Playdom acquired by Disney

Yes, we are a bit late. However; We felt like it needs to be published here, so here we go:

Playdom, the company which aquired Acclaim Games not so long time ago, was acquired by Disney for up to 763.2 million US dollar. So Acclaim Studios, how it´s called now, got a new leadership.

This looks like a big coincidence. Because Acclaim Games was just saved by Playdom. Acclaim Games didn´t made a real effort. Take 9Dragons as example. The most people quitted the game, and so there are less people using the Item Mall and investing money into Acclaim. Acclaim was destined to go bankrupt, how I wrote many times before it was aquired by Playdom. Clever move, Acclaim. If I would not know it better, I would say that was planned. But we aren´t making any conspracies here, are we..?

Disney is, as far as we know, a very professional company. They will most probably not accept Acclaim´s unprofessionalism, not even Playdom´s. Yes, also Playdom is unprofessional, because they didn´t respond on any Acclaim complains of different people.

My bet: As soon the Disney team will meet Acclaim´s situation, a lot will change. Either in a very good way, or 9Dragons & Co will die.

I wonder… Is this the reason why Steven-Elliot Altman tries to make his own MMORPG? Don´t know. But what I know for sure is, no professional company will keep such people like Steven-Elliot Altman aka The (Dark) Hermit, neither Josh Levitan aka Fugen. Be assured that Disney will get some facts about those two so-called “game directors” from us and other people.

I think, we can consider this as a little win for 9Dragons.
When Hermit, Fugen, Drakenfyre75 & Co are gone, I might come back to 9Dragons, like many others.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


25 responses to “Playdom acquired by Disney

  1. I can’t wait to see what Disney brings in.
    It is a good thing that they change the kids policy after FTC.

  2. Waiting to see the result by the end of august 2010, to be or not to be 9D? That is the question now 🙂

  3. If SEA wants to make a new MMO, the things are not so good with him and Acclame STudio, now Disney Studio. They have their writers.

  4. I see that people from Acclaim are searching a job in another place.
    Hermit is opening a new MMO.
    GMs talk to some players and said that they want to leave, but the reason will be tell after 25th august.
    What is going on in reality to 9D nobody knows.
    Disney didn’t say a thing and Acclaim either.

  5. If Disney will publish 9D will be big chances to this game to be revive, but I don’t think there are a lot of chances. They have many games for kids not adults.

  6. What they said about it……………

    Advancing on its goal of bringing consumers its well-known stories, characters and brands in ever more engaging ways, The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) has agreed to acquire Playdom Inc., one of the leading companies in the fast-growing business of online social gaming.
    “Disney is an incredibly forward-thinking company that shares our vision and is the ideal partner to further our mission to bring great entertainment to people around the world.”

    Playdom shareholders will receive total consideration of $563.2 million, subject to certain conditions, and a performance-linked earn-out of up to $200 million.
    In just two and a half years of operation, Playdom has established itself as a pacesetter in building popular games for social networks enjoyed by consumers around the globe. Through well-known titles like Social City, Sorority Life, Market Street and Bola, Playdom engages an estimated 42 million active players each month.
    By acquiring Playdom, Disney will strengthen its already-robust digital gaming portfolio, acquire a first-rate management team and provide consumers new ways to interact with the company on popular social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

    “We see strong growth potential in bringing together Playdom’s talented team and capabilities with our great creative properties, people and world-renowned brands like Disney, ABC, ESPN and Marvel,” said Robert A. Iger, President and CEO, The Walt Disney Company.
    “This acquisition furthers our strategy of allocating capital to high-growth businesses that can benefit from our many characters, stories and brands, delivering them in a creatively compelling way to a new generation of fans on the platforms they prefer,” Iger added.

    “We are at the start of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the way people of all ages play games with their friends across devices, platforms and geographical boundaries,” said Playdom Chief Executive Officer John Pleasants. “Disney is an incredibly forward-thinking company that shares our vision and is the ideal partner to further our mission to bring great entertainment to people around the world.”

    Playdom, which has 15 game development studios, will remain headquartered in Mountain View, California. Pleasants will become an Executive Vice President of the Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG) and General Manager of Playdom, reporting to DIMG President Steve Wadsworth.

    Disney expects Playdom’s expertise in social gaming software tools, business intelligence and rapid innovation to broadly benefit DIMG, which already has a substantial global presence in online, console and mobile gaming.

  7. When Disney team will meet Acclaim´s anime and freaks team, a lot will have to change.
    Kick them out or close the game.

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