Words from Hyperion for the 9D Community (3)

Hyperion gives again a daily update to the 9Dragons community with some very kind words. Here’s the quote from this post, I may give my opinion:

Hey All!

Today was exhausting…probably because I only got like 3-4 hours of sleep from the night before sad.gif.

Personal problems aside, I posted the letter from Yongnam of Indy21 to you the community and again, was very encouraged by the response.

I’ve been on the internet playing games for a LONNNNNG time now, and I have yet to see a community react better to a bad situation…you have responded with patience, kindness, and playful skepticisim…all of which is greatly appreciated. I will take it as my personal responsibility to reward you for this support…how? Well that is yet to be decided…but generally, I think that you will approve of the changes we make over time.

This is another thing, Acclaim never did. But GamersFirst shows it us already now, before 9Dragons is even up: They thank us, the 9Dragons players. And in gratitude they want to reward us. If memories serves right, Acclaim just showed their “gratitute” to the people giving them a lot of money (while they even banned some of them for poor reasons… *cough*).

I was unable to get to any of my PM’s (after wiping them out on Friday), so please sit tight and I will respond when I can.

This week we are preparing the servers for the relaunch of the game and tomorrow I and the operations team, with our brilliant engineers and IT pros, will formulate the character restoration plan.

Ideally, I would like to share the plan with you tomorrow, but as I write this, tomorrow is becoming full of very important meetings that might take a loooooooong time, so the plan will come between now and Friday for sure.

Off to sleep, thank you all again for your support, kindness, and maturity. ❤


Hyperion will keep us updated – Something, what the 9Dragons “game directors” never did.

Can’t wait for the next updates.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


20 responses to “Words from Hyperion for the 9D Community (3)

  1. It’s important to know how to communicate your point quickly and professionally. Hyperion do it is not like the rest game community managers, we were used too.

  2. Giving feedback effectively is a skill. And like all skills, it takes practice to build your confidence and improve. Hyperion is like that.

  3. These are the same people who announced they were copying over the database before a deal was finalized; the same people who didn’t manage to take over GM Ravenclaw and instead hired a couple of noob GMs; the same people who were supposed to start the game in the beginning of September, but haven’t yet. So not sure why everyone thinks that making some posts about what’s going on actually translates into them doing something useful.

    • – G1 announced it as soon they had the contract. Feel free to prove something else.
      – GM Ravenclaw was the best GM Acclaim had, indeed. But that doesn’t make him good. Think about it, since I will not tell anything “bad” about him.
      – G1’s 9D didn’t start in september because of Acclaim (Playdom/Disney) and only because of Acclaim (Playdom/Disney). Feel free to prove something else.
      – G1 is doing the best of the situation – something Acclaim never did. What they did was only to say “soon” and indirectly “shut up”. They didn’t answer your PMs regarding any 9D issues – Everyone knows that.

  4. Doubtful Bob Acclame was at fault. Since 2006 you should realise how they manage his game and how much harm they did to the community.

  5. Only the kids that plays 24/36 hahhahaha will not wait for the servers t be up and will start to spamm G1. I sow on forum.

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