GamerFirst´s 9Dragons – First Informations

How Hyperion published here, 9Dragons is now LIVE! Here´s the quote:

Attention Dragons! 9Dragons has made its triumphant return! You can now enter The Land and continue your quest of Martial Arts Mastery. We at GamersFirst humbly bow to the community of 9Dragons, whose passion and vigor inspired us to set a new GamersFirst record for launching a core game! We are thrilled to be a part of the new community, and look forward to guiding the game into a glorious future. Thank you dragons, many new adventures await you in The Land, and may the seeds of the dragon within you thrive!

If you have GamersFirst LIVE! already, you will need to RESTART the program in order for LIVE! to update and for 9Dragons will then be available for download.

If you do not have GamersFirst LIVE! yet, download it here and you should see 9Dragons with a big button that says “Download” next to it…hit that download button and you are minutes away from playing 9Dragons!

Restarting GamersFirst LIVE!:

If GamersFirst LIVE! is on your machine, you need to reboot it. Simply look down on your systemtray and there should the GamersFirst LIVE! icon, right-click the icon and select exit. Then restart GamersFirst LIVE! and you will see 9Dragons at the top of the client.



Also, the server names will be different. According to this post from Hyperion, the server names will be as follow:

The server Nirvana shall stay Nirvana
The server Bardo shall become Phoenix
The PvP server Asura shall become Yin

An upcoming EU PvP server shall follow too, called Yang

Some of our readers may remember this old blog article from me, where I wrote about the meaning of the server names and about how much Acclaim disliked Europeans and liked Americans (even if the Europeans were the bigger money spenders).

It´s about *IceIceBaby* time to change those names!

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


35 responses to “GamerFirst´s 9Dragons – First Informations

  1. yeah nice..pvp server for EU would be nice if i could trade my char from asura to EU-PK(because im from Europe and time on america is bad for me).

    But im start thinking staff of G1 = of acclaim
    last night wrote 1 topic(no offensive and didn’t called any name to G1) and got deleted and even didn’t got any PM saying why got deleted.So im start thiking is almost same staff on G1

  2. Well the game is boring like always.

    XP, skill xp, drop rates all to x1 nothing new or special just some gifts.

    Now really worth it.

  3. Today I saw many players crying for their characters and many enjoying playing again from equal ground. If we speak about fairness, maybe it is not, but what we can do . Many of the people that now cry for their characters laugh on us when we took on Acclaim. Now, look in what situation are you guys!

  4. Hyperion should come and take a look on Bardo, some players started again with the insults on romanians. I will send him some ss. No Mercy and their balcks friends are under normal level of a normal brain and starts with insults to romanian people. They speak so bad on server. This behavior from Acclaim must be stopped.

  5. I play a lot today and I want more…
    Was crazy out there.
    Some people were happy some don’t.
    Some players wants to be liek this, some don’t.
    I can’t wait the war between whites and blacks. Will be EPIC.

  6. I am going for TGW.
    Thanks for the servers G1 and as many of you said, we should get used with this, we will not see our characters back. Now we can grind faster than before, so in 60 days we will be PS.

  7. Renaming Bardo -> Lame
    Not gettind DB -> Lame
    Not creating chars with GM tools -> Lame
    GG errors -> Lame
    Server down atm -> Lame

    Conclusion: G1 = LAME

  8. I can’t connect to the server so I can’t play. G1 blow the start in my opinion. I will wait, but if the servers will be down like this I will not join 9dragons again.

  9. Hi all. I wanted to give you a heads up about G1 situation. Im afraid its bad. People are getting suspended/banned left and right simply for voicing their concerns. I myself got either suspended or banned, not for breaking a single rule, but for trying to help them.I see nothing but hate and caustic attitude from Hyperion toward the players of 9D. In short he is acting identical to Fugen. Im starting to think that he really is Fugen.
    Now today there was a Private Server party brought to us by G1, where about maybe 10 people could log in and enjoy a great 10X EXP event. All things considered, even with the gratitude to G1 for 9D, G1 is making Acklame look like a cakewalk. God help us 9D lovers! We trully have gone from bad to worse!

    • Yep i got muted today as well for speaking my mind about the current ‘situation’. Wasn’t until after Hyperion started yelling at players on the board that i decided to speak up. I guess muting someone and deleting all their posts is much easier than being honest or engaging the facts. Should be an interesting and funny next few weeks. I’m joining your site, thanks for having an alternative.

    • Lol for f*ck’s sake just forget 9dragons! Project 9 (Jiu Yin Zhen Jing) will come in a few months and after it will be released 9d will be nothing more than just a bad dream.

  10. No idea…I’m getting the same message over and over again even when I reinstalled the gamerslive and crap =\ can’t download the game..

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