The future of Acclaim’s 9D moderators & VGMs

How we wrote already, GamersFirst, the publisher which will take over 9Dragons from september on, will also keep the currently 9D mods and VGMs.

How we also already wrote, a lot of people warn the GamersFirst admins about the Moderators and VGMs. Here are some examples:

syrusstk wrote:

Please don’t import all their Mod’s and VGM’s why? because many of them don’t do their “jobs” and play the favoritism cards…, some VGM’s [not all of them] are known for doing favoritism to their friends… don’t be fooled they are corrupted, many veterans left the game because of this, you will do great damage to the game if you use all the current staff at least the head VGM and HEAD mod should definitely not be from the old staff.

dj64 wrote:

“Yes we will keep the VGM’s and Mod’s from the current community. We don’t want to change things that work, the VGM’s and Mod’s from the current community are fantastic and our main objective is to make everyone as happy as possible”

You are joking, or you haven’t been watching the Acclaim forums at all. The current crop of Acclaim forum mods are the most hated people in the community. Most of the in-game VGM’s aren’t bad, but “most” doesn’t include “all”.

Hessian wrote:

Please for all things holy do not bring the staff that Acclaim had. Mods/VGM anyone please do NOT have us go through their corrupt ways again.

Gibraltar wrote:

One of the biggest issues with the previous publisher and its staff as well as its volunteers is their lack of knowledge. There have been dozens of occasions where I have personally been asked by a Game Moderator questions that anyone who has actually played 9Dragons past the first twenty levels would know.

Corn wrote:

Honestly, I would rather not keeping the old mods apart from a select few
I mean,
It’s hard not to get angry when you get warned for the word “Hell” in something you quoted
and the person whom you quoted (Who is also in the post right above yours) does not get warned

Generalul wrote:

I have worked well and given suggestions to some of the ex official staff and volunteer one, but unfortunately many there didn’t do their job right. You can see there VGM’s going crazy and poisoning people, giving friends buffs/inside info about the game and events, (not to mention some lied in their VGM application and were 10/12 YO and had limited game knowledge and even more limited moral etics), MODS banning some people without a real reson while allowing some rule breakers to post unhindered, deleting valid topics and many more.

FlowertheP0wer wrote:

please interveiw the Mods VGM’s GM’s again if u going to bring them over see if u actually want those ppl cause i know a large portion of the 9 Dragons community dont

Mayen wrote:

a big no no for old VGMs and Mods from me

GReeZy wrote:

Hope u guys won’t take the old MODs in here!!

Charlly wrote:

The Mods on the other hand, gave bans and warnings left and right on the forum. Like sweet bread

Millsy wrote:

New Mods please…

Mosai wrote:

bringing the VGM team over also is the big mistake.

noxsword wrote:

if the old mod/VGM come and remains all we know what will happend.. but as they will have new boss.. new rules.. and maybe finally the dream come tru (the all players of 9D dream).. better game… good mod/VGM and usefulll team

Razvan1 wrote:

G1 don’t take the old vgm’s/mods trust us

Milic wrote:

U should change mods and cancel that stupid VGM “project”.

zapheus wrote:

Altough Acclaim version hasn’t been closed YET, i want to make a proposal that we choose new moderators for new forum.

IcyIsBack wrote:

get ride of the old MODS

Some even refuse to come back to 9Dragons, like Magimay, as long the Mods and VGMs stay the same:

Yes we will keep the VGM’s and Mod’s from the current community. We don’t want to change things that work, the VGM’s and Mod’s from the current community are fantastic and our main objective is to make everyone as happy as possible.

Well, that is all I needed to know. I won’t be rejoining 9Dragons as I don’t like being abused by moderators, who are having a bad day(yes, I was told that since they are volunteers, if you make them do their job, they can and will harass you untill you quit). It’s a shame you find that amazing job: deleting posts that point out their mistakes and pretending those bever existed, outing ex-VGMs, flaming, off-topic, harassment, not to mention some of them have poor knowledge of the English language…

However; There are some answers which give big hope. Here are some of them:

Hyperion, GamersFirst Administrator, wrote:

I will be the ultimate judge of the VGM’s and Mod’s.

