Till September 1st…

“Initially, the transition between Acclaim and GamersFirst was meant to be seamless, until GamersFirst received word this morning that the service may be shut off for current players. As announced recently, Acclaim was acquired by Playdom and consequently Disney acquired Playdom. While GamersFirst cannot comment on Disney’s or Playdom’s internal strategy for abandoning the community of 9Dragon players, GamersFirst intends to fulfill its promise to the 9Dragon community by transitioning all existing game accounts over to the new service, as it becomes available. With this news, however, the possibility of lost or compromised player accounts is likely.

GamersFirst urges all 9Dragons players to immediately:
– Take digital inventory of items and characters
– Create screenshots of all personal in-game inventory and characters
– Save and document in-game status”

HYPERION– GamersFirst Administrators


We are going to do everything we can to get access to the acct information..
However we strongly advise that you to do the following:
GamersFirst urges all 9Dragons players to immediately:
– Take digital inventory of items and characters
– Create screenshots of all personal in-game inventory and characters
– Save and document in-game status

HYPERION – GamersFirst Administrators


Loyal 9Dragons community – please know we understand what frustration you are feeling right now. We will be working night and day until we are able to provide you with your game – 9Dragons, as well as your characters. It’s very unfortunate that you have been put into this position and we promise to do our best to bring your game back online as soon as possible. Furthermore we will be working extremely hard to ensure that the 9Dragons experience is nothing more than stellar. GamersFirst is comprised of true gamers, so we understand the anger and dissatisfaction you must be feeling at the moment. You’ll be in good hands with GamersFirst and we’ve assembled an excellent team to operate this game.


Joe Rush
Director of Operations



Unfortunately the game, forum and website will be shut down tonight, much earlier than expected. Please refer to this post on the GamersFirst forums for news and updates as to the future of the game. Updates, and a full 9Dragons subform will be added to G1 later today and the staff of the new 9Dragons will be posting updates later there. Sorry for the chaos.

Acclaim Azrael


I wanted to say my personal goodbyes.

I really want to thank our paid and volunteer staff for all their hard work in helping out with the game and the community. Our mods, VGMs, and GMs helped make this game what it was. Special thanks to Drakenfyre for keeping the boards to a minimum of chaos; Head VGM Olix for wrangling the VGMs and helping out with events and such; and of course, to everyone’s favorite GM, Ravenclaw, for holding down the fort with events, promos, and support tickets. And Former GM Phew for his technical expertise in getting our servers and systems to run as well as they could.

I’d also like to thank our community. While I expected angry responses from a lot of folks (after all, this is an MMORPG, we have a forum, and a lot of our players are young), the number of helpful, kind players that we have really surprised me. And whether you were an Acclaim booster, someone who wished we’d fall into a pit and die, or somewhere in the middle, I want to thank you for being a customer and helping make 9D the fun, active game and community that it was.

I’ll miss you guys, and miss getting my butt kicked when I wandered into Bardo BP. You Europeans may be a little angrier than our other players, but you sure know how to PvP.

I hope whether you continue to play 9D in any other future forms or you wander off into other games, you remember that it’s a game and it should be fun.

Peace and Love…[GM] Fugen


So this is it! The game I took care of is ending its Acclaim reign. It’s quite a bit emotional for me writing this message to you players. Personally I am mad at “Acclaim” for ending the game on our hands on such short notice.

I learnt a lot here, got many friends, found love, inspiration, peace, got betrayed or back-stabbed and the bond with players was the best of them all and I love each one of you.  I will miss the fun and fulfillment hosting events, I will miss fighting with fugen not to make promotions, I will miss testing new content before anyone had a glimpse, I will miss spamming you guys ingame, will miss the game I looked after and I am sad that where ever the game goes from here on, that no one can bring justice to the game other than me and our team The Hermit, Fugen, Warda, Drakenfyre and Olix and party . [VGM]Verse needs a special thanks from me as she was there with me most of the time during the crisis and helped me resolve things. I miss you “Mia”. Special thanks from my behalf from “Warda”, she misses you all very much. I thank earlier GM’s [GM]Shalaeza, [GM]Enigma, [GM]Phew and [GM]Dragonhead for their hard work before me, setting up the game to be taken over by me.

There was a lot of drama which you cannot find in soaps like our bloggers. ‘Legend’, don’t be too rude, cool your self, Sedbona you are a good girl , but you do know right that not all the information you write on the blog is real and the truth. Stop defaming Acclaim, they handled the game well.

This game was my life and someday i will repay this game with a certain tribute. Thanks to all the old VGM’s special grats to [VGM]Iron. Miss you bro.

So this is the end of journey for “Ravenclaw”. You might see me very soon, Who knows?

