Ravenclaw vs Drakenfyre

Today, we’ll show you a battle from yesterday, between Acclaim’s 9D GM Ravenclaw and Acclaim’s forum’s Moderator Drakenfyre.

Yesterday, a person opened a topic in the meanwhile closed forum and wanted [GM]Ravenclaw to stay. No wonder, he was the best GM Acclaim had, because he cared about the players. Many other people posted there, said that he shall stay. But Drakenfyre appeared and told the players indirectly to “shut up”. Also, many Mods wanted to lock the topic, but Ravenclaw himself appeared and posted the following:

The most interesting part is this:

Drakenfyre. As a friend I am telling the following things to you. I hope you learn something from it and put to use in future and be happy in whatever you do. “JUST STAY AWAY FROM THE INTERNET”, it will do good to you as well the people. You do not not have it in you as a moderator.

Don’t take it hard on you. But it is RAW truth. You remember one year back you wanted to leave and I told you not to and think again, I take that back. You are not QUALIFIED. You lack the patience, dignity, perception that is required by a MOD. MOD understands the community and spreads awarenedd among player, but you are an extreme “BULLY”. I like CSI Games and TV Shows and I can evaluate the scene and a person to pinpoint accuracy. I did not say anything before so that you might get hurt, I saw this now that because as a friend I should show who you are. I think something went wrong with your past, leave it behind and live afresh. You can do it.

Warda left to ‘Spellborn’ because of your bulliness and she says she will never come back to 9Dragons because of you and your power trip. Warda did a lot to the community as a MOD, as a Guide Specialist and making great events like collection quests. You envied her and she calmly left as she did not want to make a scene and so did “Mystwyze”. Even if it takes 100 Light years you cannot be her and please stop bossing around. Yuo made 12,000 Posts in forum all were spam. Warda made 9000 Posts and every post was unique and helped many players.

I know you are a MOD so that you can sit at the tea party every evening with handful of friends and boast yourself of a Gamer and MOD to Best MMORPG Game called 9Dragons. You are not. Sometimes you helped remove some posts and acted fast.

Please stay away from the internet. And never let your children know you were ‘Drakenfyre”, they will hate you to the core.

I apologize if I hurt you, but it is the truth. You are still my friend. I never hurt anyone. But give it a thought.

Your contribution to the community should speak for itself but not from your mouth but from the mouth of the community.

After reading that, I even wrote to Sedbona “Even if I don’t like him…” (does not mean that I dislike him) “I am proud of him. Finally he stood up against them, no caring about Fugen and Hermit.

Anyway, even a GM said at the end, that she is not a good Mod at all. With hard words, indeed, but all were true. But we all know, Drakenfyre could have been controled if Acclaim’s 9D leaders would have care.

Later, Drakenfyre wrote an answer:


Firstly I appreciate “Ravenclaw” for the advice. Thank You Kane. You are always a good person. I just want the players to know that if I was hard on you, it was just to enforce rules. I apologize for my mistakes. I love the community and the game and did not leave you guys even if you wanted me to leave, because I love you guys. Sorry for the hardships and some unrealized mistakes from my end which would have hurt you and it may have seemed as dictatorship but in my mind I always regretted that. Peace. I tried my best. Rest is left to you players. Thank You for everything.

That is a big, fat lie. Want to know why I say that? Well… When Acclaim created that big “Vagabond Event”, when Hermit and Fugen declined my registration, and only mine, because they didn’t like me at all, a friend of mine (another vagabond) who was also a friend of drakenfyre, posted on the forum that this is not fair, and to let me participate. This vagabond doesn’t like the Project AI Blog at all, but he was and still is my friend. But Drakenfyre didn’t get the point at all, assumed that he was now on “the blog’s side” and didn’t talk anymore with him. Since then, they are no more friends.

So… “Love the community”? This post was written in an emotional moment, but fact is, she never loved the community. How Ravenclaw wrote, she loved to have “tea parties” with her “friends” and to boost herself as Gamer and Mod. Also she liked to be the boss. Warda and Mystwyze were just 2 examples, but more people left the Acclaim Staff because of her. And yes, it’s also true that she had all VGMs blocked. Those who were a bit closer on the staffs, knew, that the Mods and VGMs often had battles, some called it even a war. She even let a friend post a blog article at his own blog about us, the Project AI Blog, in which he used many many bad bad words. We actually wanted to write about it, but then we had more important things to write about.

