Moderators, Applications accepted through the weekend

The words of Hyperion for 9dragons community (comments off) :


It is finally time to select some moderators for the 9Dragons Community. I wanted to write out an epic post about this, but I have a company function to attend for the rest of the day, so I won’t be able to invest as much time as I would like (and I didn’t want to delay this till tomorrow or Monday, due to the fact I said I would begin the process this week).
Requirements for mod-ness:
Active within the community
Helpful and positive attitude
Articulate in English (multiple languages are a plus)
Able to take massive unwarranted criticism (thick skinned)
15-20+ hours per week to devote to moderation
Dedication to 9Dragons and the Community
Demonstrates Leadership
Kindness and Compassion, with ability to go Medieval when necessary
Ability to take initiative
Good at following direction (other G1 mods, G1 Staff)
Able to PM Hyperion with your application without expectation
If this is you, Please fill out the below information and PM it to Hyperion as you application:
G1 Forum Name:
Acclaim Forum Name:
In-game character names:
Special Skills/Languages:
Previous Forum Moderation Experience:
References from past experience: (Link to e-mails, forums)
Short Essay: (500 words-ish, detail what you would bring to the team, how you want to help 9Dragons/GamersFirst…etc, or you can write a creative story to make your points, its pretty open, but you need to make it clear to me your philosophies/perspectives)
I am looking forward to reading these .
Ill check this thread later on if there are any questions, Ill open my PM box now.
Title your PM: Mod Application – [Name]
❤ all.

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