9Dragons Alert! Players Beware Of Potential Abandonment by Acclaim

GamersFirst Supports 9Dragons Community With Critical Gamer Alert

Irvine, Calif.– August 26, 2010 – GamersFirst, today’s most popular Free2Play online game destination, is announcing an alert to the current 9Dragons’ player community. Earlier today, GamersFirst was notified that the current 9Dragons service will come to a halt this evening. With the halt, player accounts may be erased, until GamersFirst takes over 9Dragons in September.

Initially, the transition between Acclaim and GamersFirst was meant to be seamless, until GamersFirst received word this afternoon (also posted on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum) that the service will be shut off today for current players. As recently announced, Acclaim was acquired by Playdom which is to be acquired by Disney. While GamersFirst cannot comment on Acclaim’s internal strategy for abandoning 9Dragons players; GamersFirst intends to fulfill its promise to the 9Dragons community by transitioning all existing game accounts over to the new service, as it becomes available. With this news, however, the possibility of lost or compromised player accounts is likely.

GamersFirst urges all 9Dragons players to immediately:
– Take digital inventory of items and characters
– Create screenshots of all personal in-game inventory and characters
– Save and document in-game status

“We regret to have to post such unfortunate and urgent news to our new 9Dragons player community,” says Joseph Rush, Director of Operations for GamersFirst. “Regrettably, we cannot control what the current publishers do, but can help the 9Dragons community make the transition and keep as much as their account information as possible. Our teams are working fanatically to make sure that current players are aware of the potential situation and can hopefully reclaim their characters, status and in-game items when GamersFirst is able to publish 9Dragons in September.”

GamersFirst is offering a promotion for the 9Dragon players abandoned by Playdom in the case that services are shut off. 9Dragons registrants for GamersFirst accounts, who enter the code 9Dragons, will receive special items in Sword 2, GamersFirst’s RPG/RTS hybrid MMO and War Rock: Clan Warfare, the hit FPS MMO; until they can resume playing 9Dragons in September. The promotion will be in effect as of August 27th, 2010.

9Dragons Players can go to the GamersFirst website www.gamersfirst.com/9Dragons, to find out more information on the forums. Players can also sign up on our Facebook fan site at www.facebook.com/gamersfirst to discuss what’s happening and connect with other 9Dragons players.


Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


40 responses to “9Dragons Alert! Players Beware Of Potential Abandonment by Acclaim

  1. Sorry I have to say that if Acclaim can’t hang over the database, 9D will have to start from fresh. Do you actually think they can manually create all accounts (we are talking about thousands) from just digital copies? That will take a lot of resources to do that. Also, how they can verify that you are the owner of those accounts.

    Anyway, sorry for those who are still playing, but Acclaim screws u up the last time.

  2. Hmm still this sounds fishy to me really fishy, wll when the information is not complete, and no explications are added to the context then a person mind will go:

    They cover up for something…

    I try to stay as positive as possible, but consider this:

    – Our game is based on all the old stuff ( version, stats, skills, etc)
    – Our game was easily hackable, meaning gold sellers
    – Our version had insane amounts of gold, and nothing can cure that, not even gold sinks
    – Our version had like a gigantic amount of bugs

    – Well in simple words the game is so broken that is almost impossible to fix….

    So considering this… how do you think is the easiest way out in fixing this, well shut down this version and open a new one … but what about the accounts? …

    Well I think that they will recover the accounts but most probably “the gold” and many other things will be lost in translation and after some time it will be forgotten.

    Well most of the guys who used their heads knew how this company works so it’s not a big surprise that this happened, I actually slept better last night because you can’t miss something you didn’t like anymore.

  3. I think the blog should live on. If only to taunt the mods and vgms of 9D that are moving to G1. I wonder if Bleez is moving to G1 or not…. probably not hm?

  4. Where are the @ss kissers of Acclaim now ?They like how it ended up ? We speak about theirs accounts too. Where are Acclaim praisers now ? Fugen ones ? Hermit ones? All dead ?

  5. I like to thank Acclame for the 4 yrs that i’ve played 9dragons and the waste of the… You are so cool, who teach how to publish a game?

