9D CLOSURE – This evening 11:59pm PST

First of all… I TOLD YOU SO!

Second… Our dear Game Manager [GM]Fugen just published some minutes ago the following lines:

With great sadness, I have to announce the near-immediate closure of 9Dragons. We will be taking the game and forums down as of 11:59pm PST today.

You may receive a refund on all unused Acclaim Coins in your account. You may also request a refund on any cash items purchased in the last thirty (30) days. Please send any refund requests to transition@acclaim.com. For item refunds, please send screenshots of your character and gear.

We thank you for playing 9Dragons and for your business.

On a personal note, I will miss the community and the game. May the seeds of the dragon within you thrive.

Weird… It was just published yesterday, that [GM]Ravenclaw, the most loved Game Master of Acclaim’s 9Dragons, will hold a 10x event on Friday 27th. We quote him:

Hey Folks,

On Friday 27th [ Not the 13th :) That is not a good Omen ] during the normal exp times, forget the 2X Experience and buckle up for never before “Super 10x “Ravenclaw” Special Experience Event for 2 hours. :D . “Pawn” the mobbies and “Puff” your characters.

Have a nice time and low levels stay away from the visit to Tibet or LD Map, it is rated “T” for “Terminal”.

Okay my Binary Bandits, meet you on “Friday”……

Mada Mada Dane. :P

Also [GM]Fugen posted there, with the following words:

There won’t be a sale this weekend.

But, there will be some special craziness as well on Friday during the event. So look for it.

So, what exactly is this? A last kick in the butts of the players? A last breaking of their words, to remember how Acclaim really was? I don’t know, maybe somebody can answer me…

However… WE WERE RIGHT! đŸ˜†

No seriously… 9Dragons is out of Acclaim’s hands, and it looks like this game will have again some good times coming… That’s all we, the authors of the Project AI Blog, wanted. In fact, Fugen took it very personal, so we will answer with a Class Action Lawsuit, but that’s another story…

The war is over. And yes, even if there were some big battles, let’s forget them. After all it was nothing personal. After all, it was everything just virtual. Let’s not fight anymore. Let’s give the Mods and VGMs a chance. If they don’t change, they will be kicked out from GamersFirst, so, good times are coming for 9Dragons. Also lower Item Mall prices. More content. More often updates. Now, we got a publisher who cares about us and the game.

Don’t worry, dear people… All your characters and your items will be transfered to GamersFirst. And maybe, if GamersFirst is nice, they even give all banned people a new chance. After all, there aren’t just a few unfair banned people…

Enjoy the moment! Enjoy the situation! Your lovely game is about to raise again!

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


P.S: Fugen made this decision probably because of the battle between GM Ravenclaw and Mod Drakenfyre aka Bleez (and some other Mods). We will write about it tomorrow.


32 responses to “9D CLOSURE – This evening 11:59pm PST

  1. Band masters or leaders from hero leagues should e-mail the members, post on hero leagues forums the announce and the link to the new pubsliher. Many people are still in holiday and Acclaim game & forum will be down soon. Try announce all people you know that plays 9D about this.

  2. Legend? You said:”so we will answer with a Class Action Lawsuit………After all it was nothing personal” and you keep bitching about fugen.

  3. Well yeah they lied to us even to the last minute and as you can see TheHermits post
    Even in his “goodbye” he was making publicity for his failed games,how lame can you be
    Even to the very last minute it is shown right there , and as for Fugen he is a big lier.
    “We will inform you about the state of contract and you can be sure 9D wont close”
    Yeah we have the resaults right here right now , nice one fugen…home run…
    Acclaim was and always be a big fail company , even to the last minute.
    I’m glad they are gone ,very glad as for the data , i hope we wont have to begin from the
    Start , because i personally wont and i doubt others will .
    Good job guys , you finally won ! Congratz

  4. Id almost be willing to bet that Acclaim didn’t TELL Fugen a damn thing about this in the first place. As a mod on another of their abandoned games, Acclaim NEVER let mods reveal just how LITTLE the community teams were told, or privleges would be revoked. Many of the game communities have been operating with zero communication from ANY Acclaim staff for well over six months. So this doesn’t come as a surprise, more like a final death knell in a badly managed exit strategy.

    It’s sad really, they COULD have gone out with some class, but instead chose to hide behind silence and miscommunication, right up to the end.

  5. WOHOOOOOO! Finally !
    H@H@H@! ha… hahah!
    Well I will be NOT missing this version of 9D but I sure will miss my character PhoenixDemon if he won’t be copied.
    Anyway good job project AI and hopefully there won’t be necessary to take down the upcoming 9Dragons from different publishers as well.

  6. Actually this was a long time coming. I’m pretty sure Fugen didn’t think it would be so *sudden* though. Naturally I can’t prove it (what can be proven in this world anyway?), but I personally think that Disney ordered that crap. I didn’t take screenshots because of an incapable system, but I don’t mind.

  7. We regret to inform you that all Acclaim games will no longer be in service effective August 26, 2010
    Any unused Acclaim Coins can be reimbursed by emailing transition@acclaim.com (please include your Acclaim username).
    Must be from the email address used to register your account so we can verify your identity.
    *9Dragons players only: We will refund any purchases made within the last 30 days.

    Check out other Playdom games at http://www.facebook.com/Playdom
    Or sign up to test our new game Kogamu at http://apps.facebook.com/kogamugame
    Please contact customer support with any questions or concerns at: contact@acclaim.com
    Thank you for your support!

    Is down for good now…

  8. Acclaim lost the game because of their money hunger and slap face intro community eyes, lies and low characters.

  9. I am kinda lost, I don’t know what is going on. After few hours the page is down . How come ? With no 48h notice ? What is this all about ?

  10. HTTP Status 404 – /store/store.jsp

    type Status report

    message /store/store.jsp

    description The requested resource (/store/store.jsp) is not available.

    Apache Tomcat/5.5.15

    Is down already. too.

    Well, I haven’t really been playing for a while, don’t really care I guess, was fun while it lasted.
    If Shanny sees this or anyone that knows him, could I get his email?

  12. Where is 48 h notice to players ? Acclaim till the very end show us how incompetence they were. They cared for money only.

  13. Old habits never die.Wasn’t Acclaim in a state of negociations with Indy21 and they told us will get 9d while authors of Ai told us they will not. Who lied ? Who now has the credibility ?

  14. Oh, wasn’t Fugen baning the authors of this blog because they said 9D will close ? What a bunch of people with no honor and shame.

  15. Acclaim did a lot of mistakes and one was to let people with no preparation to make public relation with the community. Always ends like this.

  16. Wow… what did Acclaim followers said about this ? That the game will stay at Acclaim. Can’t believe it. How is closing now ?

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