The Historian – 9D´s old Game Manager still in Acclaim?

The older 9Dragons players might remember David “The Historian” DeWald, the previous Game and Community Manager of 9Dragons, who became very famous for his (very nicely said) very unprofessional actings and his line “Suck it” to a real book writer, Elizabeth Kostova. We wrote about it.

Officially, Historian “left” Acclaim and his job as Game and Community Manager of 9Dragons and 2Moons. Inofficially, after a hacking scandal in 2Moons he had to leave Acclaim. In other words: He was kicked out.

Through one of our readers called kommoncense, we became aware that the servers of the MMO Spellborn published by Acclaim will close by August 25th 2010. Rumors has it, that the same will happen with 9Dragons, but that´s another story…

However; We took a look at the Spellborn Message Boards and found some up-to-date posts by TheHistorian. Wondering why he is still active on one of the Acclaim boards, we looked further and found this: (You might have to open it twice to get the right topic)

Spellborn Support

Community Manager

TheHistorian – PM / Twitter /

Spellborn GM Staff

Game Lead / Customer Support Lead / Lead GM
Acclaim Enigma – PM

GM In Game IDs

GM Forum IDs

Lead Moderator
TwistedEdge – PM / Twitter

warda – PM / Twitter
ukko05 – PM / Twitter
arakas – PM / Twitter

How we can see, The Historian is the Community Manager of Spellborn (not for long anymore, hum?). Either he returned to Acclaim, or he never left.

This got not a lot to do with 9Dragons, but this shall show you once again that Acclaim lied to you, their players and costumers.

Oh, and Historian: Welcome back at our blog.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


24 responses to “The Historian – 9D´s old Game Manager still in Acclaim?

  1. Spellborn was dead before Historian even left. All 3 of the moderators abandoned the forums, therefore the topic was never updated, same goes with BOTS!! and Dance! Online.

  2. Considering that the last few updates on his twitter have been about his continuing search for some sort of work over minimum wage and his money troubles, I think it’s more then likely simply bad info. Not to mention that Spellborn, like well over half of Acclaim’s games, will be shut down by the end of August, or like Bots, My Diva Doll,& Ponystars, have reverted ownership back to their original developing companies. Evidently Acclaim/Playdom/Disney had no interest in pursuing renewal contracts, and in many cases, gave the game communities absolutely NO notice prior too, answered no questions afterwards, and simply posted one post to their community boards well after a week had passed with info for those looking for coin refunds.

    The 9D board is unsurprisingly silent on the matter, or the conversations are being shut down with a “we’ll update you when we know more” sort of thing- which means, more then likely, like the rest of us community mods from other Acclaim games, they’re not being told anything.

  3. For the sake of 9D I hope he is not bad or be on the boat with a new publisher if will be the case. I hope Disney don’t make the mistake to take him in.

  4. From Histo twitter… he works :
    But… Very tired at this point
    5:27 PM Aug 12th via txt
    6 Applications sent today, companies all over the nation.
    2:19 AM Aug 12th via txt
    Oooh Max Headroom TV series out on DVD. Matt Frewer in his iconic role.
    8:04 PM Aug 10th via txt
    Outback for lunch, then Books-a-Million.
    6:36 PM Aug 10th via txt
    Heading to work. Fighting a headache. Just think I’m overly tired.
    4:34 AM Aug 10th via txt
    Guilty pleasure: Golden Flake Louisianna Hot Sauce Pork Rinds.
    11:47 AM Aug 8th via txt
    Home, taking nap.
    2:22 AM Aug 8th via txt
    Got tire, hit traffic but still made it to bingo on time. Pretty tired though. Tonight will be rough.
    9:36 PM Aug 7th via txt
    Headed home to sleep. Have to be back up at 1:30pm for Bingo duty.
    2:58 PM Aug 7th via txt
    It is early and I already have crazy story toi tell about work
    7:49 AM Aug 7th via txt

  5. Acclaim didn’t tell community why Historian left and I guess they will never do it.
    I am waiting to see what is going on with 9D after 1.09.2010.

  6. he was a strip club bouncer too 🙂
    he was a bad game manager
    he was a bad moderator
    I wish I will never meet hin in another game.

  7. Well, considering that KnightBlood also is offline for like 3 weeks, closing Spellborn, 2 moons switching publisher and so on, i think is 100% safe to say that in september we will have a different 9d and a different publisher. Can their staff be more incompetent than this one? Remains to be seen, although i must say Raven and even Fugen left me with a nice impression (or is it that the others like Acid, BluFuzz and Co sucked so bad?)…

    • A new publisher? I think we will have to wait to say that. I mean, seriously, who wants to publish a game like 9Dragons on a time like this? The graphics are considered as old, and the game got many bugs, even with all up-to-date content, Interface, etc. The only really strong point of 9Dragons is the cool storyline, written originally by Jwa Baek.

      What 9Dragons needs is a professional publisher who believes in changing 9Dragons and its community.

      We have to wait to see if 9D really gets a new publisher, or if they will just close it.

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