Here I have to mention a heartfelt thank you to Steven Elliot-Altman, he is a great man, a good guide and the person who believed in my potential. You gave me confidence Steve. Thanks for this beautiful game. Another thanks to Fugen, he is great guy if you know him, I was always fighting with him during his plan of promotions, sorry if I hurt you mate it was for the game and the players. But you offered a great hand and support and I am really thankful to that. Will miss working with you?

I have lot more to say but I am not happy now….. 9Dragons is a great game and I will miss you guys. All the players love and care it makes my heart full.

Take Care. Be good Guys. Be happy. Have a great journey in life.

Ravenclaw [Rest In peace]

Bye Bye from ‘Warda’, if not for her this game would be limbless. 

Acclaim Sparda



It is with great sadness that I offer you my last post on this forum; though a ray of hope is possible.

As you may not know, I did not join Playdom when Acclaim transferred ownership of The Land, and in doing so stepped down from my role as Game Director. From that point on I have acted in the capacity of Consultant to both Acclaim and Indy21 regarding 9Dragons. I have advocated for the Player Database to be transferred to LiveGamer so that each of us (myslef included) might continue to play uninterrupted. At the moment, that request has been denied.

I will continue to lobby to find a way that this can be achieved. So although it appears at the moment the character info shall not transfer today, there is a ray of hope it may still be accomplished. This is not the fault of any of the companies involved, it is due to a series of legal issues that surround the transferral of Player data.

In the meantime, I advise each of you to take multiple screen shots of all of your characters, with inventories open. There may be a chance restoration can take place that way at some later date. I shall confer with Indy21. Please spread the word far and wide to do so.

In the meantime, I shall have no simple way of contacting you to keep you updated, as this forum too shall be shut down.

And so, I offer that you may post to the Facebook Cursed Love (Official Closed Beta) Page for my new company and I will update everyone on the progress of my plea as soon as I have news. Here is the link, you must friend the page to post:


I bow to all the noble warriors of The Land, salute the GMs, MODs and VGMs who have given their best for five wonderful years, and offer the Tibetan Death Prayer for all those characters about to die; including The Hermit. “Ga-te Ga-te, Para-Ga-te, Para Sum Ga-te, Bodhi Sva-ha!” Which translated reads roughly, “Gone, gone, Gone beyond, Fully beyond… Awake, rejoice!” In the meantime, I will do what I can to attempt a mass resurrection.

The Hermit is dead. Dark Hermit rises. I cannot think of anything I have enjoyed more in my life than playing alongside all of you in 9Dragons. I sincerely hope a miracle occurs and it may continue. I will be in-game on Nirvana as the servers close. I was the first to step into The Land in our version and I will be there to pay my respects as it powers down. We’ve all learned many positive lessons playing 9D, and I hope some small portion of this carries with each of you unto your real world lives. It certainly has for mine.





28 responses to “Till September 1st…

  1. “Stop defaming Acclaim, they handled the game well.”
    That is why Acclaim is not in charge of 9D anymore.
    I hope they will give players database to G1.

  2. Cool, now if they will not give or sell the database to G1 we will have to grind again. I don’t think I can do that anymore.

  3. Loz, TheHermit made publicity to his new MMO. Wasn’t that against the rules ? For all ex mods & VGMs… I think now you found a new place.

  4. I didn’t had to chance to see their good-byes but i bet there were a lot of flames. I am glad is over and I am hoping that Acclaim will not be so greed and asks oooooo$$$$$ for the database. Hope dies the last.

  5. It took a lot of posts, happy and sad times, laugh and tears to get to where we are today, but we have just begun. G1 should start the work of making sure that this game will be just a little bit better than the one Acclaim had.

  6. The only GM for whom I feel sorry that don’t join us on G1 is Kane. I can’t wait to see what will happen to our characters database.

    • can you imagine starting from 0 again? xD we would all be fighting for low lvl mobs like “heey don’t touch my zombie!!!” or whatever xD

  7. I am glad 9dragons under Acclaim reign is over. I see the new publishers on forum and seems they doring ok till now.

  8. For my taste,too much incompetence and abuses from Acclame.
    The mods & VGMs who they thank should have been hospitalized.

  9. It takes a great deal of character strength to apologize quickly out of one’s heart but they never did it, not even at the end. They knew it all alone and lie to us, than ban you guys for not telling. Fugen is a bad person and a bad manager. Screw him.

  10. We made a significant investment in our accounts. What happens if Acclaim don’t give us back. Fugen walk out like a coward.

  11. tell me if im wrong : if g1 can’t have the players database from acclaim for any reason both are partners in crime ?

    • No. Since GamersFirst announced right after the signing of the contract between Acclaim and them, that they will transfer the player database, I guess that this was part of the contract. And if the transfer of the players database was indeed a part of the contract, GamersFirst could theoretically sue Acclaim and win. But with such a giant like Disney, I doubt that they even mind such a little lawsuit.

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