Legend’s opinion about G1’s Char-Solution

We, the 9Dragons players, are currently at a difficult sitiation. Even after the promises from Hyperion and Indy21, that they will recover all our characters, it seems that they will not.

In the newest update about this issue, the so-called Message to Community – Regarding Database, we get the following options regarding this issue:

Option 1. XP Boost / Gold Giveaway – As soon as we get the in game mall / store up we could launch a limited time promotion where we give the entire community high powered XP boosts and in game items. This could help the experienced bunch of players reestablish their levels in the game and avoid the process of going through the initial MMP Grind to level up

Option 2. Create Template Characters – We could create Template Characters (Level 10, level 25, level 50…so on) and based on what you submitted in the character restoration forms we could allot these template characters to you. SO, while you will not get your characters back you will be close to what you had when you were abandoned by Acclaim / Playdom

Option 3. We do nothing at all and we wait for the legal process to take its course and hopefully retrieve that Character DB and restore it to back to all of you

Option 4. Any other options, constructive of course, which you may have

Even if Sedbona likes option 1 the most – I don’t.

Don’t misunderstand me. I will start from 0 again anyway – At G1 or at another publisher. I do not care about starting again from 0, and I do not care if I get all my items back. But this was, after all, a promisse from GamersFirst and Indy21, that they would give all characters back. After all, that’s why we had to make screenshots. If they will not recreate all characters wanted (if they will not get the database back) then it was and is a broken promise.

So I was thinking about that for a few days. To recreate every single characters again, it would be too much work for the GamersFirst GMs and would take too much time. But Option 2, which seems to be the best one, on keeping their promise, is not good enough. So my vote goes to Option 4 – An own opinion:

Recreate all characters requested. Look at the screenshots and give them their level (without %), their epithets, and their skills (without % too, only cheng) – Except for 2nd role clanskills on vagabonds. This was indeed never meant to be.

Also give them all Item Mall items on their screenshots back (since these items weren’t tradeable) and give them a choice to keep 19 or 20 items. This would give them enough choice to keep their gear (which takes at least 14 items (8 relics, 5 clothes, 1 weapon)) and some more for other items they had (non-stacks, only one item if it is from stackable items).

Do not give them any gold, no matter how much they had. On this way, the ingame economy could have a new chance, and everything the veterans and loyal players, who want to stay at G1’s 9Dragons, really want, is only the gear and their level.

This, only for 1 character per person only.

If you agree with me, agree with me in G1’s forum, quoting this post of mine.

To start all over again from 0 may be good for the game. But we may not forget that many players, especially the veteran ones, spent a lot of money and time into their characters. And we also may not forget that GamersFirst and Indy21 gave to the whole community the promise of recovering all characters. So this seems, at least for me, to be a good and plausible middle way, where both sides, the publisher/developer and the players, will win and lose something.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


17 responses to “Legend’s opinion about G1’s Char-Solution

  1. I’m not blaming G1 for this, but Acclame.I think they didn’t knew in what they will enter and how the situation is in reality. Now, they have to clean it up. Not all people had the chance to make ss, which also will bring more chaos. Some people will ask more then had. That is why many voted for option 1.

  2. Many veterans including me went for solution 1 because we don’t have a choice. I think knowing Acclaim, they don’t have a back-up of DB, create templates characters will also be buggy, Indy21 should do it and will copy korean characters to bring it in this version. Will mess more. I know it is not fair, but I believe is the only way right now. If tehy make 5x events, the levels and items will be back quick.

  3. Spending money on those characters was a risk we all took. In our hearts we all want them back, but to be realistic, I don’t think is possible.

  4. Unfortunately i think G1 will choose the easy way out, meaning option 1, if you can call it an option. If you remember correctly this mad 5xp events only hurt the game back then and now they don’t help the high char owners at all. Putting all on equal footing after all the promises made really shackes the confidence in the new publisher. I don’t have an “Agripina’s family mentality” to rebuild each time from scratch every time the “turks” rush in…

    Legend’s ideea, like some others on the forums is a good one, but the amount of work will take to be done will promt G1 to throw us the xp and gold giveaway bone instead of doing what’s promised. They seem to listen to the community as much as Acclame did.

    And contrary to the vehiculated opinion that G1 would loose money if vets quit, i say it is exactly the opposite. They can offer little in the way of IM to players that pretty much had everything, even premiums for 1 year and such. Also, look at the flags, if they are to entice them to buy something else from the mall they must offer an EVEN MORE POWERFULL RELIC and that would mess the game even further.

    So, it’s in their best interest to sheppard a low community, and it seems they fail at that too considering the huge amount of hackers i keep hearing about.

    • Gene,you are wrong at something. I personally believe that GamersFirst will not take the risk to lose us,the veterans. It’s a fact that only veterans spent the most,to be powerful,heck,only tali spent more money that the whole LS-FC guys did.

      Knowing,this,and actually learned the fact that It was Howard Mark(ceo of accliar) who introduced 9dragons and adviced gamersfirst to buy the license,I am pretty sure he told the importance of the veterans.

      Sad to see one of the very veterans,Sedbona chose option 1. Made me really sad. Just that she lost her character at acclaim,shouldn’t bind us to have option 1 as an option

      What I would like to say is template character option is the best solution there. So far I counted,there is a majority of people choosing option 2. Today,we are going to see,whether GamersFirst look at majority’s wish,or buncha lowbies wish?

      • Jesus. I would get my character back ( because was unfaired banned – done that, talked that) if there would be a recovery option, but the reality is too obvious : the others options are not operative. I don’t want to sound like a kido, but I was a person that spend more money on this game than the majority of players, so my heart as someone said in here, goes with characters. It is just, I can’t see how this would be resolved in practice.

  5. Our characters are long gone even we like it or not. G1 will broke the promise and will say sorry.Will be the first mistake and people will let it go because they will give some nice things in game.

  6. If you look at topic on forum you will see 10000 opinions. what to chose? Most of vets will go with 1 , they are used with hard work and griding. Anyone knows that ex VGMs traded all items from VGM account with their characters before server closed.

  7. I thought about it a lot and I think G1 will go with option 1.Other options would create too large discrepancies between players. My mates from league remade it and started to play again, they all seems happy like it is not. It is true that 4 years now are nothing, but what we can do about it ? Nobody had the guts to sue Acclaim was we had the chance.

  8. The poll was added to the forum.
    Which option below is the best for the 9Dragons community?
    Option 1 – Events only
    Option 2 – Template Characters only
    Option 3 – Cross fingers and wait for the database
    Option 4 – Combine Option 1+2
    go vote:)

  9. how are you!This was a really excellent subject!
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  10. I guess i m not the only one who think G1 kept good talking to us just to keep us.
    G1 knows that the old players are not coming back…thats why they speak nicely.
    They need the DB to create an automatic made character. Other wise they still need the DB to do it manulay.
    They just did not told the truth…that without the DB nothing can be traced.
    To bad, my interest in 9D is dead, and i feel the game in some “Lost Hands”

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