What’s going on with Acclaim?

We have checked a bit around Acclaim’s games and we found some interesting things we want to share with everyone:

How you know, we just wrote some days ago, that Acclaim will shut down Spellborn by 25th August 2010. But, in fact, that’s not the only shut down of an Acclaim game. Here we go:

If you check at www.acclaim.com you will see the following games:

– RockFREE
– 9Dragons
– 2Moons
– Bots!!
– Dance! Online
– The Chronicles of Spellborn
– RanchStars
– Knight’s Blood

Now let’s see:

RockFREE will no longer be in service effective August 9, 2010

2Moons Transfer to GameHi
Acclaim/Playdom’s license with GameHi for 2Moons ends as of August 26, 2010

BOTS will no longer be in service effective August 25, 2010

Dance! Onlinehttp://phpbb.acclaim.com/dance/
DANCE! Online will no longer be in service effective August 20, 2010

RanchStars will no longer be in service effective August 25, 2010

And Knight’s Blood is even offline – http://knightsblood.acclaim.com/
Maybe changing servers?

You may wonder what happened with the other games Acclaim once published. Here’s the answer:

Check the left top – Currently publisher is Feerik

Check the left top – Currently publisher is Feerik

Tribal Nationshttp://www.tribalnations.com/
Check the left top – Currently publisher is Celsius Online

The only game its players don’t know anything yet is 9Dragons. But even if we don’t know yet what will happen, let’s count the facts together:

– Acclaim is ending all games they publish. All games will end or will move to another publisher, except for 9Dragons (since we don’t know anything yet)
– Acclaim’s license with Indy21 for 9Dragons will end in September 2010, how we wrote very early already (back then it was still a “conspiracy”…)
– Fugen and Hermit, the so-called “game directors”, were not seen in the 9Dragons Message Boards since a few days (since more than a week actually…)
– The GMs are searching new jobs, even those from 9Dragons

So… dear people…
We know you like to call our words “conspiracies”. But let’s face it: Acclaim’s time with 9Dragons is over. Either the 9Dragons servers will be closed or another publisher will take over. And personally, I hope it will not be Dark Hermit Studios

For the first time since a long while I got hope again for 9Dragons. If this game will really change the publisher (none where Steven-Elliot Altman aka (Dark) Hermit or Josh Levitan aka Fugen are), I will come back to 9Dragons. And not only that: The first thing I will buy is a permanent Rising Dragon deco for 30’000 coins, as a present for the new publisher and a gift for myself.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


58 responses to “What’s going on with Acclaim?

  1. OMG it´s like sunlight is touching my nerves after ages of darkness when talking about 9dragons.(so poetic. lol)
    I really hope this game will get back on his feet, I will definitely play it again if so.

    • 2moons (dekaron) has made even more money and acclaim let it to rot before they transffered it to game hi and now the game doesan’t have any playerbase there are only a cupple of hundret active players, compared to the thousands active players before acclaim got rid of it and the tens of thousands of players when 2moons was at it’s best. Acclaim has acted really stupid for years they have abbandoned all of thei games and desided to just make new ones. Instead of protecting thei great games from hackers they just left them there and desided that it’s not worth the time.

  2. Indy21 will not lose US&UE market, will sign the game contract with another publisher if not for Acclaim.
    If not, no idea, people will find another game to play…

  3. I believe 9Dragons made income for all the games of Acclaim because of mall prices.
    Disney games are kids games and for sure will not keep 9dragons. But who knows ?
    If will stay, I want to see something else, or I will quit it.

  4. I would not expect much from them after closing all the games
    And the way they manage Acclaim/9Dragons for past few months
    I’d expect nothing more from them , this is what happens when
    You care more about the money then about the players.
    9Dragons was going only down since BluFlash’s managment
    Probably started with Blu and gonna end with Fugen.
    Lack of communication shows his effect,even if they do close the game
    In september , ofc they wont tell anyone…no promotions shows it
    They are afraid that players might go to law with them for making promos
    And then just closing the game , so it’s pretty much a 70% that 9D will
    Be closed in September,from my point of view ofc.

