Words from Hyperion for the 9D Community (5)

Hyperion gave us again a new daily update. I will quote from this post, and may give my opinion:

Hey all,

Today was rough, I didn’t get though any PM’s and was mostly in meetings all day sad.gif . Furthermore, it is becoming increasing obvious that the collective patience of the 9Dragons community is wearing thin. The rise in angry/negative comments is concerning of course, and I wish there was something I could reasonably do to assure you that we have your best interests in mind. All I can do is answer questions to the best of my ability and relaunch the game ASAP, so that’s what we are doing. We are on track to launch next week…technically the servers will be ready tomorrow, but our QA people need to test and there is still ongoing discussion as to how we can compensate the community for all this trouble.

During our meeting with Indy21, Yongnam told me that he will keep me in the loop as to the status of the legal dispute over the database. So I will pass that information off to you when it comes, provided it does not put us in a legally compromising position.

Tomorrow, we will be posting notice for the next steps of 9Dragons. So look forward to that, it should clear up the questions about our plans, but will likely cause an onslaught of new questions.

In all honesty, we are all in this together, and there is no good reason to be negative here on these forums. No one here made a mistake that led to where we are, keep that in mind when you post, everyone on the forums in this community is “collateral damage” from the actions of the last publisher.

You all know, Hyperion is right. 9Dragons was just about to switch publisher, that’s all. With switching the publisher, also all our characters and items should be switched. But the old publisher (whoever may be the trouble causer, Acclaim, Playdom, or Disney…) just can’t stop to be so difficult and make trouble, like all 9Dragons players know Acclaim since many years.

All we can do is pull together, and collectively work to make 9Dragons the best it can be in the future. The game will not survive without the community, and it will not survive without us as the publisher, so we need to rally together. The future of 9Dragons is squarely on our shoulders, I have every confidence that we have a bright future ahead of us, we just have to get through the next few weeks.

Take Care


We had here in our blog also some bad comments about the new publisher GamersFirst. You may think, we talk good about GamersFirst, just until we may not get unbanned (well, me and Sedbona), but in fact, I don’t care if I will get unbanned or not. If I get all my chars and items back, cool. I will enjoy and appreciate it. If not, oh well, whatever. I will just move to the german 9Dragons, as soon it starts in end of november. But I, for my part, will still hang around in GamersFirst’s 9Dragons forum, to help the clanless warriors of the land.

We try to see the good things. While I stopped playing 9D from Acclaim and even was banned ingame (while not playing the game or being a registered forum member), this makes me a bit less “addicted”. For those players who have to suffer now, while being not able to play the game, it’s of course harder to see the good things. However; I hope you keep the good things in mind, like the fact that GamersFirst is updating and informing us every day, and that they are trying to fix this little… or big… issue made by the old publisher. Look, even Indy21 sent a letter to us players, saying that they were shocked by what the old publisher did, and that they are working very close with GamersFirst.

Indy21 and GamersFirst promissed us to recover all our characters back, no matter what may happen. This is a very great promise, and I’m sure they will not break their word like Acclaim did all the time. So, just try to be patient. If you need to play 9Dragons while G1’s version is still not released, then download the russian version and use the english textfile.

And last but not least, a few words to Acclaim:
Just drop it. Seriously. You can’t earn any more money with the database. So, just drop it and give GamersFirst the property of the players. Yes, from the players, not yours. They gave you all the time money, even if you banned them for poor reasons and took their freedom of speech. Stop making it complicated and give out the database.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


38 responses to “Words from Hyperion for the 9D Community (5)

  1. What G1 and Hyperion do now is call “superhealthy feedback loop” where the dialogue between developers/publishers and community stays passionate without getting ugly on either side. When it’s good, it’s great — but when a crisis situation arises that somehow takes the feedback loop out of the community manager’s hands, there’s danger for both the community and the company. And this is only Acclaim fault.

  2. Those people are jelous. As Hyperion said lots of things can happen.
    Kids stay away of this and get some space now that 9d is down.

  3. We’ll see. If they have to manually restore characters, that’s going to be a tough process. I’m optimistic, but don’t know how they’re going to remake hundreds (or thousands) of accounts.

    Sounds like they have an old DB from Indy21, so they’ll have to update everyone’s characters who can somehow verify them

  4. We need to have patience, all will go for the best in the end.
    G1 put a lot of work for the database and I think they try it hard to get it back, because they are interested to have it.

  5. …….We had here in our blog also some bad comments about the new publisher GamersFirst. You may think, we talk good about GamersFirst, just until we may not get unbanned (well, me and Sedbona), but in fact, I don’t care if I will get unbanned or not……..

    Those people don’t know we fought with Acclaim about this, while they kiss a part of human body from Acclaim official team. G1 till now did for this community all that Acclaim never did.You and Sed from all the players should get your accounts back. That ban was not fair.

  6. Thanks for all G1 hard work and for keeping us posted like Hyperion did it, we are proud of you keep up the great work, Hyperion!

  7. This transition and waiting makes people to go try others games. It is too long to wait for a game. I talk to some of my friends and they said they play something else till 9d is back on line.

  8. Maybe next week the game will be ready to be launch with G1 in command. I can’t wait to see how the 9dragons will be like.

  9. I am so piss off on Acclaim, even at the end they made it harder for all of us.
    We pay money for our characters, losers!

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