Updating to patch 119, the fix for Vista

I know that many of you can’t play 9dragons or don’t know hot to make it work. Here is what I did :

1. I deleted 9dragons and all GameGuard files using a tool call ‘RevoUnistaller’ ( is free ). I did this because vista is very tricky.This tool will clear the left overs too.

2. Select all.

3. Go on and erase all, than exit.

4.Browse the install folder of 9dragons and see if you have ‘Game Guard’ folder. If you still have it, delete the file from the directory and empty the recycle bin.Make sure you can view hidden system files, and locate the following files:



They normally reside in the Windows\System32 folder. Once you’ve found them, delete them.

5. The next thing to do involves editing the registry. If you go wrong here you could blow off your operating system, so take care. It might be a good idea to create a system restore point before going further.To run the registry editor: Click Start > Run > then type ‘Regedit’ without the quotes.

Browse to the following keys:




Remove the entire branch of keys (npggsvc/NPPTNT2) – this will work only if you have administrator rights :

6.Close Regedit and reboot the PC ( at this point worked for me) –  (Additional download and run a good anti-rootkit detection program, such as anti rootkit scanner  and run a full system scan. Remove any files found by the software and reboot your PC.)

7.I installed the game again and worked. Don’t forget to let 9dragons run through Windows Firewall or Antivirus Firewall.


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