New MMORPG by “Dark Hermit”

Today, let´s talk about the work of Steven-Elliot Altman aka The Hermit, or, how he also calls himself, Dark Hermit.

Steven-Elliot Altman claims to be the story writer of the 9Dragons story. But, like everything else he claims to be, that´s not fully true. The 9Dragons story was originally written by Wuxia novelist Jwa Baek, and Steven-Elliot Altman was “hired” by Acclaim to “rewrite” it. But Steven-Elliot Altman didn´t rewrite anything. What he did is called translating.

Since Steven-Elliot Altman is back on 9Dragons (that was sometime in 2009) a lot changed… in a bad way. The players complained a lot about Bugs, Communication issues with the Acclaim staff, and of course the expensive Item Mall, which you need to survive in this game. But instead that he listened to his players (the ones which pay his salary) he just made it worse. With Steven-Elliot Altman´s words: “If you don´t use the Item Mall, you are at the wrong place” and a little add by me: “…and you should quit this game immediately.

Steven-Elliot Altman´s interest is money. Not to fix “his” game, neither to satisfy his players, the ones which pay his salary (yes I know, I said it again. But this can´t be said enough times). And such a person wants to start his very own MMORPG: Cursed Love

In the Facebook page of Cursed Love we can read the following:

Cursed Love is a Free To Play Gothic Horror MMORPG from Dark Hermit Studios due to release in late 2010.

Yes, you read right. “Dark Hermit Studios”. And, how you all know our dear Steven-Elliot Altman, it will be indeed a “free to play” game, but most probably not really playable for non-paying players and non-Item Mall users.

Game Story by bestselling horror author Steven-Elliot Altman, who is also the writer and game director of Acclaim Games’ award winning, 10 million player strong, MMORPG 9Dragons.

Sounds good, but:
– Steven-Elliot Altman is not a real bestseller. Check where you want.
– Steven-Elliot Altman is not the writer of the 9Dragons story, only the translator. The 9Dragons story was originally written by Jwa Baek (shame on those who steal from others).
– 9Dragons is not 10 million players strong. Half of it are goldseller spammers, and almost all of the other half are people who quitted 9Dragons already because of the incapacity of the so-called “game directors”. In fact, the server Asura got approx. 200~300 active players, the server Nirvana got approx. 500-800 active players, and the server Bardo got approx. 1500-2000 active players (on events). I know, I know. This will be another “conspiracy” for our lovely trolls.
– 9Dragons indeed won some awards. It was back in 2006, and the award giver was The website actually gave 9Dragons the best PvP, graphics and storyline awards. But the one for PvP was before the Chi Kung Artist role (also called Nuker) was overpowered like it is today.

So, what will Cursed Love be?
The 9Dragons veterans know:

It will be an Item Mall focused MMORPG, with a bad leadership without any interest of statisfying the players, but with a big interest on getting money.

Some may say now “Seriosly, Steven, go back to Hollywood”. But I would rather like to end this article with Steven-Elliot Altman´s own words:

“We are the monsters that we have been hunting for!” – You are right, Dark Hermit.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


33 responses to “New MMORPG by “Dark Hermit”

  1. If you ask most people if they ever heard of SEA aka The Dark Hermit, they will say “dark what?”…

  2. Success is very relative. In a strict business sense, if you’ve executed your business plan and can turn a profit, it’s a success. But in MMO you also need a name and the ‘name’ you made on yourself. Many of 9D players will never play a game made by Acclaim ever again.

  3. Hmm, is Disney which bought Playdom getting rid off SEA ? Maybe and only maybe that is why he makes is own game.

  4. since that’s where his limited view of the games world takes him, but why do you have to stoop down to his level?

  5. Just my two cents as a person with ten years experience as an MMO consumer… Cursed Love is not an anticipated success as game.

  6. -.- what ? To leave the blog ? I don’t think so, he never say it. Link it !
    Anyway who had 9D experience with Hermit, will never try again a game produced by him.

  7. Taliking like a gamer, ‘ Cursed Love is a small extreme niche product, which isn’t remotely likely to ever catch up with the big guys.’

  8. So the guy didn’t wrote the story,he simply translated it ..Cool.I guess the name The Dark Hermit comes from “The Dark Knight” ..a copy again xD

  9. They are definitely not all about the money. Some of you might know that I’ve won a few big spender events, even had a double-win. Yet Fugen kept asking me to stop playing and mocking me for not quitting. Untill eventually I found a better MMO. Loving the forum staff, when I posted a questionable thread, amod PMed me and told me he finds it ok, but if a GM thinks it’s against the rules, he’s very sorry, but it might be closed. I was shocked that my topic didn’t just disappear into thin air and when I ask, turns out I’m mental and never posted it O_O

    As for Cursed Love. I like vampire stuff(c’mon, who doesn’t :D), but I’m not into cliches and the title is so… Btw, did you know there is a band called Killswitch Engine? I just saw a poster of upcoming concert a few days ago…

  10. Maybe we get rid off The Hermit and we will get a new one, better, but I doubt. We can’t tell the future…Maybe Disney team is different, another vision or maybe they will not buy the new licence with Indy21 and that is why Hermit will make a new game.

  11. No MMO can compete with WOW no matter what ! As many said it, perhaps the MMO developer of the future, to try and capture some of the success of WoW, will have to devote serious thought on making it easy for a community to form. Hermit failed that with 9D!

    • Thanks, pal. Unfortunately the Acclaim staff never understood the difference between “trying to help with showing the facts” and “trolling”.

  12. Like it or not, expectations have changed in gaming industry.
    There will inevitably be comparisons with 9dragons.

  13. You need to do saome fact checking and look farther then the U.S. When you translate from a different langauge you will have to rewrite the story to make sense in that native langauge.

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