    PS.Check this topic ->

    Board index » ANNOUNCEMENTS » Loremaster’s Corner » [LM] Inferno is out! :]

  5. Good researching!

    Seeing so many games being closed, kind of worries me about 9D’s fate. But if 2Moons got a new publisher, chances are high 9D will be the same.

    Fugen / Josh Levitan … worst GM ever to come to 9Dragons 🙂

  6. If the game will remain with Acclaim, will die.
    If the game will remain with a new team from Disney, 50%/50%.
    If the game will get a new publisher – 90% better.

    • you are a joke… 9d, 2moons and bots had A LOT of users you could play for an hour and not find a single spot where theres not someone but the thing is that acclaim didn’t care for the players

  7. I think Indy21 will not lose the potential of US and Europe market, either the game stays at Disney or we will get a new publisher.

  8. Maybe will be open maybe not. But, Disney need a new team to manage it and to get rid off mods and VGMs = bring real ones ! And ofc, IM prices = lower.

  9. 2007 was the best 9dragons year.
    2008 was the start of the end, mods & VGMS power abuse.
    2009 was a year of lies and bad management.
    2010 is the year of the end or a new beginning?

  10. There are many rumors and because of that the players don’t know what to do. Buy or no mall if the game will close ? I vote for another publisher.

  11. 9D should be bought in the new form and change the old Acclaim style…
    Acclaim only took money from us to take more money from a another company…
    Who lives happy now ? Howards Mark.

  12. Acclaim was just a business to make money from.They don’t care about us, the players. I hope we will get a new publisher for Europe.

  13. Look at 9D board, Fugen is out for like 15 days now. Nobody tells nothing. Everything is in the shadow. No official on.

  14. If we get another company to manage 9dragons, good days will come for this game too.
    Indy needs to make a little effort too.

  15. For sure I will miss the good laugh on anime – vampire freaks gang. If Disney will not buy 9Dragons, they will split the servers maybe in 2 publishers, 1 Europe, 1 US. What about accounts ? Not sure.

  16. You can never know what to expect from them
    I know we all hate the game , well most of us…not the game actually but the
    Ones that conduct/manage it …but we’d all like to see it going on for much longer,
    But not with the current management.

  17. They don’t announce anything about 9D yet, because they are still searching to see if any other publishers want to pick up the game. Disney won’t just re-new contract for one MMO game, while closing all others.

    It’s difficult to find other publishers to pick up 9D, because the game is not up to the Western graphic standard anymore. It is hard to compete with all morden MMO in the West.

  18. As i said on the forums:

    If game will indeed switch publisher (this is indeed more plausible then closing alltogether) i just hope they will make a good old cleanup of the current staff and vgm/mod team. Although some of them do their job/volunteer service admirably (and yes, i mean here even Raven and Fugen), most of them are complete failures, by showing disrespect to paying customers, seriously lacking knowledge of the game and some simply showing off.

    A better payd professional team with adequate support and potential to fix bugs and bring new content online can do wonders for this game. Or we can have an even more incompetent team (just seeing how that can be possible will be a reward of it’s own) that will ruin the game even further (with a 30% hp 50% ve flag lets say) and will quickly decide to terminate it.

    I am 100% sure things will happen from september, as they even closed the fraking KnighBlood, a simple webased game, where i was 3rd on the server So all the coins i put in there went PUF eh? Well, you would think that i’ll be davastated if they shut down 9d. Well, although i would miss some parts of it and my friends/enemies ofc (yeah even Co1son, ShannyTranny, Inferiority and Co ) its like seing a terminal ill patient or a pet critically hit by a car. You would want them to have a radical surgery and get better or put them down…

  19. O.o i dont play this game from some time, about Fugen and all GMs VGMs Mods team- Fuck all of u!!!!
    only Kane and his wife were ok!!!! love for u guys

    ofc i hope 9d will get new publisher- better and cheaper
    a publisher who will enjoy the game with us, not enjoy our money only

    greetings to all old friends and enemies

  20. i am pretty sure 9d will get a new publisher. it might take a few years, but hey, be patient, nyo? rest of acclaim games (cept bots) sucked…but im guessing popular opinion here is that if 9d dies its gonna be the end of the world for most.

    plenty of games out there similar to 9d, some better, some worse. dont panic. miracles happen everyday, y’know. whoops, gotta go. cya!!

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