Ban on creating Multiple Accounts & Maintenance

We find that a few players are indulging in creating multiple accounts to avail free IM package.

This is a final warning to such players. We will ban all these accounts for violating the terms service if you continue doing the same. GOLIATH

Please note, we will not be releasing any accounts involved with this as you have been warned! BANHAMMER



Today there will be maintenance.

the first step, which should be happening now, is that we will take down the game servers, and allow people to patch up to version 118 for some time before we pull down the patch servers for maintenance.

This should allow people to patch early and avoid having to manully update the client via gamersfirst live later in the day.

If you are not able to patch within the next hour, you will need to update the 9Dragons client from GamersFirst LIVE!.

All you need to do for that is to Run GamersFirst LIVE! once the patch servers are back up (which will be announced later around 2:15pm PDT) and update 9Dragons from there.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

hey all,

just got back…meeting all day…i am deeply sorry I couldnt be with you today to deal with this nonsense…

Anyway here is the deal:

The problem we had today was essentially a “perfect storm” of fail. basically, we took down the servers to upgrade the network..which went really well and on schedule….

As a strange coincidence, GameGuard also had a major failure where they basically discontinued service for 9Dragons. Hence, why GameGuard would fail to update. We are adding the files to the patch server now, and once that is done, then we will be totally ready to go.

I cannot express how bad I feel about this, there was absolutely nothing we could do to expiate the process either.

Ill update again ASAP when GG is ready, i’m sure you are all patched up and ready to go. So once this is done, we will be good.
I feel awful, I’m sorry I couldn’t have been here to keep you all up to date, but once a quarter, we have to do some very long and intense meetings.

UPDATE > We need to wait for a new patch from Indy21 before we can bring the servers back up. This means the servers will be down for several more hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.>


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