Dark Hermit ‘kindness’

Browsing the new G1 forum I sow this topic as pinned :


An Open Letter to Disney from 9Dragons Players

by Cursed Love (Official Closed Beta) on 30 august 2010 la 17:35

Attention 9Dragons players. The Hermit is going to attempt to negotiate further to help Disney understand the importance to all of us in restoring our Character Information. It would help greatly if a large number of players would read the open letter below, which we believe expresses the thinking of most 9D players regarding this unfortunate situation. If you would like to be included in our desperate plea, please add yourself to this post. You can simply copy and paste the open letter below, and change it if there is anything you disagree with, or write your own brief message (no flaming please), and then when we have a significant number of requests we will bring this to the attention of the Disney executives, and pray they will consider our combined plea.

Pass this on to anyone you think may feel the same as you do, and this is the link: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&note_id=143354589035579&id=127241003974742

Dear Disney Executives,

I am a player of the videogame 9Dragons, which was developed by the game company Indy21 and published by Acclaim Games. As you know, the game has now been moved to a new publisher, GamersFirst, following your acquisition of both Playdom and Acclaim, but the character database has not been transferred. I fully understand that Disney is a newcomer to this deal and that Disney personally bares me no ill will.  I would really like to have my Character Data transferred as well, so that I can continue playing where I left off. I understand that there are legal issues regarding the transfer of my Personal Data. By registering here on this facebook page I am requesting that you reconsider your decision not to transfer the data in a way that will not cause you any liability. There is a distinct difference between my Personal Data (such as my email address and personal information), and that of my Character Data (which records my in-game character’s name, level and equipment), and all I am asking is that you transfer the Character Data over, and then the responsibility for matching my personal info and that character’s data can be handled and verified between myself and the game’s developer, Indy21, with no Personal Data violation committed by Disney, Playdom or Acclaim whatsoever; and I will further sign any further documentation you wish that can make this possible. It is my understanding that the transfer of the Character Data for our entire community is a simple matter technologically speaking and will take less than a half hour of your time, and I sincerely hope you will take this matter under full consideration. I really want to have my Character Data moved and I believe it will bring a lot of good will toward your company.

Please note the limitations of Facebook make it so you must “Like” This Page before the “Comment” option appears, which you will need to click to reply to this post, as requested above. The link to “Like” the page is on the very top of Dark Hermit’s Facebook Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cursed-Love-Official-Closed-Beta/127241003974742?ref=ts

I have the impression or Hermit wants to promote his new game call Cursed Love ?

Oh, it is not only me …


Facebook was down, but now its up again wink.gif
To sign u need to “like” Hermits new mmorpg Cursed love. Go go go we need more ppl to sign that thing smile.gif

Mosai :

Another try from hermit to promote his new game lolz ….
Everything you can see from that page is advertising that their beta game starting Monday. If he did think about the players, he would do much better job back then

And got this from Sed :

Cursed Love (Official Closed Beta) This is rumor control: Acclaim was fully prepared to hand over the database and created a deal to do so with Gamersfirst; however GamersFirst prematurely announced that the player database would transfer over despite warnings from Fugen and The Hermit that the deal was not signed and false expectations might result in disaster. Acclaim was following direct orders from Disney to shut down the servers when they did. The Hermit attempted to intervene the night of shutdown and allow the servers to stay open so that players would have time to complete screenshots (as Bardo was still sleeping), and communicated this to Howard Marks. Mr. Marks agreed it was in the best interest of the players and agreed; however, at 20 minutes to midnight PST, a lawyer from Disney contacted Acclaim and ordered the servers shut down immediately. Acclaim had no choice but to comply. Why Joshua Hong is blaming Acclaim when he knows this, is beyond Steven. Regardless, he hopes Joshua is correct in his forecast. GamersFirst has not reached out to Steven, and Steven currently has no relation or animosity toward them, he is merely working with Indy21 by their request to help determine the best resolution in the interest of the players. Steven continues to be concerned regarding continued promises made by GamersFirst regarding full character restoration, as it may not be possible, and continues diligently to work with Indy21.


35 responses to “Dark Hermit ‘kindness’

  1. Well this is a nice way to advertise his new game, like we really care. Anyway is really fun to watch the cheerleaders of Acclaim spam the G1 forum well they still believe in the Acclaim GM’s *cough* *cough* which “did a great job” , hmm their great job resulted in the worst mmo shut down known by me.

    Now it’s time to get new things, but some players want the same thing nothing changed, and why should change when they dominate everything…

    Either way keep the game as it is -> DIE update it to the korean version -> decrease in population and maybe someday revive who knows.