Let’s not forget the signature drama. She always loved to show the people “I can do that, you can’t”. The newest example was this player:


He got banned because of his signature (this one – an anime girl licking an eggplant), because it “is implying something which can be taken the wrong way“.

Drakenfyre’s answer:


You don’t like the fact that I had you banned for your sig, go take it up with Fugen since he was the one tht gave the final ok to have you banned for 30 days isnce you refuesd to changge it after the warning.

But, take a look at her signature. That is of course much better.

In case you forgot it… This is still a 13+ game. In my opinion, both signatures should have been removed. If it would be a 16+ game, I would say it’s okay. But absolutely not on a 13+ game. Even if some people like 9D Emerald tried to bring excuses for Drakenfyre’s signature, as would it be totally alright, with words like:

Bleez’s sig doesn’t show anything more than anyone who works with a flirtatious co worker would show by having an unbuttoned blouse.

That could be a reason… Yeah… But the same kind of reason could be used for the players signature… “The Players sig doesn’t show anything more than anyone licking a vegetable which had probably some sour cream on it.” But Drakenfyre’s signature can also be seen on this way: “It is implying something which can be taken the wrong way, like an invitation for doing something.” No co worker would have her breasts out that much, except it is some erotic job. If a person would have an “unbuttoned blouse”, then one could see the top of the breasts, and not two melons almost jumping out of the blouse.

How I said, this is still a 13+ game. Don’t forget that, and stop using such pictures. If you want to use anime/manga pictures, well, go ahead. Some may like it, some don’t. But don’t provoke such a conflict, especially not on a forum for a 13+ game.

Personally, I can’t wait to see if Drakenfyre will try the Mod job at GamersFirst. But if she does, it will stay interesting.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


59 responses to “Ravenclaw vs Drakenfyre

  1. If thats the case, I think Mr srinivas aka kane is retarded. I see he is still sorta sulking over this virtual gf warda. To my knowledge warda was corrupt (did favours) and so is kane. i for one, am very glad he didnt move over to G1. maybe in the future, i will reveal his ‘secrets’ and corruption.

    Anyway, great developments. This blog is a great source of news.

      • @Old Dragon
        I doubt they are married and I doubt you know the GMs of 9D like I do. This might be a ‘last moment gather crowd in your favour’ publicity stunt move by Raven. Bleez might be on a power trip and b1tchy, but she did not do people favours (except pro-Acclaim favours). The GMs of 9D used to get involved in with “girls” and do special favours.

        Ppl on forums are crying that bring Raven back. I hope they never ever bring the VGMs and GMs back. God dam corrupt pieces of sh.t

  2. We all know Bleez or whatever called was a real mistake in 9D community.

    His power trip was abviously supported by acclaim since they kept him.

    Beside all, WoW, he told the player to complain about the sig to Fugen. Isn t he part of Acclaim staff ? and he dont accept the in-rules ? what a coward, he should be ashamed and take his responsabilities.

    What a chicken

      • She? How sure are you that is female? I’m not even sure if it’s human…or a pumpkin…

      • I said “she” because she always said “i’m not a guy”.

        Even if I can understand you, please avoid posting links of her pictures, except if they are on another website like forums, where she posted it by herself, and where everyone can see it. No direct-links please.

        Otherwise the blog might get closed again (you never know), even if it’s not our fault. Thanks 🙂

  3. Dammmmm!!!

    I really could not stand Bleez. She was a bully and was in fact on a power trip.

    But after Raven’s post, I almost want to give her a Kleenex. Dammmm.!!!!

    But then….Nahhh. She made her bed, let her lie in it.

  4. I think that fat boy from that blog is drakenfyre, my guess.She is not made to be a moderator so I am hoping on the new boards to don’t be one. Let her go to her anime sites and stay there.

  5. G1 should read this… It is a good eg why old mods should not be allow on the new forum, also the old VGM team. Anyway I am sure they will want to take some revenge on people. I bet drakenfyre copy all IPs from players on the old forum, to see who is who and dang.. BAN again.

