Priorities for the Week

Sup Dragons,

Last week was a rough week for us all, but we got the servers and client up and are seeing some GREAT numbers coming in. There is still a VERY long way to go in reestablishing the game to where it was and laying the foundation to where it is going. For the record, I am very pleased with the activity over the weekend, both in-game and on the forums.

I have also posted small guide on How to Write bugs, and I have questions about the VGM program.

So for this week, I need to get in gear and work on the many outstanding issues, but the top priority for the week is keep the servers and game stable. I will only list the 3 major priorities here for now:


Launch Item Mall(?)

Select forum Mod’s


My main focus is to keep the game up all week if possible, only bringing it down for a short maintenance here and there as needed.

Otherwise, we are preparing the Item Mall to be released as soon as possible, obviously, this has to happen sooner or later. We got bills to pay, mouths to feed and big-daddy Hyperion needs a new Tesla roadster! I put the (?) on it because I am not sure if it can happen this week, we would need a patch from Indy and they are off for the week. They did say they would get it done though, so yeah.

Furthermore, it is clear that I need mod’s, BADLY. The GamersFirst mod’s have been generously donating their time from other games to help out, but that can’t last forever. Generally, it is my philosophy to wait and let the leaders of the community present themselves organically through being helpful on the forums naturally. This is a different situation. Also, I did intend to keep the Mod’s from the Acclaim forums, and I still do want to do this. But I am not 100% sure they still want the job after the beating they took for so long.

I do not know exactly how I am going to accept mod applications, I do know it will be through PM’s and there will be some kind of short essay requirement. But I have not fully formed my idea yet. So later in the week I will post what to do and open my PM box for submissions. (note: submitting a mod application here on this thread is not acceptable, in fact it would ruin your chances because you obviously wouldn’t have read the whole post.)

When I make a separate post regarding the Mod selection Ill give the process for what to do. In the meantime, if you are interested in being a Mod, study up on the RULES. I do not know how many Mod’s I want for now, but people that can speak multiple-languages would be excellent.

Thanks All!



24 responses to “Priorities for the Week

  1. G1 don’t need VGMs, they have employees, Acclaim had 3 GMs for 3 servers.
    Mods = no from 9d community, recruit from others G1 games.

  2. I love the Tesla roadster!
    Acclaim VGMs and mods = NO WAY ! NO WAY ! NO WAY!
    They are kids full of hate and vengeance.

  3. lol. launch item mall is #2. So i guess they want us to spend money on our temp characters? Or does that mean we aren’t getting them back? either way, i’m know what they are concerned with. Money. Bye bye 9D, i’m out. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  4. Otaz you didn’t get used with the idea that we will not have our characters back ? It is a game, like a lotery. We all spend money, but those money were spend for fun.

  5. A game needs money in order to survive. Hyperion said that they will lower the mall prices. Even you get our characters back, what you will do at DB 8 ? Greef others, make runs, don’t log or make another character ? We are in same circle.

  6. Oh no Hyperion, please not the ex Acclame mods and VGMs. You don’t need them, if they will come, more people will leave. You don’t need VGMs if you have GMs.

  7. VGM … a BIG NO !
    MODS… a BIG YES, but not ACCLAME ones.
    All the community sow the bad experience with VGMs and mods from Acclaim, I don’t want them in here. Was very peacefull till now.

  8. I would prefer that there was no VGMs. As for mods, not ex Acclaim ones, they don’t fit the job. Make new recruitment!

  9. I don’t see any positive things about having VGM system back in game. They didn’t help the community, they help only their friends and their characters.

  10. Because of what VGMs and mods do with the community, they don’t deserve any respect so from my point of view, they will not be welcome.

  11. We only need GMs and love from G1 and Hyp. That is all. Help the community and bring balance, new updates to 9d and you don’t need anything else.

  12. New MODs needed.
    Active&Helpful GMs needed,on this way noone will need a VGM.

    Anyways,i’m still hoping about the DB,otherwise i’ll stay away from 9D.

  13. Jug m8, although i would love to get my chars back too, i think that’s a far away dream. The way G1 changed the “we will move mountains for your chars” attitude to banning people that ask about the DB while at the same time having the only “allowed” topic on it locked says a lot.

    Also, Hyp let me with the impression he adresses to 10 yo’s, as he makes some statements like “Disney might not even know they got the DB”, or he tells us Indy is making legal procedures (for 1 month!) as they haven’t even send an official request for the DB, the first step in ANY further legal action anyway.

    Anyway, if they won’t take actions against the hackers and spammers, abuse xp rates and continue on the same path as Acclame, i won’t play even IF my chars will be restored…

    • According to Hermit’s facebook page,He is going to have a call with Disney and a meeting will be set up. on 24.09.2010 Friday,In this case there is still hope. I for one looked if there is any private server development and found an offline version of it.With enough attention,some coders will jump on it.And I am going to get that attention for this beautiful game

      Yes,I like to play it alone,in my own rules because I hate the rules that other people force me to obey.

      Check ragezone website and find my post about 9dragons in serverhelp extra.If there will be enough “bumpers” for the topic. It will get attention.

      • Many tried already to set up a private server, and all of them failed.

        But if you think you can do it, and if you want my help, then let me know. I could work on the text fixes.

      • It’s because the real coders didn’t jump on 9dragons,there were no enough attention,hell,they made private servers almost for every MMO, except 9dragons because there was never enough attention

        I don’t think I can code it,I am not that talented at coding yet. I am able to fix the text with telperiar’s software too. I need the server’s core and a simple explanation on how to create custom things, then I would create whole new maps/mobs/dungeons in no time

        I heard that some Vietnamese are going to build a private server in notime. I am checking their forums with translator every hour.

  14. I don’t think G1 can get the database back either. Acclaim ended contract with Indy21. G1 took over the “publisher” of the game. The database is not in the contract. It is still belong to Disney/Playdom/Acclaim. They won’t let the database go with big money. If you are still in love with the game, just start new chars and look ahead with the future under G1. If you are sitting and waiting for the database back, you are just wasting your time.

  15. Who cares about the database! 🙂 They announced Age of Wulin – Legend of the Nine Scrolls (aka Project 9 / Jiu Yin Zhen Jing) finally!

    Indy 21 can screw themselves for not be able to fix 9dragons for 4(!!!!!!!!!!!!) years. Nobody will play this broken game when we can play Age of Wulin 🙂

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