GrnBeret2B, G1 Mod, wrote:

G1 is constantly evaluating moderator performance, and all complaints concerning moderators are taken in stride.

GrnBeret2B, G1 Mod, wrote again:

The GamersFirst forums are powered by InvisionBoard, so the warn system that we use is the warn system that Invision has. It is currently configured to allow 10 warnings before 100%.

nothos, Knight Online Mod, wrote:

for not bringing in the old mods /gms trust me that gamersfirst would not do it if it wasnt best for the game off course all people that get moderating status here will have to follow the g1 forum rules

Colorfulz, Member, wrote:

Trust me guys, just going to make a statement here: If the Mods or “VGMs” from the previous forums and publisher don’t do there jobs correctly, they will be taken out of their position. I’ve seen it happen with a WarRock forum mod since he didn’t do his job, and did reveal some brief information that was otherwise unknown.

0nion, Parabellum Mod, wrote:

I’d like to point out the fact that GamersFirst monitors us mods VERY closely. Anything and I mean ANYTHING that any mod or VGM does that does not follow GamersFirst direction will not go unseen nor unmentioned. I promise you if GamersFirst sees a problem with currect VGMs or mods they will take the appropriate action. It has been done before.

GrnBeret2B, G1 Mod, wrote again:

Should GamersFirst determine that the mods or VGMs are acting out of order, they will be terminated.

All those answers give indeed hope. I am sure, that those aren’t just empty words and promisses like we know them from Acclaim, but that there will be real actions from GamersFirst. In other words: If the 9D Mods and VGMs don’t change to how they should act, they will be kicked out. That sounds pretty good, at least I am happy with that. And if an old 9D Mod or VGM stays by proving to be able to act professional, then I also don’t have any problem with that.

Here’s also another interesting information about the GMs location:

Also, are the GMs for G1 all located in India as well like Acclaim’s GM team is? (With the exclusion of Fugen and The Hermit)

No. From what I understand the main offices are located in Irvine, California. There are also offices throughout Europe, in Korea. and in India.

If we take a look at the GamersFirst-Locations website, then we can indeed see that there are offices located in India, too. And personally, I hope they will take none of Acclaim’s 9Dragons GMs, not even Ravenclaw. He may be the best GM from Acclaim’s 9Dragons, but that doesn’t make him good. If you don’t understand that line, think about it.

And to end this article, we all deserve something to laugh. After all this is a new beginning for 9Dragons, and the bad Mods and VGMs will be kicked out soon for sure. So let’s forget the war (look at it, and you will admit, it is one) and have something to laugh. Here we go:

Sedbona wrote:

(…)I am adding also the level of debate from the ex forum…that was under the sea limit. You banned people because they simply… ‘ in your language’… is call ‘owned’!”

Febus wrote:

hehe Your Just like all the trols XD you have nothing on me so your attack is the way i type… haha brings back memories… i dint take you as that tipe Seb..and BTW you dont have to be perfect at typing to be a mod you just have to have a brain… i feel sorry for you if you dont get that….

Next time, Febus, when you want to pretend like you’re using your brain, then use it for real. Even if this, what you wrote, is true (what it isn’t… A moderator have to be able to write good english in an english-talking community, because the members need to understand what the moderator says), you should have write at least the name right. Either, write her full nickname Sedbona to prevent failures, or use the right short form, in this case Sed, and not Seb

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


P.S – Some short news about the upcoming german 9Dragons version:
According to Camlost, a Moderator, there will not be IP bans to IPs from other countries. Those who want to play there, can do that. Also, he states that their licence is for Germany only, and later also for France. The german 9Dragons servers will start approx. end of november.

For those who want to play there and still don’t know how to use an english textfile on another 9D version, we will bring you a HowTo at the right time, in case OnNet/CamesCampus doesn’t offer their 9D in english. After all, it will most probably be a new beginning there, and no Acclaim’s 9D Mods or VGMs.


