Message to Community – Regarding Database, From Yongnam and Joshua Hong

Dear 9D Community

Over the last few weeks we have all come together as one community and we have started achieving some really challenging goals. Here is a quick summary of what we have accomplished together:

1. Set up the Game Forums

2. Upgraded forums software for influx of 9Dragons community

3. Built the 9Dragons website

4. Built a New 9Dragons Installer and Launcher

5. Began taking support tickets

6. Created and Launched a Character submission form

7. Launched the Game!

8. Banned several hackers/cheaters

9. Started fixing bugs / issues which were expected when we launched

10. Began translations for next content update (details to be released later)

11. Maintained stability

12. Survived Network Upgrade

13. Most importantly we have come many steps closer together in integrating in our new home at GamersFirst

This road hasn’t been easy and all the questions we had at the beginning of this journey are not answered. The most burning question, which everyone is concerned about, is definitely unanswered. There are some of you who are irked at what seems like our unresponsiveness. We want to assure you that we don’t want to give you any false or misleading information. Here is an update to your questions regarding the User Account Database and we are sure will find these answers helpful – They may not make all of you happy but will help you stay informed.

1. Does GamersFirst have the Char / User DB

a. NO – When Acclaim abandoned you and the game they DID NOT TRANSFER the User Account Database to Indy21 or to GamersFirst. We were supposed to get this information from them but like the rest of you we were all shocked and dismayed by their sudden decision to abandon the game with a few hours notice. GamersFirst and Indy 21 spoke to their management and tried our best to get this database from them but they did not comply with our request.

2. So, Where is the Database

a. We DON’T know – Our guess is as good as yours and we hope that the User Account Database was backed up by Acclaim / Playdom / Disney and they have it locked up in a giant vault somewhere. We also hope that the DB is recoverable but again, we cannot confirm because we don’t know how these folks operate.

3. What is being done to get the DB back?

a. Indy21 has been consulting their legal counsel once their discussions with Acclaim / Playdom / Disney fell through. It is our hope that the powers to be at Acclaim /Playdom / Disney will hear the voices of the hundreds of thousands of 9Dragon players and of their erstwhile partner Indy 21 and come to some agreement.

4. When will Indy21 get the DB back from Acclaim / Disney / Playdom?

a. Since the matter is between legal counsels at these companies, we cannot say for sure. It could be 1 week or it could be 1 year – We really cannot speak for the decision makers at Acclaim / Playdom /Disney. We hope, like the rest of you that we could retrieve this as soon as possible but we cannot make any guarantees.

5. So what do we do in the meantime? How will we get our characters back? Will our years of grinding in this game ever amount to anything?

a. This is the toughest question of them all. When we had first started posting the community about this we had made a promise that we will do whatever it takes to get the characters restored. We will honor that promise. We want to start a debate and hear from you on what would be an acceptable interim solution. We have to understand and agree that the legal recourse in retrieving the DB from Acclaim / Playdom / Disney could take time. Here are the options we can implement on our own without getting the DB from Acclaim / Playdom / Disney.

Option 1. XP Boost / Gold Giveaway – As soon as we get the in game mall / store up we could launch a limited time promotion where we give the entire community high powered XP boosts and in game items. This could help the experienced bunch of players reestablish their levels in the game and avoid the process of going through the initial MMP Grind to level up.

Option 2. Create Template Characters – We could create Template Characters (Level 10, level 25, level 50…so on) and based on what you submitted in the character restoration forms we could allot these template characters to you. SO, while you will not get your characters back you will be close to what you had when you were abandoned by Acclaim / Playdom.

Option 3. We do nothing at all and we wait for the legal process to take its course and hopefully retrieve that Character DB and restore it to back to all of you.

Option 4. Any other options, constructive of course, which you may have.

The solution needs to emerge from within ourselves and we must take a decision as one community. Once again, we are all gamers and we at GamersFirst and Indy21 understand the anguish and anger which all of us feel at being abandoned. SO, let’s start the debate and participate constructively. Don’t forget, our teams will be moderating this thread, so try to stay positive and let’s make this a collaborative success, together as one family.

