Words from Hyperion for the 9D Community (6)

Todays update from Hyperion, like always I may give my opinion:

Sorry all, Not much of an update today, I had limited time to be on the forums so I only answered a few PM’s.

On the bright side the following fixes have been made to the character submission form:

UPDATE – 9/13/10: The Vagabond clan is NOW correctly represented on the form

Rather “clanless”. However; I thank you for finally updating the form. Hopefully the clanless warriors will still have enough time for claiming their characters.

UPDATE – 9/13/10: The Level field will NOW accept letters and numbers

UPDATE – 9/13/10: You can now enter 0 as a character level as well as “NO CLAN” and “NO ROLE”

UPDATE – 9/13/10: Also…I got a image error with IE (but it worked fine on firefox)…the confirmation on IE seems to be messed up (at least for me), but the data still went through.

Haha, that made me laugh. Typically IE. This is the perfect time to write the following:

Use Mozilla Firefox, the faster, more secure and customizable web browser.
Download it at http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/firefox/

NOTE: The form will be up for a week, and you can input characters multiple times if you feel you made a mistake…remember you do not need to 100% correct in any of the fields, but try to be anyway smile.gif . Also, if you had a server/name change and would be worried about that, then you will need to make multiple submissions with the different character names/servers.

It is going to be a CRAZY week, so I will try to update you as much as possible throughout the day during the week.

I gotta head out, take care all.

The pinned topics need to be pruned too…not enough hours in the day. sad.gif


Furthermore, Hyperion posted this about exposing Account informations. Quote:

Ok, so it seems that Acclaim allowed players (or encouraged them) to expose their username/e-mail address in the past on the forums.

This is was a very bad practice on their part and form now on, you are to NEVER expose you username or e-mail adderess anywhere on the GamersFirst forums…not in PM’s, not anywhere.

This is a common sense practice. If you need account support, game support, payment support, you will need to check the knowledge base, and/or submit a ticket. You can access all this support related needs from the support link on the top right of the GamersFirst homepage.

Our support is secure, and your account information can be given to GamersFirst support people safely and quickly ONLY VIA THE SUPPORT LINK!

Please help me to communicate this to EVERYONE in the community ANY time it comes up…it is critical that you NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER put your username/e-mail address or any other private information on ANY public forum/site EVER!

We need to break that habit immediatly.

Thank you for your help with this.


We, the Project AI Blog, wrote already a long time ago, how stupid it was from Acclaim to show the players IDs as forum nickname. That´s exactly 50% of what a person needs to “hack” somebody (that´s the half, for those who don´t know it), since all you need is the ID and the password. It wasn´t always “the bad best friend”. But, oh well, what do we know… Everything we say are “conspiracies”… Oh wait, 9D closed for real like we foretold, so it wasn´t a conspiracy… O.o

Enough sarcasm… G1 is professional (at least, as far as I can see yet, more professional than Acclaim ever was), so this means: Do NOT share your ID with anyone. Not on the forum, not on a PM, not anywhere.

Also, I have found this:

JEssicaA wrote:

can u update the server launching status..is everything well prepared?

Hyperion wrote:

This week, I am thinking wednesday (not a solid date). but by the latest friday.

This remembers me… Even if I don´t know G1 and Hyperion yet that good, I believe in their words and let them enjoy my trust, unlike The Hermit who always broke his promisses.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


20 responses to “Words from Hyperion for the 9D Community (6)

  1. perhaps this will be a good moment for ProjectAI staff to establish new connection inside G1 staff (or maintain ’em). perhaps it would be better to start also a request that you guys become advisers for official team, if not more than that!
    I’m not saying G1 aren’t experienced in this matters, but if we are talking about actualy playing the game, i think is best to have someone like you guys around for advice (from time to time, if not always) 🙂

    Good work with this updates. Let’s hope that Hyperion is indeed a nice and well intentioned person and game admin.

    …for the love of the game!

  2. Sharing of IDs indeed is a bad thing. In my opinion is better to don’t even tell what character play. I only make fun on some people on forum so I took the first ID I had in my mind.

  3. People now ask when we will start to play. G1 must answer to that. Many are going away of this game. You can’t keep players on words only.

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