  6. She got owned big time. I see on new forum ex mods &VGM preach the ‘ reconciliation’. After sedbona epic SS post, they tried to begg to G1. Was so funny that I can’t stop from laughing. They lied us on ex Acclaim forum and now from my part… go buzz off.

  7. All mods & VGMs got owned really hard by Acclaim closing of the game. They were all over the server to close players topic when they will answer what is going on with the contract. I hope those idiots will not be taken in by G1. And draken should go on with Kane advice and leave the net alone.

    • The mob were all over the site locking post as they came. It looked like they were trying for a record.
      They were locking post so fast that your post would be lock as you posted it and before it had time to refresh on your screen. lol
      It would have been funny if it wasn’t a sad day for 9D.

  8. In the end what draken did for the community? What any of the mods or VGMs did for us ? Authors of this blog did 10X time more than thos anime vampire freaks.

    What you guys did for us ? draken is a big flow to this community, she should move on and moderate anime boards.

  9. First, I wrote this post, than the rest, is funny like hell.Acclaim knew how draken is and still keep her. All mods and VGMs were a mistake. G1 should not do the same mistake as Acclaim and choose kids as official team. Will end like Acclaim did.

  10. If they knew she is not in her right mind why they let her to be the 9D head of moderators ? Anyway I think she should get a real life and let us alone.

  11. Some kids never change. I believe for the new forum, we need new mods and teh end og VGM. Community had enough ofg them already. See even a GM say that they were a msitake.

  12. Actually Acclaim wanted to start world warr 3 as you all know but they didn’t had the necesarry resources so now G1 is in charge of this .

    You all can keep on trolling because you might end up stopping WW3 … gl with that.

  13. Po1son go troll NoMercy and Destiny forum, that is the only place where PG-13 can fit in. You have to thank Acclaim for pushing in front kids like you who only can roar ‘ I AM A NUKER SO I WILL KILL MYSELF IF WE WILL HAVE BALLANCE” or ” WE NM KIDS RULE” the white side in GANG. You all should be ashame. You don’t know how to play a game, only know how to destroy it for others. Wait the new balance of roles and we will see how all NM nukers will cry ! Or maybe we will start again from LS. You all should start hide because in Bardo NM was the sewer of whites, traitors that sell themselves for gold to black clan.

    Still NP rules NM.

  14. Po1son is draken virtual BF, they are both the same… same actions and no honor.
    “As a friend I am telling the following things to you. I hope you learn something from it and put to use in future and be happy in whatever you do. “JUST STAY AWAY FROM 9DRAGONS”, it will do good to you as well the people. You do not not have it in as a pvp-er.’ Same goes to Kalzion.
    When G1 will bring Indy21 version, NM will cry it and will hide in black camp fromm white wrath. You all know to gang not to pvp. Amen to NM kids when G1 will launch the game.

  15. Po1son did you heard about the expression ‘Talk to the hand’ ?
    NM members loves Acclaim because they let them hack…some of their friends from official noob team of VGMs cry to GMs to unban some of their accounts and to don’t bann them.

  16. Actually i play a warrior now . But i guess you ladies are too busy with your pve maps to notice that .

    I haven’t played my nuker for more then 8 months now .

    FYI i think i am older then 70% of the addepts of this blog .

    This was my last post here , i only posted because someone gave me this link on msn .

    I can’t wait too see Legend and Bones trolling about G1 here soon … the countdown has started .

    Laterz homies .

  17. ‘Actually i play a warrior now . But i guess you ladies are too busy with your pve maps to notice that .’

    Actually Bardo is a pve server. You want to show how good is NM at pvp? Go to Asura and try it. I bet the viets and koreans will show you what a joke all NM is when comes to pvp.

    ‘FYI i think i am older then 70% of the addepts of this blog .’

    Than start behaving like that.

    ‘I can’t wait too see Legend and Bones trolling about G1 here soon … the countdown has started .’
    As I heard Legend will play on german version. Is better show what you think than kiss Acclame aA… than leave and do the same with the other publisher.

    • I didn’t expect Po1son to troll here. I still remember grinding with him.

      Sad, how people can change, if their “biggest love” is in danger.

      • For sure we grinded together . I even admired you for your lil’ self-made events that you made in 9dragons .

