Facts about OnNet’s upcoming 9Dragons version

So here are the newest facts about OnNet Online’s upcoming 9Dragons version:

– OnNet will offer their 9Dragons in german, french and spanish for sure. Maybe more, but this will have to be seen.
– OnNet is currently translating 9Dragons in a useful german translation. Acclaim’s german translation will not be taken.
– OnNet’s 9Dragons will orient on the korean version with the newest content, not on Acclaim’s version. This means, we can expect the new clothes, ornaments, weapons, interface, and hopefully also the stat system.
– For the start, so the currently plans, there will be a PvP server.

Acclaim’s 9Dragons is coming to an end, and this is a fact. But the most players don’t know what to do now. Well, if you would have listened earlier to me and the other Project AI authors, you would not be in this situation now… We told you so! However; For those people, here are some advices, on what to do now:

1.) Stop wasting your money and stop using Acclaim’s Item Mall. It’s not sure yet if your publisher (whoever this will be) will take your character or if you have to start from 0 again.

2.) Stop wasting your time on grinding, unless you got nothing better to do and don’t mind to maybe lose your effort again.

3.) Stop wasting your time on trying to get an answer from Acclaim’s VGMs and Moderators. They stay loyal to their cowardice, even at the end. They call the facts “rumors” and will not answer anything. They will only lock your topic. Either all start a war against the mods, or nobody. Just a few, never helped on their forum. And, don’t take it bad, but we all know that the whole community is bad on sticking together and on war. However; I heard the mods and VGMs are getting pk’ed ingame. That made me laugh, and please, kill some more for me too 😆 Good job, keep going!

4.) Last but not Least: Next time, listen to the people who show you clearly the facts (and not conspiracies). And in this case, us. In the most case, with a bit own research, you would have find out what we wrote about. However; The Project AI Blog will stay a reviewer for 9Dragons. If there will be many different 9D versions, then we will check out everyone and write about it.

Personally, I love the currently situation. The Acclaim-kids are crying, and the “Acclaim-haters” are laughing. And I am enjoying every minute of it 😆

Never lose the hope, Acclaim-followers. In fact Acclaim shut down all their MMOs, but they will for sure keep 9Dragons, only for you moderators and VGM guys. That will be fun. Then you can ban each other. Never lose the hope.

Oh and by the way… My “Acclaim-followers-comments can be deleted at any time”-rule isn’t over. I figured out that it is a really nice way to give them their own medicine: Take their freedom of speech. Cry! 😆

We will, of course, keep you up-to-date as soon we know more facts.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


P.S to Fugen, the so-called “game director”:
Banning me and Sedbona ingame for the facts we write here about is kinda… childrish. Not that I mind… I don’t play your 9D anymore anyway. But I wonder… You say here that we were banned because we violated your “Terms of Conduct” over again. But your Terms of Conduct just effect those who use your services. So I wonder… How can we violate it if we A) don’t play the game anymore and B) don’t even use your forum?

Oh Fugen… That will really hurt…


42 responses to “Facts about OnNet’s upcoming 9Dragons version

  1. ahaha retarded mugen. It’s obvious Acclaim got bitch slaped!
    Thank god I quit 9D too, but I will play 9Dragons german version, I don’t suck that bad at german no problem for me in playing it… and I might learn better communication and reading skills if I play it in german 🙂
    Go Go OnNet and Project AI !

  2. Oh, 1 more thing.
    I really hope players will have to start from 0 again, so all retards that leveled their chars with hacks and multiclient or excessive of XP cards acquired with money from RMT(fugen ass kissers) or whatever can gtfo and cry.

  3. Well, Gamersfirst will take over other licenses of 9D. OnNet and Gamersfirst are partners. And as I could read: At gamescon Gamersfirst/OnNet present 9Dragons for EUROPE (not only 3 countries as we’ve few more countries).
    1+1 = ? Do the math, use your left brain cells Acclaim-loverboys, whats the conclusion?

    I’m only sorry for Draken. She is a very poor dude, living in her own closed world. Either she can’t read or she doesn’t like to read the truth or .. she is plain dumb (brain washed?).

    • You have a common sence. I like that. “Do the math”, very good said.

      One more reason why I love to watch this situation. The less they use their brains, the more it will hurt for them.

  4. Is it just me or Muu Muu Muugen ( that is working with Hermit at that Koga muu muu ) sayed that 9Dragons US is not in danger of closing so that leaves the UE in the wind.

    Now seriously if they renew the contract… how much time does the game have in their hands… considering how destructive are with their promos… if the German version will be free of use for the entire UE community I will gladly start from scratch then play a single day on the Acclaim version with their bugged game.

    I still hope that indy21 will refuse the contract with Acclaim.