Joshua Hong, CEO, GamersFirst

Yongnam, CFO and Partner, Indy21

You can post your options on G1 forum :

I will go for Option 1. There are many reason why I choose this one and one of the reason is this fact : instead of focusing on a neverending operation like template characters, lawsuit, start a new one and with time and care make it better than the old one ( fix bugs, fix pvp, fix all what is to fix in this game).

Option 1. XP Boost / Gold Giveaway – As soon as we get the in game mall / store up we could launch a limited time promotion where we give the entire community high powered XP boosts and in game items. This could help the experienced bunch of players reestablish their levels in the game and avoid the process of going through the initial MMP Grind to level up.


25 responses to “Message to Community – Regarding Database, From Yongnam and Joshua Hong

  1. I´ve activated the comments on this article, since I would like to know what the other people think.

    If there will be too many flame and spam posts, I will disactivate it again.

  2. hi!This was a really marvelous Topics!
    I come from milan, I was fortunate to look for your Topics in google
    Also I get much in your subject really thanks very much i will come every day

  3. Duh. Looks like I was right. If they didn’t announce they were getting the database before a deal was signed, this never would have happened. Say what you will about Acclaim. I’ll give them that they never promised G1 was getting the d.b.

    Also, I notice G1 sort of forgot about the option of restoring characters manually from an old backup or the screenshots like they PROMISED.

    • They decided it’s too much hassle to manually recreate the chars, as i said from the beginning. I am almost sure now we won’t ever see the DB and that G1 will choose the easy way out, and that will be their so called “option” 1.

      They should just simply say so and by that they will sort the players who are glad to start over from the ones that linger on the forums and continue to hope. That way they can focus on a single community and it’s needs as the others will be long gone.

      Still, IF they plan through to make justice for the “we-want-DB-vets” they should stick to their initial promise and make a full restoration, no matter how hard it is and how much it will take. By this gesture they will proove to all they are dedicated to their players and their word counts. This will be the biggest publicity they could do to themselves and by all means people will feel secure in investing their money here.

  4. I think we can all make the effort to start from 0, provided that its G1 job to remove all negative aspects from game such as imbalance or bugs.

  5. If they promised the DB they should stick to that promise, if they would said from the start we should take it from 0, no problem. Some people made some big hopes. I started all over again, with the thought of a fun play. I want to be balanced in pvp and no bugs, that is all.

  6. Lots of people spend tons of $ for their characters, I don’t know if they will do it again to came to same result. If G1 will give me free items, maybe I will grind again. I am OC now and waited to see what is going on with DB.

  7. I see that players creates multiple accounts to post on G1 forum in favour of Option 2. If you browse that topic, you will see voted for Option 2 ( CRY fof CHARACTERS) from players with 1 post. It is a fresh start so no.1.

  8. Those who didn’t spend effort and real money now cry. THose who have money will never cry it. Can remake all again. Who crys again ? Those who got free items from Acclame, most of official team members. Screw them, a new start for all.

  9. 6.000 euro was what I gave to Acclaime in 2 years and I don’t cry now. I can give another 6.000 if G1 will promise that we will not have bugs and will have a fair pvp and svs system. I can start anew and forgot my DB.

    • And what if they can’t promise you that? Are you really willing to keep paying this and have a fresh start every couple of years? 9D will always be buggy and the pvp will always be unbalanced. They had the chance to change that before launching the servers… Optimists, making my day since 1992…

  10. I have to admit… Even if I will have a new start, at G1 or another publisher, it still was a promise.

    I do not care about starting again from 0, and I do not care if I get all my items back. But this was, after all, a promisse, that they would give all characters back. After all, that’s why we had to make screenshots.

    If they will not recreate all characters wanted (if they will not get the database back) then it was and is a broken promise.

  11. First,I Don’t think we’ll get our stuff back,naked/bugged chars maybe.
    Second,Even if we get our chars back,G1s won’t be able to track the hackers,they know zero about the GM Tools.

  12. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

    edit : Yes, you can!

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    Stacy Mainfield

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