Claim your Characters

Good News Everybody!

You can claim your previous 9Dragons characters NOW!

So here is the deal. We made this page to collect and save your information in the eventuality that we get the user database in the future.

It is critical that you enter your information as accurately and completely as possible. This is because if/when we get the database it is possible we could only get the character data without the information being bound to any personally identifiable data. We are only looking for 8 fields of information, so you shouldn’t have a problem.

Certainly there will be instances where you don’t remember the exact level/role/clan…but the more accurate it is, the better the chance we have to find your character when the time comes. 100% correct is not necessary; just get the information as close as you possibly can. (100% is best, 110% is even better).

This webpage will be up until next Friday 9/17/10. It needs to come down then so we can collect the information as soon as possible so we know how massive and elaborate the restoration will be when the time comes.


UPDATE: The Vagabond clan is not yet represented on the form…We will fix this as soon as possible.

UPDATE: The Level field will only accept numbers at the moment. We will allow the alphabet to be included as well…but you can still put the numbers in if you can figure out the correct level by #’s only.

NOTE: The form will be up for a week, so if you want to hold off because you cant remember the level without the Letters first or if you have a vagabond you are encouraged to wait until I announce it is fixed.

1. Follow the link

2. Logg in with your GamersFirst ID ( if you don’t have one, make one) / RO version

3. After you log you will have this screen (type all details) /RO version

a) Give your username and mail

b) Give the details for a character and hit CLAIM THIS CHARACTER BUTTON

c) Repeat for all your characters

The character claiming process is for a limited time only. This page will only be accessible until September 17th at 11:59 pm PST. Please tell all your friends/league members from 9Dragons to claim their characters NOW!

For Ro version, try this link


43 responses to “Claim your Characters

      • Well, I don’t think they got the database. Why would they ask for Gender, Role, level and so on? Weird. We’ll see. At least, seems like, we won’t have to start from zero.

  1. Thx for the link sed, I’ll try to get my char(s) back. Also I can’t stop asking myself (and G1) if we get our maxed kung-fu skills back. I’ve worked extremly hard to find those books to max-out my skills on every single one of my chars.

  2. Will our skills get back ? Will our items get back? Will our relics get back ? Or we will have naked characters ? In my opinion, we will get them as we left them. They need those informations to select the character. Acclaim left them only with a large database with characters with no accounts.

  3. What happen if someone else will try to take my character? Some people already forgot the mails and details of all their accounts.

  4. As UF said, this will be a hell. I will laugh a lot. Some people will end up with losing their characters and others will get those people. How G1 will check the informations?

  5. Thank you for this good new. I have already filled out half of my characters information. I am still waiting for the form update to fill out my vaga.

  6. I Just hope this’ll be the final step,after this i hope we’ll recieve our characters back with all the Skills,Items and Epithets,otherwise this is gonna be an endless chaos.

    PS: Somehow i think this’ll go wrong,these new GMs dont even know how to switch from combat to peace mode,i wonder how they gonna add all the Epithets,Skills and Items to our characters.

    • It´s not like all Acclaim´s GMs knew how the game works either… However; give them time, they will know the game better when they test their closed servers before going live.

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