Broken promises – The story repeats

Quote from Joshua Hong, Founder and CEO of GamersFirst:

Our goal is to make the character restoration process as painless as possible. We know how hard you worked to build up your characters. To some of us, it means more than just a game. It’s our life. Although there will be some minor hiccups along the way, I assure you that we will help you restore all your previous characters with or without the screenshots of your characters. You have my word on this.

Quote from Yongnam, Partner and CFO of Indy21:

Recreate ALL player characters and accounts: It is my promise along with the rest of my team that we will move mountains to make this happen.

Quote from Hyperion, Administrator and Community Liaison of GamersFirst:

I know it can be frustrating having to deal with me being evasive on the really important topics of the account DB and when the game will be back. The reason for this is because I do not want to break my promises to you guys. In my opinion, from a players perspective, it is worse for a community manager to break their promises than to be evasive.

The available options at the end:

Option 1 – Events only
Option 2 – Template Characters only
Option 3 – Cross fingers and wait for the database
Option 4 – Combine Option 1+2

So, I’m out.

I can see something repeating itself, and I do not have the patience to fight again for fairness. After all, I will be called Spammer, Troll, Mr. Conspiracy, or whatever.

I will hang around for a while on G1’s 9Dragons, and End of November / December I will move to the german 9Dragons version.

Was a nice time. But now, I’m out.

Take care.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


33 responses to “Broken promises – The story repeats

  1. There is a saying, History repeats itself all the time

    I just quitted the gamersfirst version. I wanted to check who were playing,who were not. And I was quite disappointed without my character,Darenor.

    Btw Legend,you are not mr.conspiracy or what-so ever, You always told the right stuff,always the truth. All companies are actually after the money(yes this is their right to make money) and they like doing this with killing their fellow players

  2. I have to say this: Told you so.

    You were so excited believing that crap when everybody with a brain knew it will NEVER happen. It was ridiculous. They publish games and didn;t know how much it’d take to restore all chars. I’m a small PR guy that organizes charity events and knew it. Just L-O-L.

  3. There’s a little premature to see how all will end. Take care Legend, cya around, you always did a good job.

  4. I didn’t have much hope on having my characters back. Anyway, I will play for the time and see how is going.

  5. I already knew it that! I was already posting this on your topics when i wrote 1 topic and got deleted same way on acclaim foruns!

    So i just deinstalled 9dragons and moved to AION best game now for me.

  6. Ok so i have read all posts and some things have came to light.

    1. this is only a temporary masher, it dose not matter what we chose they will still go after the DB, wish that had been stated before (i for one wouldn’t have got so angry about the hole promise thing)

    2. when they finally give up on the DB than they will look into using are ss to restore are chars and if they don’t then they will be braking the promise they made.

    3. there are well over 500 selfish people that would have all the lucky people that got ss, have the same bad luck as them. why wish your misfortune on every one else, how selfish and childish can you get people.

    4. me and the whole community would like it if you Hyperion would have not left these points out in your first post maybe there wouldn’t have been so may flames.

  7. Guys, we were all wrong. They WILL restore all chars from SSes. If you look on the forums, Eva started an argument about how they lied. A mod declared it “useless crap”. Which I understand as Eva is lying that they lied. Thus they told the truth and will restore chars. I happen to have sses of all my accounts, 15 total, al items. Can’t wait to get them back *_*

  8. Well it seems u guys really thought they would Restore our chars/stuff MANUALLY.Seriously,this is bullshit,I logged in their version just to see how the things are,but things were same,actually even worse,cos we all lost our accounts,since then i haven’t logged back and i won’t.The super addicted 9D players can keep playing that game and level up over and over,but i’ll stay away.

    • Ah i forgot to mentoin about the VN Hackers n how unprotective G1 is against them ..but nevermind,i think ya’lready know about it.

    • I never thought they would. I know that would cost way too much. And I know they lied to lure players to join them. But I find it funny that a moderator declared this “useless crap”. Or is it trying to say that the truth is useless crap?

      • “Or is it trying to say that the truth is useless crap?”

        That’s exactly what happened on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum, remember? What makes you believe that this can’t happen on G1’s 9Dragons forum either?

      • It was actually better with Acclaim, IMO. They at least pretended to care about the rules, didn;t just put it out in the open. And did you see the first forum rule? Your account can be suspended at any time if admin or mod decides to do, they don’t need to give a reason nor have one. Well, that shemale moderator is freaking me out. I can’t wait for Age of Wulin to come out ^-^

        Btw, have you ever thought about making some previews of other games that ex-9D addicts might like? I know we’ve had certain disagreements before, but I’ve been playing Solitare for 2 weeks now, getting boring…

      • Acclaim had this rule too. This is just “for the case”.

        What shemale moderator are you talking about?

        Well yes, I wanted to make some MMO previews and publish here my experiences. Actually, I wanted to do that since I quitted Acclaim’s 9D. But somehow, I never really found the time. All I made was from 1 MMO.

  9. Just give up 9dragons..when he(hyperion) told “i need open item mall for buy new car” something like that, i though: same way like acclaim, greedy people and will just think abou money. They will not get DB back because Acclaim had to shut down servers so they deleted all! Also DB, so no DB and why Disney would give DB for Gamefirst? Maybe Diney don’t want give and Gamefirst can’t force they to give 1 thing they own.

    So 9dragonsG1 will lose almost all players and will stay just with newbies.

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