  5. I´ll for sure check out the new publisher …. after all the time i grinded my teeth over Acclaims incompetent, unprofessional yet very arrogant management and (semi-)staff, every change can only be for the better >.<

    Though I´m german myself, i think about creating an english speaking league – might ease the transition for other players from Acclaims version, and I always enjoyed the international community of Asura ^^

  6. well, i´ve a misc of feelings about that, sad for my 2 accounts ones with a PS 3 warrior and the other with a GL11 and CS5 hybrids, i played for 3,5 years now and never used hacks and never did pvp ( i regret this) but since i wasn´t nuker and with the “balanced” pvp i never explore that part of the game.
    but that change on publisher news bring me hope of a more devolped game. But i hope that i can transfer my chars, more then 3 years playing without any , it´s kind of frustating.
    not everyone in the games hacks, and i only got a BBoE and a flag from the christmas promo last year, and 900 mill they can keep the money , just transfer my chars and my BBoE and flag ;))
    if this news happens , plssssssss trnslate to English also, they will get more custommers, German is 2 damm hard, my PC freezes when i input german words lol

    • just join my league 😉 (see above)

      I guess they might not be able to create an english version due to licensing restrictions (if it still happens, that Acclaim clings to at least the US/english rights)

  7. If you don’t work for/with acclaim, you don’t really know what goes on in their heads/what complications they have in the palm of their hands. Hows about you guys actually become GMs/VGMs first and try to figure out what’s going on. Every player is clueless on what’s going on, and there’s only speculation.

    Just wish people would stop causing so many problems for the game they used to love playing/love playing now. It’s like you’re supporting the idea of all your money going to waste, and there’s nothing you can do about it except speed up the process.

    Is it really necessary?


    • It is necessary to point out that, so players can stop and protect their money for now. They all need to stop spending on IM, and wait ’till they know for sure if Acclaim re-signs the contract with Indy21 or not. This is not speeding up the process. This is recognizing the fact.

      If you think Acclaim cares about players like you, good luck. The reason why it takes so long is that they are trying to find other publisher to pick up the contract from them with more money.

      Seriously, if US 9D goes to other publisher, it will have better future. You cannot go lower than Acclaim.

  8. So just for the ProjectAi guys 🙂

    You know Jug aka GReeZy (on the forums ) the one you guys keep deleting his comments… well when I pointed out in the forum 4 profanities in his post against you guys, on how you manage your comments, my post got deleted. Now how much fun is that. I don’t know if he even got a warning, but in general nobody deletes someone else post unless he is a mod or has some of the mods as close friends…

    Makes me sick of some ppl that come and complain that they have their posts deleted when they delete any kind of posts against them when they have the power.

    What I love about this Blog is that they have no power against you guys… and they get bloody mad because of that.

    P.S. Delete my previous comment some phrases have no sens my bad.

    • Makes me sick of some ppl that come and complain that they have their posts deleted when they delete any kind of posts against them when they have the power.

      Haha indeed, I love to let them take their own medicine.
      He can argue as much as he wants that he isn’t a VGM. But what we can see, once again, shows something else.

      And yes, I warned him. I told him to stop and informed him that all further comments regarding to me will be deleted. But he got mad. Weirdly… They like to do that in their own forum…
      “Take it to PMs”

    • Yes true. If my memory serves me well, anything used to cover up an intended profanity is also bannable offense. So whether you say “Fvck”, “F**k” its breaking the rules. So i do not see why **** or #### for that matter should be breaking the rules too.

      This kid greezy is funny. I remember once he said on forum “the person who tells me what to do isnt born yet”. Guess he must be a spawn of some animal, as human parents who tell him what he has to do and what not to do.

      Jesus, he is so full of himself.

  9. And let’s see our beloved Bleez just deleted again my post against Jug, underlining all his profanities so we can clearly say VGM or MOD or very close to Bleez friend.

  10. +I am laughing so hard when I look on 9d forums and I see the nolifers that still hope that acclaim 9d won’t close:)) and said that it was a good thing that they banned you

    • They really believe that I post on their forum…

      Yes, I take a look there these days, mainly to see if the official announce is finally there. No, I don’t post there. I didn’t even register on this ugly forum. But well, that’s Fugen’s paranoia…

      If he would use his brain, he would just check my IP. But I guess that’s too hard. It’s easier just to assume.

  11. Sow the post on 9d forum, they are out of their mind and posted with alts, all others people comment were deleted. I am moving on too.

  12. lol this Kolsake (lol@acclaimhaters ID)been defending acclaim and kissing their asses like since the beginning of time. Every time someone speaks their mind why are you the first to be all up in their grill. You always seem to have a problem with someone who is discontented with acclaims lack of competence, now it got to the point where you had to even come all the way here to this blog? Better take it easy or you going to have a heart attack.trying to keep up with the ever growing population of “acclaim haters” to “lol” at. Dont it bother you that you are the only person who go through all length to let it be known that licking acclaim brown eye is some sick past time of yours?
    Legend, please mate, get rid of this guy.

  13. well this change maybe for good i just need my accounts really it’s expensive for me .. new company save our stuffs man ..all work hard to got some anyway we wait a new just we need our old accounts with stuffs .. peace

  14. Hey guys do any of you know the release date of the Spnish or French 9D?
    I dont speak German at all and i think there is no translator option or patch.
    If any of you guys know it tell me it will be much apriciated 😉

    • There is no date yet for when the Spanish and French version will start.

      You are right, using the english textfile doesn’t help, since the german version got a lot of content which the US version doesn’t even have any text for, so a lot is blank.

      But my guess is, that there will be some people translating the german textfile to english and offering it somewhere to download, like the 9D load-O-meter website did with the japanese textfile.

  15. Hey Legend ty for your quick reply.
    Can you give me some instructions on how to use the load o meter thingie if it help translating?

    Much apriciated 😉

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