Words from Hyperion for the 9D Community

News arrived the 9D community about the currently state of 9Dragons. Hyperion, admin and community liaison of the 9D community, published a new post with informations. The original topic can be found here. This is the most important part, I may give my opinions:

Hey All,

So, I mentioned strange issues that I am getting on the forums with posting…it is affecting me on this computer too so it may have something to do with my account, although that doesnt make any sense either.

Today was a good (but long) day. I again got through a lot of my PM’s, but had many incoming new ones as well as the forums being sluggish today (probably from all the new 9D players, which makes me happy smile.gif )…so I wasn’t able to finish the PM’s, I have about 20 left, so that should be done tomorrow.

He takes his time to read all PMs and to give an answer. That’s something I didn’t really see with Acclaim. I just knew such professionalism from other MMOs, before I started to play 9Dragons. I missed professionalism.

We had a great meeting with Indy21, and it looks like I will soon (I know you hate it when I use the word soon, but its faster than “in a while”) be able to give out the information you all are going crazy for (regarding the DB and when the game will be back up).

He knows already about this word, and that the community is traumatized by it. He let us know that he understands it. I think, that’s another point worth.

Obviously, the website is NOT up yet, this is due to some bugs that need to be verified as fixed before the site can go live. This will surely be completed while I am sleeping tonight, so I think that the website will go up tomorrow morning.

Fixing bugs before publishing it? That’s something, Acclaim could’ve make too… Sadly they never did.

I know it can be frustrating having to deal with me being evasive on the really important topics of the account DB and when the game will be back. The reason for this is because I do not want to break my promises to you guys. In my opinion, from a players perspective, it is worse for a community manager to break their promises than to be evasive.

BAM! Slap in Acclaim’s face! There you can read how a Game Manager should’ve handle the game!

So, until i get a confirmed date on the items I am refering to, I won’t be posting the update you want to see (which I should do….SOON!)

On the forum rules. Please take a few moments to go here: http://forums.gamersfirst.com/index.php?ac…=536&id=144
and review the rules. They should be much different than what you are used too, and from what I hear, our rules are more intense than the old forums.

Please understand that the rules are as they are for the protection of the community in general and for you specifically. No one wants to be in a community where they do not feel safe (except for the /b people), and in order to foster that safety, we need to maintain the rules.

It should also be noted, that I look at you all not as my “community” or as “players in my game” or as “${:content:}quot;. I adopted the following outlook as my time as the War Rock community manager: “they are my little brothers”. The concept behind this mentallity is that I see you as people that I love and want what is best for you, but sometimes you need to be slapped around a bit. Additionally, when I close topics, or suspend people, I usually do so with a stupid remark in the hopes that people will laugh when they read it. It is not to offend, I do not get any pleasure (other than the occasional chuckle when I do come up with a witty closing remark) in suspending people or closing topics.

Thanks everyone for the support and good wishes we received today, hopefully tomorrow (but most likely early next week) I will be able to give the update you are all looking for.


No more words to add.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


18 responses to “Words from Hyperion for the 9D Community

  1. Hype said for the ones who want fresh start,they’ll make a new server,this means they will really get the Database ..at least thats what i’m thinking.

  2. He sounds like a pro and there is such a big difference between how he publishes an announcement and the way some high-level Acclaim staff member did. The language… the respect for the comunity… Perhaps there is a better tomorrow for 9D after all…

  3. Hope u right bro and i have every hope and confidence put in them, but let’s not forget we have been deceived, lured, lied to so many times before…

    I don’t mind even if it will take some more time, as it’s better that all should be in place when the game starts and we won’t experience any of the old problems here.

  4. Thanks everyone for the support and good wishes we received today, hopefully tomorrow (but most likely early next week) I will be able to give the update you are all looking for.


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