    Me already playing Rappelz… good luck.

    P.S. considering your new blog skin which is nice btw, you should refrain on using light colors, it gets really hard to read.

  2. If you know please enlighten us. You don’t know what went behind the scenes. From all the posts and comments made, best guess is that G1 made the announcement to early, and that pissed someone from Disney off.

  3. Acclaim has already demonstrated to me that I cannot trust a word that comes out of their mouths. Acclaim lied, covered up and have treated the 9Dragons community with contempt right up till the very end, and now are attempting to pass the blame for their actions over to the new host to attempt to muddy their waters so to speak. These guys are unbelievable.

    Acclaim is to blame for the state that the game was in, and for it’s premature shut down. Not G1, not even Disney, and not the 12midnight call from the Disney Lawyer.

    G1 will have my full support because they rescued the game, and from the start they have treated the community with respect.

    And yes Hermit is using this to promote his new game which I will never play.

  4. John Bacher are you a virgin or what ? Serious, after 4 years of Acclaim 9dragons you could grow up. Ofc it is Acclaim fault. They couldn’t not take the blow.

    • I’m sorry but I haven’t played 9Dragons for 4 years ( like most of you guys here ), I only played for almost 1 year. But you are just seeing whats in front of you. One question tho, what will you do if G1 will turn up to be lets say almost the same as Acclaim?

      • I think worse than Acclame or same no game company can be.I have my hopes high. If that will happen I will see it than.

  5. I knew this will come out soon or later.
    Who still believe SEA after his doings on Acclaim 9d? I don’t.
    He never was close to the community, at least maybe in 2007, all he wanted was money.
    This is ridiculous, using the players greef to promote his game.

  6. Drak Hermit is hypocrite.A petition on facebook on his account Cursed Love ? Is he joking ? I am hoping that all will end in a good way.

  7. The only petition that I will sign is the one that will come for G1.
    What Hermit wants now? Did he do something for the community when he was no1 in Acclaim ?

  8. I think that he takes profits over the fact that 9dragons is not up yet. Lots of people are getting bored waiting day by day. He calculated that some could go and peak on his game, maybe even try it. I think is a form of low manipulation to use the community in this way.He has no quality now to negociate for our accounts.

  9. Sure, Acclame was never responsible for the state of game or the problems community had. They did all 10x and others always were to blame. First Indy21, than ProjectAi, now G1.

  10. Why he speaks on 3th person ? If he worked in our interest of the players he would have told us the truth. That goes for Fugen too.

  11. mark please go back to Acclame kindergarten. I bet you are one of those 24/24 on Acclame old ‘cheerleaders’ who don’t know how to have fun.
    As for Hermit, is lame from his part to go this low for money.

  12. This is a strategy, a marketing one. Anyway all Acclaim did till now was to go against players. They deserve ‘the curse’, whatever that will be.

  13. In the end Acclaim ended broke, few people took money and the rest who did the work, are now with ‘nothing’. Playing like this with our accounts is a risky game. Class action lawsuit wtf !

  14. I love Hermit feedback from the community on his facebook :
    from BEN BEN
    SEA stop please whit this BS now!!!
    If the game has now been moved to a new publisher why you stiil keep using the ones for which you have done anything?

    We are not so stupid, the real reason that you wrote this open letter to Disney you can see here:
    @ WhiteRay: Facebook was down, but now its up again
    To sign u need to “like” Hermits new mmorpg Cursed love. Go go go we need more ppl to sign that

    thing …..
    You lost 9D beceuse of your incompetence,stop pretendind that u care about our acc’s….LIER!
    STOP use 9D community just to promote your cheap, stupid & dirty game!!!

  15. From my point of view, “inventing the future” were instead being used to catch up with features that will locked them into the past. I am not playing that game neither I will sign that petition.

  16. Most people can’t imagine the future until they’re staring at it. SEA should keep that in mind.Tai&Chi nice catch.

  17. The other mistake Acclaim did was — build it and they will come. We have seen solutions invented in a lofty forum with VGM & mods team with arrogance or by the community managers like BluFlash, Histo and Fugen I doubt that players are “kicking their own ass to play this game.”

  18. Fabulous post. It is important to remember to balance serving your community with creating what they truly need. Acclaim never did this. Thanks for a great reminder!

  19. I believe G1 must resorve this problem. Hermit has nothing to do with it. Posing as community speaker is something that we should not allow.

  20. It’s like those commercials for medications for things you didn’t know were illnesses. “Have ugly toenails? We’ve got this pill for you!”

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