  6. Good to know Legend 🙂
    Actually it isnt Acclaims decide to give our accounts to G1 or not it’s Playdom decision. So basicly if Playdom doesnt transfer our accounts to G1 side then they expect HUGE lawsuit…

  7. This is a F… good news for me. Finally someone out there heard the screams of the community and took care of Acclame and I am hope of mods & VGM noob team.

  8. Bye, bye, bye to all dead and burry 9D Acclame team, a news start waits us and I hope big hopes for this game now. I also hope my account is safe.

  9. Its a complicated matter, moving personal data of millions of players to someone else without their explicit, individual consent might easily bring you in boiling water…. (even if in this case it was all in the players interest).

    Guess some Playdom/Disney lawyer hit the break when they thought about the possible (worst case) implications this might have had for the mother company.

    Yeah, I´d really like to hear from the ppl who always praised and protected Acclaim what they think of this kind of termination lol

    • In fact what Raven said here is totaly right. I had 3 GM in this game who ever helped me out and other players. ENIGMA helped me, [GM]Shalaeza helped me with a hacked account, logged several hackers that shared my items, gave me all back and banned them within 24h after i sent my email.

      And yes Raven was alone doing:

      -the tickets job.
      -the pomotions deliveries.
      -coin issues.
      -buggs issues.

      if there are pple who where VGM. Tell me, how many times u got a replay from Russel and Thomas. 1 or 2 times ? How cheap did where u feeling with a whatever GM online never answering u ?

      And about that Drakenfyre…we all know she was blocking all VGMs on msn. It was a peace of joke….Anyways, we dont want them there. We want new blood

  10. I personaly think that if Acclaim is not givin our datas informations is because of these reasons:

    -They know they own pple money and dont want to give them back.
    -They dont want G1 to find out frodulate account and transaction within the accounts.
    -They just want to be as usual, liers and the original thieves.

    Playdom is Acclaim owner, still our personaly registration and assignement id with Acclaim. They have a part of the responsability witch they can and have to take. And that i doubt about it.

  11. I aggree with Old Dragon,, Its definetly possible they do not want to hand over information/datbase or whatever so they do not need to repay the thousandsss of dollars people have spent and now will get nothing for it. still praying we get accounts back, and my god G1 does some drastically good stuff to this dieing game. 9D <3, acclaim/playdom go F*** urself

  12. I just need to confirm some things here and there.

    -Isn t me or by the law, every customer has the right to claim a copy of his file/data within 3-5 years from a compagny regarding his activities with “that compagny”.

    Right or wrong ?

    -We had message from “Acclaim” and even posted on the forum that they wont close and that was not the truth, isn t it wrong and false information that a compagny should not give wrong infosto their customers ?

    Right or wrong ?

    *I see only 2 reasons why Acclaim dont want to give up our datas.
    They want to sell our data to G1, the problem is. Who made thi mess ? =Acclaim
    They dont want to give our datas because there might be some things they made agaisnt the law and hidding it.

    Since i know u guys are verry close and right with those infos. Can someone help us with these questions ?

    Thx all and have a good day

  13. Abandonment?
    Didn’t I heard on ex forum from mods and VGMs that all is fine. Fugen posted the state of contract even he knew all will be over. And those idiots of official staff wants to be again with G1 ? No, they lied so screw them.

  14. Let’s see those 24&24 Acclaim kissers what will do if their ‘lovely’ Acclame will not give players database.

  15. I want some explanations from VGM and moderators team about this. I will say it again who now has the credibility ? Project AI and us or they ?

  16. sonyboy what credibility you speak off ? Do you think they know that word? I think no. They don’t even know how to type in english. If we will take it from zero, they are responsable as Acclaim is.

  17. G1 should offer a lot of money to get that database. Acclaim only wants money, nothing more. Now people should open the eyes and see how they were.

  18. Let’s see how Acclaim followers will cry bacuse of their accounts…. Wait and see how will end. bye to Acclame from my part.

  19. I want to see all mofos official team how will crall to the veterans feets on the new forum… If I see their avatars again there I will start an epic official team self ownage post.

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