GamersFirst takes over Acclaim’s 9Dragons

We are back to bring you the newest news of 9Dragons.

How we wrote, OnNet/GamesCampus took over the license for the german 9Dragons rights, and most probably also the French and Spanish ones, since they want to offer their 9Dragons in those 3 languages.

The license for US and some EU countries was taken by GamersFirst. The official post (not yet published on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum, so you did hear it already from another website or now from this blog) can be read here:

Here are the most important quotes:

Irvine, Calif.– August 24, 2010 – GamersFirst, today’s most popular Free2Play online game destination, announced its partnership with Korean game developer, Indy21, to publish 9Dragons. 9Dragons, the hit martial arts MMORPG, previously published by Acclaim Games, will be published by GamersFirst come September 2010. Current 9Dragons players will be able to continue playing with all items and characters intact after the transition.


In addition to the solid foundation of existing PvE and PvP gameplay, the changing of hands will also include several new key features over the next quarter, including:
• Dedicated tutorial map for easing new players into the 9Dragons experience
• New high level dungeon encounter “Vault of the Ice Dragon”
• Updated “Tibet” map
• Brand new Kung Fu patterns to master
• ‘Most Wanted’ list – useful in avoiding—or becoming—one of the most dangerous and skilled players in PvP


About GamersFirst
GamersFirst is the leading Free2Play® MMO publisher in the Western hemisphere. Serving more than 30 million players, is where gamers decide the price of the games they love to play–even when that price is “free.” Powered by GamersFirst CONNECT, the end-to-end game publishing, game operations and game community platform made available to all of GamersFirst’s Development Partners, features the hit MMOs; Knight Online, Sword 2, War Rock and OurWorld and future hits including 9Dragons, MKZ, Victory and Taikodom. Read more about the company and find all of their games at

For discussion about 9Dragons, please post here.

So now, we finally know about the destiny of 9Dragons. Finally, how many say, 9Dragons is out of the hands of Acclaim. But, don’t be too happy. Here you can read the following:

Yes we will keep the VGM’s and Mod’s from the current community. We don’t want to change things that work, the VGM’s and Mod’s from the current community are fantastic and our main objective is to make everyone as happy as possible. We agree about the potential of the game, plus we will be releasing new content, lowering prices in the item mall (NO I WONT BE MORE SPECIFIC!), and nurturing the community to become more involved with the development of the game.

Even if many players warn them about the Mods and VGMs, GamersFirst will keep them anyway. But GamersFirst, at least to me, looks like a professional publisher. After all their name is “Gamers First“. I am sure, the “bad ones” will be seperated from the “good ones”.

New hope for 9Dragons. That’s what especially the veterans need. And I am sure, they will come back, if they weren’t banned yet by Acclaim (for a real reason or not).

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


37 responses to “GamersFirst takes over Acclaim’s 9Dragons

  1. When you read more, you find the line: “’We chose GamersFirst, because it is a company that understands the Free2Play market and communicates with its gamer community,’ said Yong-Nam Jin, CFO at Indy 21.”

    Pretty funny and quite good for a laugh attack. ROFL

  2. Nice to see the blog back up ! You guys had right, Acclaim got a face palm again from here.
    Hurra yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  3. As Anatole France said ‘All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.’

    I left behind :
    – high mall prices
    – official team arrogance
    – and somy things I wrote about them…

    I look to see that above things will never happen again.

  4. To bad it came 2 months after i gave away the best bot in asura pvp history but amyways congratz gamersfirst and peace out acclaim. I will definetly check out G1 for a lil but if its just as bad i can always keep playing 9d russia[in english]

  5. They’re bringing all the mods over, so we’ll have to put in some effort to get rid of Bleez. I heard that the forum has a Report button which can be used everytime she posts her bitter personal opinions and shows off her shitty attitude. I want her gone, what a horrible person.

  6. Briging the mods and VGMs is a bad idea. Didn’t GF take a look on how they behave ? They are kids in a bad mood that can’t put away personal attitudine.
    In rest, good luck G1.

  7. Who had the idea to bring those ? That is stupid. I will take a look at the new 9D when time will come to transfer the accounts.

  8. Bleah, drakenfyre & anime freaks will be moving to new 9D ? That sucks, who bring the dogs in ? I hope the new publisher will have more in the heads than Acclame and will not bring those in .
    I can’t wait to see if some of majors fixes will be operated.

  9. whats the deal with the bands will they stay in tact or ripped apart ? i hope they stay in tact as im in 1 of the best league in the game! also if we all have to start ova again wow ill be ****** ****** as i have ivested real money on my charter to build it stronger and to have good gear anyhow i hope its up an running soon as i played every day b4 this so called change ove !

  10. We will know it next week. Seems that it is a problem with accounts database. Acclaim don’t want to give it to GamersFirst… no without money I guess. All depends on how Acclaim will give G1 the database and if they will give it.

  11. I don’t see Acclaim kissers to answer community questions now. Why they don’t say nothing? When people on this blog wanted to sue Acclaim for what they did to players, they made us Acclaim haters… and now that ended like this, what they have to say ? They can say something? Where are you all now pro Acclaim lovers ?

  12. Even on the last minute Fugen and Acclaim official team lied to us. My respect to them is zero. He didn’t knew it ? That is a story.

  13. After they screw the game they have the courage to post on the new forum ? I would be ashame of that. Because Project AI authors told this a long time ago and they got banned.

  14. if ppl loose there charters holly hell will break loose my self alone ive spent ove $300 on this dam game to loose all my chars wow ill be so upset plz tell wen is the game going to be runnin again my league is like family on there i miss em lol an i really really want to play the game common guys like the hermit said they could have done the change ova without stopin us from playin the game so y was his request denied ?


  16. hey i hope the events *bardo* will stay at the same days and same hours
    and lol hope we will still getting carnaval buff xD
    and omg… almost forgot the data^^

  17. Better late then never. Thought I would revisit 9D, I had 3 years and 100 bucks invested into characters and I was pretty mad to just have it dropped the way it was. I’m just now looking and gamers first and who knows maybe I will start from scratch.

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