9Dragons Servers will be up tomorrow!!!!!

Hello All,

My update today will be short and sweet…

9Dragons Servers will be up tomorrow!!!!!

This is indeed, big news.

I will post more information on what to expect tomorrow when I come into the office (which will be late, because I am anticipating staying late if need be)

Again, we do not have the account database, so the servers will be all fresh and clean for people that want to play again. This means, yes, you will be starting over, for at least the time being. I still have hope to get the Account DB in the future, but no one wants to wait for that to happen before we start playing again.

Historically speaking, there are errors, problems, issues, etc…with major launches like this. I will let you know WHEN the servers are up, and I expect you to hit them fast and furious. I do not plan to leave the office, except for food, until the servers are up and stable, so I have incentive to make this happen!

The Item Mall will not be available for at least a few days, possibly a week after launch…sorry, you won’t be able to buy immediately.

What I suggest you do instead is reform your friendships, organize your leagues on the new servers, and try not to steal other people’s mobs when questing.

I will post tomorrow what exactly you need to do and what to expect. Such as when you can download the client…etc…

The exact time of the servers going up is unknown, but our target is around 6pm (PST)

Please translate this as needed smile.gif

Leaving this open so you can cheer/rage in one area…although IDK what there is to rage about…

Wish us luck for tomorrow!!

*crosses fingers*

Even with no database, I am exciting like I was in 2006 ! Play friends, play !


33 responses to “9Dragons Servers will be up tomorrow!!!!!

  1. Yep. I will start over and see how things go. If they get the database that will a good thing. If not, I”ll grind one chr this time.

  2. As i said on the forums, it seems rather strange that no formal DB request latter has been sent by now. I had been involved in legal issues and Sed you must know this things also, that before a trial can go ahead you must proove “good intend”. In this case sending an official request for the database would have been enough, and ONLY AFTER legal steps could have been taken. Also as i have pointed out there, restoring our chars will only make G1’s job A LOT harder and complicated…

    • Well,Gene,I said my goodbye there. Only thing can make me return the game is my character as how it was before game got closed. I can’t play from stracth I don’t have any time for that,This friday I go apply a job,then I only would be able to play 1-2 hours maximum and I wanted to do gc in those times. And now my fun has been taken away from my hand.

  3. I will strat all over again, what else to do ? Hyperion wrote:

    Official Status: Indy21 is consulting legal counsel and negotiating with stakeholders at Disney to find an amicable solution.

    This is the last official update. When updates come to me, I will post a topic in the forum about it for discussion and then UPDATE this topic

    When I have time, I will “pretty” up this post.

  4. A new start with no spammers will be good.
    I think we should start all over again, I don’t see how they will get the database back.

    • if you are the wutangman from bardo,I saw your sm or gb char in bp alot,your level is nooo big deal,really easy to go
      there won’t be kalzion to paranuke you once to kill anymore 😀

  5. So it seems like we will have to start from zero.
    I highly doubt that our characters will be created with the GM Tools.
    It is sad.

  6. As I see it the situation is not good, lots of people are thinking to quit. G1 should understant that is about the money we put in our characters, items we collect, gear, level. Is not the same to take it from 0. How many times we will spend again to take what we had back ?

  7. Let’s give it a try people. We can create something better, a new 9dragons, a better one, one free of so many bad things that Acclaim had.

  8. No more nukers ? Will be fun to see again LS, SM and make new party quests. I think 9dragons need a new start point, with no Acclaim mistakes.

  9. Some kids will cry me a river over their old characters. Friends take it like a new chance, to make a new community with no hate from the last one. And G1 don’t brinf VGMs back !

    • Actually, it’s the adults who cry for their chars. because teh adults were the ones who spent money on them. And most of them are no willing to spend the same amount once again to get where they were before. None of my IM-using friends will return without their chars and items.

      • The most adults stay calm and wait, while kids with rich parents cry. But there are also 40+ years old kids crying around, though…

        No wonder G1 starts to close every database-related topic.

    • let’s look at the fact You call people as crybaby because they want what’s already their?
      or you just cry because you were a lowbie who couldn’t manage to get higher than sm?


      • What´s the difference between low levels and high levels? Both spent their time and money on their chars. Ergo, everyone got the same rights. No matter if you were an “uber cool high level” or just an SM level char player without to play 24/7 and/or using EXP Cards.

      • The difference is in the amount spent. I’d highly doubt that you, on your vaga, spent as much money and time as talibanul spent on his acc. Losing a few thousand hurts more than losing 100.

    • Ben de bıraktım bütün gerçek oyuncular gibi.

      Btw,-Legend- , let’s face the facts that only lowbies don’t whine about the db,because they have no high level character that they never grinded in 1x like me ,Jug,Gene,Tali,Inti or any high level you can call in this game
      And I am not a high level hm1 is really so easy to achieve,but I can’t invest my days to achieve what I already achieved. jug gene tali inti these are all db8 they all have high level items with high refinement with many stacks of be,and epi,just to unseal 1 single icy epi,it takes 20 + hours , to unseal others it takes more and more,you know it too. what about our refinement tries,scales,tears we bought? and what about the other stuff we got like bboes ,marble of red shouts,def trinkets,damage plates,hp leech plates,hp trinkets or any rare drop in this game? they stole our time,DB will never ever be back to us. because this is called business and gamersfirst wants to have their piece from the pie
      ( don’t get me wrong,I am not blaming gamersfirst . It was surely their plan,but they are right to have money from a game they bought license of. but It’s indy who never does something but improving their korean version all the time,It took 3 weeks to build a server? they already had whole files of server,they just were to lazy to do something. It takes a day to open a server of any other game,but takes 3 weeks of indy to complete a simple task )

  10. I think getting the database now is out of the question. Legal issues can’t be pass out so easy. We have to stick to what we have now. Leveling from None.

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