25 responses to “The future of Acclaim’s 9D moderators & VGMs

  1. Haha, the community wants them out, why is so hard to understand by G1 ? We don’t want them, they have no qualities.

  2. Well it’s not that hard to make 2 or 3 accounts on that forum, so you can easily praise yourself ad how a great mod you are… take darkfire , you don’t need an account to view the forum, but dark made one and in a interesting situation when he/she was not visible in the “members bar” , a new we love our mods topic popped up, maybe my imagination maybe not.

    For the moment we can only wait, I will start playing after they improve the healer role if not I will stick to Rappelz.

    Btw have you seen the 10x XP event this Friday :)), this will be the worst event ever, just imagine how palace and altar will look like.

  3. We all know them. After sedbona post on the new forum ( believe me I laugh so much when I sow them ) new avatars pop out and posted. We know that they make alts, like they did on 9dragons forum. My question still remain : Why they did for 9dragons community ?

    • Yus Gene,a perfect post by Kane and yes,i truly hope they won’t take the MOD team in k2 Forums.
      About VGMs,once again i won’t say anything cos if i say “keep them”,Legend will think im a VGM,if i say “we don’t need VGMs and/or Change them” it’ll be rude the all the VGMs that know & respect me.

  4. that is funny, draken got pawned hard.
    I think G1 should rethink getting the mods & VGMs there.
    Sed post was so funny, make their life a hell !
    They cry for ‘mama’ and begg G1 to take them in.

  5. lol Drakfire pawned by Sparda this is fun as hell, Warda left because of Dark, darn this person makes me sick.

  6. Let’s have some fun shall we ?

    I know that Sed post caused panic and fear among official mods and VGM team, but what left was funny.

    MATERDOLORES… adryan86 or shared account, Bardo… no life kid with 24/24 on, having a virtual gf who sponsor him with ‘coins’… forgot he was on 9D ‘team’.

    BLOOM…same hero league, same thing… was on Ro section mod or something like that.

    FEBUS…google translate tool or shall I say chronically illiterate. I bet he didn’t even knwo his language, but a 9D mod.

    Atticus… spammer mod.Couldn’t stand his anime glue.

    CORN…@ Sedbona…Are you really in a position to criticize other people’s grammar when you, yourself can not write a single sentence without making my eyes hurt?

    And her signature ‘ Hai there’. And ‘ XD, So all we have right now is a thread’. Go back to school and learn grammar anime avatar. No sentence starts with ‘XD’, only if it comes from net ‘iliterati’.
    And 2 more avatars that praise ‘Acclaim team’ or asking for peace or debate game issues, issues which they don’t even know, because after they don’t even pop in conversation.

    This is going on when you don’t have the ‘life school’ only ‘the net one’. You became the mock of the others because now I can only laugh when I read those posts.

    Even a 9D GM said to a mod ‘ you are an extreme “BULLY” . What else we want ?

  7. I think drakenfyre will cry all day after that post. It was time that someone say to her what all of us believe. I hope the new publishers will see how loved by the ‘community’ VGMs and mods are and do something about them.

  8. Oh no, don’t do it, they don’t desearve it.
    I like how they beg and make alts on the new forum to impress G1. So stupid.

  9. I have to post on that forum to don’t bring them along with the game. VGM team is a big mistake and mods are arrogant.

  10. I laughed so hard after I saw that post.
    Slap in the face for whoever believe in all the lies Fugen promised before 🙂 …

    Fugen = Hit & Run 🙂 …

    Good luck to those who bought many years Premium packages for the flags 🙂 …

  11. Me too, draken =pwned. Serious now, will be a big mistake to bring those in again. I am sick and tired of them, From my part, we must not allow this to happen.

  12. I see all ex Acclaim mods and VGM trolls all over new forum. They try to kiss G1 @ss now… They can’t live without it.

  13. I see them on the new forum. That noob Atticus is there also spamming with ‘childish’ answers and still thinking he is in Acclaim. You can regocnise them very quick… still arrogant material 😛

  14. If they will come on new forum, they will not have autority. They lied to the community who still believes what they will say. I will mock them.

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