        I haven’t changed a bit. My oppinion regarding Acclaim aka Playdom and now Dizney remains the same. Greedy bastards that offer a good game only to the high spenders . I also “am a great fan” of our former and future MOD team , who from my point of view they we’re the dorks in highschool who got their asses kicked by everybody … but you don’t see me harrasing them like you guys do it here . evealing personal information about them and how they are in eral life and i don’t know what other conspiracies … that’s just a waste of time for and i semi-quote :”i game from which i am retired” … Why do you 3 guys/girls w/e waste so much time for a game you don’t like . Like our forum troll Sedbona said : it’s only a game . You ( Sedbona ) accused me for being a no lifer and living in a virtual world for PK-ing people ?(when that’s the purpose of the game ) or in fact you are the no-lifer that actually lives for 9d ? 😉 Give it a though.

      • What we do is not harassing, Po1son. Don’t give us the credits for things other do. Ravenclaw told draken what he thinks, and we posted and quoted it here.

        You dislike the acclaim staff anyway… so… you are just a random troll who trolls wherever he is needed, or why do you dislike me, sedbona, acclaim, mods, vgms, etc..?

        Oh well… However… I never said “I don’t like 9Dragons”. In fact, I like it very much. I just quitted because even if I like this game very much, I didn’t want to be a slave of Acclaim anymore. To see the difference is not so easy, I know.

  18. Well, considering that their usual virtual environment where they insulted/harassed/griefed others is gone, the “cool kids gang” decided to spam for attention anywhere they could. They made countless posts with “RO” insinuations and defaming only to get some attention. Must be hard i think not to have official support now eh? Anyway hope G1 will put an end to their activities soon…

    • I dont know who is the attention seeker … we who talk about a game on the game’s forum ? Or the people that investigate for hours or waste time in making videos where they killed a ls0 and they rule ?

      We stay on forum now since 9d is down , in rest you can find us in BP harassing people like you , people who think great about themselfs 😉

      Laterz Gene , there is no point of talking to you about the game mechanics since you we’re pvp-ing with BBoE . When you learn how to PvP maybe we will show you your desired attention , untill then we are affraid you might commit suicide .

  19. They can only succeed to make a full of themselves and show their level of education. Some people will ignore them, some will laugh on them and some will go alone with them. Depends on the person. When you look back and see that a person like drakenfyre and others took them under a ‘warm’ wing and let them do what they want, including insulting others on forum, you wish to never start play this game.

    • You have 0 clue about my lvl of education . Better look down at your adepts , most of them haven even graduated high-school yet 😉

      • Double post sorry … i cannot make a FULL of myself … but you certainly you managed to make a FOOL of yourself mr smart a..

  20. God damn it make a damn edit button here , triple post ftw .

    FYI mr/ms Fiction Story Teller … I got banned by Draken 5 times on old forum … 3 times perm banned on the new one and 1 month IP ban ( including the whole class of IP’s from my work place ) so i don’t think that abused person ( in childhood ) could be warm to me .

    • I remain true to my original statement, that you desperately seek attention. If you were just talking about the game as you say you wouldn’t be going around through various posts and spam your nonsence and flames there, like you did in this blog, totally offtopic like usual. Also making multiple accounts and posting on the G1 forum all kinds of “RO” dafaming stuff is really lame. But then again, you would be the kind of person that emigrates, settles in a new country and there he suddently forgets from where he came and even despises his nation. You do this for a simple game, and most likely a dead one, so that lowers you to the bottom of the pit in my book…

      Strangely how you everytime resort to the pvp with bbo 🙂 As i said, i was experimenting back then as on gk your choice of relics are limited (also there weren’t any flags then) and furthermore, in a pvp arena where most of you “elite pve server pvp-ers” just run from one sz to another (you only fight after svs disband i am right?), beads are indeed the best pvp relic.

      About me suiciding, as you keep saying on all boards, please don’t worry. Is not me spreading my Po1son everywhere like you try to do now, for the sake of a meager reply and the acknowledgement of others you exist. Repeating the same defaming statements over and over again represent a failure of both your imagination and arguments.

      • Think again smartass … the RO acc isn’t mine. Check the times of the posts .

  21. Take a look in here :

    Is really Sedbona who give a bad name to us romanians or your team Po1son? Is she who really trolls or your NMTroopers like you call it ? In fact she wrote a post about SR league and you guys jump in to provoke a dispute. You can cleary see who didn’t graduated high-school because your troopers are not able to write a full sentence as an answer without making a fool of themselves.

