mods tbh. It’s the inane abbreviations that cause problems.”

    Nice and racist…..

    • You mean GrnBeret2B. He is not a GM, only a moderator.

      If he really wrote that to you, then PM Hyperion about it. Getting attacked by a moderator for the “bad english” is not alright.

      • Well i dont think my english is that bad….but i think he got annoyed by me and started to comment my english. Btw im not gonna play G1’s 9dragons anymore. They are just the same as acclaim in for the quick money.

      • You can PM Hyperion about that anyway, regardless if you want to play the game or not.

        A moderator is not allowed to make feel a player bad with his replies, especially not by one’s “bad english” (That does have nothing to do with taking actions against a player).

  11. Gotta agree with Myste on this one. You were super-critical of G1, then they asked you to mod, and now you’re not writing anymore here (which is good, because you can’t really be objective when you’re volunteering for someone) and aren’t even leaving the game.

    I guess Acclaim should’ve just offered you a mod or VGM position and they wouldn’t have had any trouble.

    • Stop to fight against Acclaim just if I could be mod there? That’s maybe what you would do, but not me. I had a reason, and the reason was Acclaim (so many points, would be too much to write them all out).

      You guys seem to forget that when Fugen started with his job, I was the only one who tried to see the good things he did, and wrote about them. However; I see bad things on G1, but I see also many good things. Good things which Acclaim never did.

      For example: Acclaim did not have freedom of speech in their forum and didn’t say it clearly to the players. G1 did say it clearly. Hyperion wrote on one of the forum posts that there is no such thing like “free speech” in their forum. Sure, same like Acclaim, but at least they say it clearly since the beginning. Also, it’s not so bad like it was at Acclaim. Draken doesn’t open and pinn an Anime topic in a random 9D sub-forum, when you got an oversized signature you will not get a warning like Acclaim did (only if you keep doing it), topics which would have been closed at acclaims forums stay open at G1 (some… those who stay civilized), Mods help the players more than they did at Acclaim’s forum (instead of just closing with something like “use the search button”, the OP will get mostly an answer to his question, or been led to a place where he can get help). Also ingame, GMs try to do their best. While at Acclaim I NEVER saw Hefei without any spammer, in G1 it happened already a few times. Even if they can’t just block them all, they keep disconnecting them. Also, when 9D started at G1, how many days did we get free Quilin Mirrors? While Acclaim even sold the QM Rising Dragon deco in the item mall for 30’000 coins, G1 gave such stuff out for free. Or the current BE event. Did Acclaim ever offer BEs as reward just because you’re online? The japanese version did, yes. But not Acclaim.

      I admit, there are many things which have to be fixed by GamersFirst. But I can see the many things GamersFirst does a lot better than Acclaim ever did. And that’s why I offer my help. For your information, I don’t like to decide if a topic or post shall be closed or deleted.

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