    • Another smartass . Did you see me posting on NMT thread ? Did you ever saw a roar or announcement from me that we recruit ? NO … and i’ll tell you why … because when i came back in game after 5 months or break ( or so ) i found a lot of rotards in NM and scammers like Manifi/Gerrard8 etc etc which we all kicked because these 2 we’re the perfect example of a ROtard and i don’t want my name in game ( or my avatar as Sedbona likes to call it ) to be associated with persons like that . On the other hand the brave , allmighty and seeker of the light aka Generalul and CO have a 0 tollerance to ROtardism . Why you ask ? I could easily take out my SS collection of their HIGH IQ on map chat or on roars . Gene swears sometimes but he’s ok … my flames of ROtardism aren’t dirrected to him , but to his league mates ( and automaticly his name gets associated with them , if him and the other people in EW who have a brain tollerate their actions ) and they are the ones and only : pifanu , wuilli_ro , intimate and [ro]ady13 ( guess that’s their age or their IQ ) . IF you ( as in the persons who post here ) we’re active in BP or in Tibet or had roars on you would know what i am talking about .
      Persons like them are a shame to our romanian community and for that i am not feeling hurt by the word ROtard , because the players who use it … do it because of the actions of the ones i mentioned above ( including gerrard the legendary stupid kid/scammer ) .Further more , i support them when they are calling those “persons” rotards , because to be frank … they are .

      If you don’t know what i am talking about please refrain yourselfs of replying to my message because you will just be spamming . Gene knows pretty well what kind of farm animals he has arround him but my guess is that he is either too proud to recognise the fact that i am right or his “superior IQ” has blocked his well judgement .

      And for that guy/girl/it that posted something about me trolling this blog . Please enlighteen me where i trolled . From my point of view my posts we’re 1st critisim towards the authors of this blog followed by my explinations of why i consider them trolls …. followed again by proof that i am not the “mod lover” as you said i am .( you could have check 9d on the last day when i got 3 warnings for fu..ing Draken up )

  22. I am not from Romania and on Asura the romanian community is a small one, but from what I see this far, you guys give yourself willingly a bad name. I never sow players from another nation that hates each other as romanians do. You call each other rotards in game and use insults in game and forum and spend a lot of time to create alts to make fun of yours bros, in stead of backing up or help the players from ro community. I can’t understand this mentality.

  23. Firstly I appreciate “Ravenclaw” for the advice. Thank You Kane. You are always a good person. I just want the players to know that if I was hard on you, it was just to enforce rules. I apologize for my mistakes. I love the community and the game and did not leave you guys even if you wanted me to leave, because I love you guys. Sorry for the hardships and some unrealized mistakes from my end which would have hurt you and it may have seemed as dictatorship but in my mind I always regretted that. Peace. I tried my best. Rest is left to you players. Thank You for everything.

    In the last few hours of acclaim running 9D GM Fugen decided to delevel me 3 lvls, for shouting abuse of 2 players with every buff possible killing DB players with 1 smash i wonder who buffed them (Fugen) i have never known anyone to be deleveled in 3 years of that game unless maybe for hackin, i hope you never have anything to do with that game again its GM’s like who that made the game come to an end the way it did and good on you Kane hope to see you in the new land!!!

  24. I need help to got back my char from hacker
    info about my char
    ID : omnislash007
    email : erry_omnislashxxx7@yahoo.co.id
    Character :
    1. JacKSpaRrOw = Nuker Beggar (old name Dewa_Judi )
    2. D4rK_T3rr0r = Brotherhood of Thief hybrid (Same Name with my Beggar Healer in ID : keparat)
    3. Erry[SGU] = Demon Nuker (Same Name with my Warrior wutang in ID : keparat)

    sorry this’s not easy, because I got hack
    The Hacker change my Email and Pazz, and I can’t do anything
    I’m real ppl have this account
    1 agains, if u not believe me, You can tell acclaim to CHECK IP ( check ip will make us know ,who the charowner )
    I’m Serious got HACK
    please help me….
    Please take back for me, my Account…
    Please help this my Big problem…
    and Please Answer me…

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